Down The River


Allen Hartman, missionary to the Arapaho in 1840, finds himself facing disgrace from his denomination, for dressing like the natives and living in their camps. When Allen departs on what should be an uneventful journey to clear his name, he is thrust into a mission to rescue his close friend Deacon Abraham, a former slave who’s been kidnapped by a depraved, vile man. Allen-no stranger to spiritual warfare-will stop at nothing to save his friend, including fending off river pirates out for blood and demonic forces intent on stealing lives.

Pastor to a small church in Ohio, Deacon Abraham risks his life daily to help transport runaway slaves to the next leg of their freedom trek. But it’s more than his life that’s at stake when he’s captured by a minion to a dark, formidable being-it’s his soul. In book 2 of the Two Rivers Trilogy, will the prayer warriors interceding for Deacon Abraham and Allen be enough to defeat the haunting evil, or will two men of God be brought to their knees before an insidious power?


SKU (ISBN): 9781646454525
Michael Henry
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2022
Publisher: Redemption Press

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