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Donald Trump Is Not My Savior


Evangelicals and Donald Trump: A Match Made in Heaven or a Marriage with Hell?

As a Christian, how can you support a president whose present actions and personal history you utterly disagree with? Radio host, Biblical scholar, and social activist, Dr. Michael Brown, represented the collective fears of many evangelical Christians when it became clear that Donald J. Trump would emerge as presidential candidate for the Republican Party.

How can I support Trump?

Undeniably, one of the most polarizing figures in American history, Donald Trump is constantly confounding the masses. He wars against fake news while creating his own media with Tweets that can provoke national dissension and confront unstable foreign relations. With one hand, he’s bringing healing; with the other, it looks like he is hurting.

As an evangelical leader, Dr. Brown steps into the madness to help bring clarity. Even now, many Christians are wondering how to Biblically and morally respond to a Trump presidency. Some are hailing him as Savior and Chief, whose every word and action is to be commended; others utterly and completely reject him. Where is the balance and what is the right response?

Presented with balanced social commentary, theological integrity, and a passion to see America fulfill her divine destiny, Dr. Brown shows you how to:
–Cautiously support a flawed leader while maintaining allegiance to the lordship of Jesus.
–Recognize the movement of God that’s present in the Trump presidency.
–Praise the good and confront the bad when it comes to the president’s actions and decisions.

Whether you are a Trump enthusiast, or you cringe every time you read the headlines, Dr. Michael Brown will spiritually help you navigate the tumultuous waters of the uncertain social and political landscape.

SKU (ISBN): 9780768449938
Michael Brown
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Publisher: Destiny Image


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