Creator In You


With engaging rhyme and stunning illustrations, this picture book sparks readers’ imaginations with the big idea that God created human beings to make, model, and work like Him.

The Creator in You is a book that children, graduates, and even many adults will treasure for a lifetime. This fresh perspective on the creation account from the Bible’s first book, Genesis, helps readers see that the sixth day wasn’t the end of creation–it was just the beginning.

Before His day off, God had one more to-do. On His sixth day creating, God chose to make you. God made kids to create like he does–by filling the world with sand castles and s’mores today, and businesses and books tomorrow. Through inspiring illustrations and text, readers of all ages will feel connected to God’s story of creation in a deeply personal way, inspiring them to view their current and future work with purpose, enthusiasm, and joy.


SKU (ISBN): 9780593193136
Jordan Raynor | Jonathan David
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2022
Publisher: WaterBrook



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