Creation To Babel


There has never been a commentary like this one!

Dive deep into this foundational portion of Scripture with apologetics teaching as well as theological and devotional insights.

How was there light before the sun? What is “protoevangelium”? Are Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 different or contradictory accounts of creation? Ken Ham answers these questions (collected over four decades of speaking on Genesis)-and many more-in his unique commentary on Genesis 1-11. Combining apologetics teaching, doctrine, theology, and devotional insights, this commentary is a tool for the whole family to grow in their knowledge of God and his Word.

Creation to Babel: A Commentary for Families will equip families to stand on God’s Word, to understand why creation to Babel is such a foundational portion of Scripture, and to see what God reveals about himself in the early chapters of Genesis.


SKU (ISBN): 9781683442905
ISBN10: 1683442903
Ken Ham
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: November 2021
Publisher: Master Books


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