Cosmic Initiative : Restoring The Kingdom Igniting The Awakening


Jesus never said “Seek first” about any pursuit or purpose except the kingdom of God. But the church has essentially abandoned this central message, so that kingdom realities have become lost to us. Our neglect has been costly, because God’s kingdom on earth; His cosmic initiative; has the authority and power to revolutionize our culture. This transformation occurs first within us and then around us, igniting the world with forgiveness, healings, miracles, righteousness, and peace.The reason most people today do not seek the kingdom is that they have not seen it. Once they truly see it, they seek and follow the remarkable vision they have glimpsed. This is because discovering the kingdom is not just information but an adventure in revelation and transformation.

Well-known speaker and kingdom-seeker Jack Taylor invites us to be reintroduced to the kingdom of God and to experience the recovery of the kingdom gospel leading to kingdom power, kingdom love, and the greatest kingdom harvest the world has ever seen.


SKU (ISBN): 9781629118062
Jack Taylor
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2016
Publisher: Whitaker House Publishers

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