Comfort For Loss Pamphlet


God’s Care for the Brokenhearted

Put this in the hands of a grieving friend to ease the journey through stages of grief. Words of comfort and biblical examples of grief for losses of many kinds help to give perspective, meaning, and hope to the devastation of loss through death, divorce, and the ending of significant relationships.

Loss is inevitable. But hope is available.

Everyone goes through loss, but the pain of losing a loved one is especially difficult. It seems that the sadness will go on forever. Every moment is consumed with the overwhelming grief that the loss is final. The agony makes us wonder if the tears will ever stop. Our hearts break with despair. We desperately want some sense of comfort. We need compassion and understanding. We long for a time of renewed hope and a reason for living.

And the Scripture gives us this message of comfort-
God sees your broken heart. He hears your cries. He cares for you and has a message you need to hear.


SKU (ISBN): 9781596364448
ISBN10: 1596364440
Jessica Curiel
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: February 2011
Publisher: Rose Publishing


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