Caleb Years : When God Doesnt Make Sense


What would you do if you were led to believe by the doctors that your newborn child’s life would be very short? What if the doctors told you your son would live at most only a couple of days? Would you give up, resigning yourself to simply trust the doctors’ pessimistic assessment, or would you fight for his life against all odds? When his fourth child was born, author and inspirational speaker, David Ingerson was faced with these troubling questions.

The Caleb Years is a refreshing and inspirational account of the author’s journey through the treacherous waters of uncertainty and the deep emotional wounds parents of a chronically ill child must endure. The author’s vivid descriptions of each circumstance and deeply compelling emotion will put the reader in middle of his story – identifying with his pain and struggles, but also rejoicing in his victories.


SKU (ISBN): 9781939570147
David Ingerson
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2013
Publisher: Word and Spirit Resources, LLC


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