Beyond Expectations : 12 Stories On Mercy Trust And More (Audio CD)


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Expect the Unexpected!

The town of Odyssey is abuzz. Is Curt really giving everyone free ice cream? Who stole $100 from the Whit’s End cash register? And forget all that. . .is Mr. Whittaker really getting married?!? The kids in Odyssey find the answers (and lessons on trust and friendship) in this exciting collection from Adventures in Odyssey.

Bonus Material
* The creation of Bernard Walton
* Scene from never-produced episode “Backwoods Jacobs”
* The creation of Bart Rathbone
* Behind-the-scenes color booklet
* Plus! Never-before-available episode “The Adventure of the Adventure” on MP3

By Any Other Name – Deception
Bad Luck – Superstition
First Love – Choices in dating
Curious, Isn’t It? – Nosiness
Suspicious Minds – Trust
Pranks for the Memories – Consequences of practical jokes
Missing Person – Loving the “unloveable”
The Winning Edge – Competition
All’s Well with Boswell – Responsibility
‘A’ . . .Is for Attitude – Positive thinking
Castles and Cauldrons 1 – Dangers of fantasy role-playing games
Castles and Cauldrons 2
An Act of Mercy – Mercy


SKU (ISBN): 9781589970755
ISBN10: 1589970756
Marshal Younger | Adventures In Odyssey Team
Binding: Audio CD
Published: March 2005
Adventures In Odyssey # 8
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers


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