Bedtime On Noahs Ark


It’s Time to Catch Some ZZZ’s on the Open Seas

From aardvarks to zebras, the ark carried them all. And just like little boys and girls, animals need their rest too!

Children will love this colorful and creative board book following the nighttime regimens of some of Noah’s most adorable shipmates. Little ones will learn how to scrub like monkeys, rinse off like elephants, wash behind their bunny ears, and so much more.

This Bible-inspired story is a fun way to help children acclimate to their own bedtime routine and for you to send your cute little critters off to bed to sleep like leopards until tomorrow comes.


SKU (ISBN): 9780736979542
Brock Eastman | Declan Eastman | Illustrator: Lee Holland
Binding: Boards
Published: 2020
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers



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