Baptism Pamphlet : Why Be Baptized


Baptism is important for all Christians who wish to follow Christ’s teachings. This Baptism Comparison pamphlet is a quick, clear summary of the major teachings on baptism and compares methods practiced by Christians around the world.

Learn about:
-Symbolism that points to Christ’s death and resurrection
-Why some Christian groups baptize infants and others baptize only believers who are able to verbalize their faith.
-Does baptism mean that a person has “automatic” salvation? (No, neither tradition teaches this.)

Topics include:
Why be baptized? (Jesus’ teaching and other Bible passages)
What does it mean?
What happens during a baptism?
How do I prepare to be baptized?
Why do some Christians practice believer’s baptism only? (Includes Bible passages used to support this view.)
Why do some Christians perform infant baptism? (Includes Bible passages used to support this view.)
Is baptism automatically equal to salvation? (No, both traditions affirm that faith in Jesus Christ is key)


SKU (ISBN): 9781596362796
Compiled by: Bristol Works Inc.
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: November 2008
Publisher: Rose Publishing


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