And Now Its Time For Silly Songs With Larry The Complete Collection (DVD)


…the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings…a SILLY SONG!

Join Larry the Cucumber for the silliest collection of songs you’ve ever heard! Have fun and laugh along to songs about everything from lazy pirates to missing hairbrushes! With 35 Karaoke singalong, toe-tapping, giggle inducing tunes, its a silly song music video extravaganza!

Silly Songs Included:
The Water Buffalo Song | Song of the Cebu | Endangered Love | Monkey | Lance the Turtle | The Dance of The Cucumber | School House Polka | Hopperena | His Cheeseburger | Pizza Angel | The Biscuit of Zazzamarandabo | Donuts for Benny | Supper Hero | Love My Lips | Belly Button | Sneeze If You Need To | Astonishing Wigs | Happy Tooth Day | Oh Santa | The Eight Polish Foods of Christmas | The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything | The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps | The Blues with Larry | Larry’s High Silk Hat | Best Friends Forever | Goodnight Junior | Gated Community | Mess Down in Egypt | Sports Utility Vehicle | Sippy Cup | Where Have All The Staplers Gone? | Pants | The Hairbrush Song | Bubble Wrap | Kilts and Stilts


SKU (UPC): 820413131999
Artists: VeggieTales | Big Idea Entertainment LLC
Media: Video DVD
Released: September 2013
VeggieTales #
Capitol Christian Music Group



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