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  • Christmas In The Smokies Christmas On The Coast 2 Movie Collection


    Christmas In The Smokies – Sarah Lancaster and Barry Corbin lead an all-star cast in this modern day Christmas classic set in the picturesque Smoky Mountains. This heartwarming movie tells the story of a family’s journey to save their historic berry farm against all odds during one fateful holiday season.

    Christmas On The Coast – Tough and cynical New York celebrity novelist Dru Cassadine, known for her romance stories, is desperate for a breakthrough after a string of flops. Spurred on by brutal reviews and a not-so-subtle threat by her publisher to drop her, she is given just weeks to turn out a best seller. To get her creative juices flowing, Dru decides on a change of scenery. Reluctantly, she returns to her childhood home for the holidays. Landing in Harbor Pointe, a small picturesque beach town, a flood of memories washes over her. As the town prepares for Christmas and she struggles with her past, handsome local widower, Brysen Flynn and his spunky teenage daughter Peyton enter her life. Dru’s tough New York heart melts as she befriends Peyton and romance begins to spark with Brysen on the Southern shore. .. with an unexpected twist no one saw coming. Continue Reading Christmas In The Smokies Christmas On The Coast 2 Movie Collection

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  • Legend Of 5 Mile Cave


    Sam Shooter Green is a legendary outlaw, whose notorious reputation far exceeds his actual deeds. He never set out to be an outlaw but unwittingly he gets caught up in a stagecoach heist that ends in a fatal shooting. Framed for murder, Sam sees no other choice but to take off – with the stolen money. He hides the bag of stolen money, but Virgil Earp tracks him, shoots him and brings him to justice thirty years later, still in jail for a murder he didn’t commit, he has one thing on his mind: to break out and meet the daughter he never knew And the killers? They are none-too-pleased. Continue Reading Legend Of 5 Mile Cave

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  • Legal Action


    In this taut legal thriller, Casey McKay hopes to win back his ex-wife by defending her brother, accused of murdering a district attorney. Casey enlists the help of Ex—an ex-marine, ex-bounty hunter, and ex-cop. But they soon run afoul of powerful land developer Mr. Gates—and discover that their lives are on the line! Dove approved (12+). 97 minutes. Continue Reading Legal Action

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  • Savannah Sunrise


    Joy Miles thinks she’s taking a simple road trip to move her mother-in-law, Loraine, from Louisville to a Savannah retirement community. As complete opposites, the two women manage to tolerate each other – barely.

    Scheduled to the second, Joy is consumed with high-stakes project at work. Now widowed, free-spirited Loraine is no longer a preacher’s wife, but a woman on her own. Her insights about life and family challenge Joy to take a hard look at her whirlwind career and her priorities.

    As the weekend unfolds, with its outrageous adventures, hilarious encounters and heart-to-heart revelations, the women come to see each other through new eyes. They soon discover that they need each other more than they know. Continue Reading Savannah Sunrise

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