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  • Way Of Worship Video Lectures


    The Way of Worship Video Lectures is a practical, hands-on series for college or seminary students, pastors, youth pastors, and worship leaders seeking to better equip themselves as worshipers. Alongside The Way of Worship book, this series provides interpretation and clarification of biblical principles of worship in an ever-changing culture.

    Clearly presented and engaging, The Way of Worship Video Lectures provides a biblical theology of worship, as well as practical instruction for practicing private and public worship as a way of life. Pastors and professors Michael Neale and Vernon Whaley challenge viewers to immediately apply what they are learning, combining biblical teaching with pedagogical application of worship principles through a series of guide skills. Lessons are uniquely designed to lend a helping hand to those realizing and answering the calling of God on their lives to lead worship. Continue Reading Way Of Worship Video Lectures

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