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Category: Theology (Exegetical Historical Practical etc.)

Theology (Exegetical Historical Practical etc.)

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  • Systematic Theology Video Lectures


    The Christian church has a long tradition of systematic theology, that is, studying theology and doctrine organized around categories such as the Word of God, redemption, and Jesus Christ. Together with the textbook Systematic Theology, Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology Video Lectures provides an accessible introduction to biblical doctrine.

    These lectures feature:
    *A strong emphasis on the scriptural basis for each doctrine
    *Clear teaching, with technical terms kept to a minimum
    *A contemporary approach, treating subjects of special interest to the church today
    *A friendly tone, appealing to the emotions and the spirit as well as the intellect
    *Frequent application to life

    Systematic Theology Video Lectures feature the author’s expert teaching through every chapter in the textbook and are an ideal resource for traditional students, students in distance and online-learning courses, and self-learners, wanting to better understand Christian theology.

    Session Titles and Runtimes:

    1 – Introduction to Systematic Theology (7 min)
    2 – The Word of God (8 min)
    3 – The Canon of Scripture (9 min)
    4 – The Four Characteristics of Scripture: Authority (9 min)
    5 – The Inerrancy of Scripture (10 min)
    6 – The Four Characteristics of Scripture: Clarity (9 min)
    7 – The Four Characteristics of Scripture: Necessity (8 min)
    8 – The Four Characteristics of Scripture: Sufficiency (8 min)
    9 – The Existence of God (10 min)
    10 – The Knowability of God (6 min)
    11 – The Character of God: Incommunicable Attributes (8 min)
    12 – The Character of God: Communicable Attributes, Part 1 (9 min)
    13 – The Character of God: Communicable Attributes, Part 2 (10 min)
    14 – God in Three Persons: The Trinity (11 min)
    15 – Creation (13 min)
    16 – God’s Providence (9 min)
    17 – Miracles (9 min)
    18 – Prayer (11 min)
    19 – Angels (10 min)
    20 – Satan and Demons (10 min)
    21 – The Creation of Man (9 min)
    22 – Man as Male and Female (11 min)
    23 – The Essential Nature of Man (9 min)
    24 – Sin (10 min)
    25 – The Covenants Between God and Man (8 min)
    26 – The Person of Christ (10 min)
    27 – The Atonement (11 min)
    28 – Resurrection and Ascension (8 min)
    29 – The Offices of Christ (8 min)
    30 – The Work of the Holy Spirit (8 min)
    31 – Common Grace (7 min)
    32 – Election and Reprobation (11 min)
    33 – The Gospel Call and Effective Calling (9 min)
    34 – Regeneration (8 min)
    35 – Conversion: Faith and Repentance (8 min)
    36 – Justification: Right Legal Standing Before God (9 Continue Reading Systematic Theology Video Lectures

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  • Introduction To Christian Philosophical Theology Video Lectures


    An accessible introduction to Christian philosophical theology

    Philosophical or analytic theology seeks to employ philosophical tools while studying topics in Christian theology and examining the logical consistency or intelligibility of some of the key doctrines of the Christian faith. In this accessible introduction, An Introduction to Christian Philosophical Theology, A Video Study, Stephen T. Davis and Eric T. Yang first explain the scope, relevance, and value of philosophical theology and then applies its conceptual tools to examine each of the core Christian doctrines:

    *Revelation and Scripture
    *The Trinity
    *The Incarnation
    *Redemption and the atonement,
    *Resurrection and life after death

    The final session briefly addresses some additional theological issues including petitionary prayer, eschatology, and original sin.

    Designed for beginning students and non-specialists this guide provides the ideal entry point for not only understanding what philosophical theology is but also for how it can provide valuable insights for how we think about the core doctrines of the Christian faith. Continue Reading Introduction To Christian Philosophical Theology Video Lectures

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  • Evangelical Theology Video Lectures


    Gospel-Centered Theology for Today

    The Evangelical Theology Video Lectures helps viewers understand and practice the doctrines of the Christian faith by presenting a gospel-centered theology that is accessible, rigorous, and balanced. According to scholar and author Michael Bird, the gospel is the fulcrum of Christian doctrine, the gospel is where God meets us and where we introduce the world to God. And as such, an authentically evangelical theology is the working out of the gospel in the various doctrines of Christian theology.

    Filled with vibrant illustrations and humor that will keep viewers engaged as they learn the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith, Evangelical Theology Video Lectures helps viewers not only understand the vital doctrines of Christian theology but one that shows them how the gospel should shape how they think, pray, preach, teach, and minister in the world.

    Sessions and Runtimes:
    1.1 – What is Theology? (15 min)
    1.2 – What Do You Have to Say before You Say Anything? (15 min)
    1.3 – What Is the Gospel? (19 min)
    1.4 – The Necessity and Goal of Theology (17 min)
    1.5 – Is Theology Possible? (18 min)
    1.6 – Sources for Theology (18 min)
    1.7 – Toward a Gospel-Driven Theological Method (11 min)
    2.1 – God and the Gospel (12 min)
    2.2 – Getting an Affinity for the Trinity (19 min)
    2.3 – What Is God Like? (17 min)
    2.4 – The God Who Creates (15 min)
    2.5 – The God Who Reveals Himself (17 min)
    2.6 – God’s Purpose and Plan (17 min)
    3.1 – Gospel and Kingdom (13 min)
    3.2 – Apocalypse Now . . . and Not Yet! (19 min)
    3.3 – The Return of Jesus Christ (16 min)
    3.4 – Millennium and Tribulation (19 min)
    3.5 – The Final Judgment (15 min)
    3.6 – The Intermediate State: What Happens When You Die? (16 min)
    3. 7 – The Final State: Heaven, Hell, and New Creation (14 min)
    4.1-2: The Gospel of God’s Son and the Christological Method (17 min)
    4.3 – The Life of Jesus (16 min)
    4.4 – The Death of Jesus (17 min)
    4.5 – The Resurrection of Jesus (17 min)
    4.6 – The Ascension and Session of Jesus (12 min)
    4.7 – The Story of Jesus and the Identity of God (16 min)
    5.1 – Saved by the Gospel (13 min)
    5.2 – Redemptive History: The Plan for the Gospel (17 min)
    5.3 – Order of Salvation: The Logical Working of the Gospel (15 min)
    5.4 – Images of Salvation: The Result of the Gospel (22 min)
    5.5 – Scope and Security: How Wide and How Certain a Salvation? (17 min)
    6.1 – God’s Spirit: The Breath of the Gospel (13 min)
    6.2 – Person of Continue Reading Evangelical Theology Video Lectures

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  • How To Read Theology For All Its Worth Video Lectures


    Too many Christians avoid reading theology for fear they won’t understand it or out of a misconception that it’s only meant for the academic elite. Similarly, students in introductory theology classes can feel overwhelmed by the concepts and terminology they encounter.

    Yet theology can be read with enjoyment and discernment. In How to Read Theology for All Its Worth Video Lectures, professor and author Karin Stetina introduces students to the basic skills of intelligent reading, applied especially to theological works. Anyone who’d like to read theology well, whether a formal student or interested layperson, will benefit from the simple steps Stetina outlines in each lesson.

    Steps include:

    *Identifying genre
    *Becoming acquainted with the author and the context out of which he or she wrote
    *Determining a thesis and main arguments
    *And more

    How to Read Theology for All Its Worth Video Lectures, along with the accompanying book, How to Read Theology for All Its Worth, will equip learners not only to understand theology but also to insightfully engage authors’ ideas. With the basic tools in hand, everyone can read with confidence and enjoy conversations with theological works. Continue Reading How To Read Theology For All Its Worth Video Lectures

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  • Triune God A Video Study


    In The Triune God, A Video Study, theologian Fred Sanders offers thoughtful, concise, and understandable lessons that explore the biblical, creedal, and confessional shape of the doctrine of the Trinity.

    In particular, Sanders secures knowledge of the triune God in rightly ordered theological language. He presents conclusions about the Trinity based on the way the Trinity was revealed in Scripture. As such, this study offers theological principles for reading Scripture in a thoroughly Trinitarian manner. In contrast to other explorations of the Trinity that rush over the biblical discussion on the way to extended accounts of historical development, Sanders spends a significant amount of time on biblical exposition and drawing the theological implications from it.

    Throughout Sanders interacts with major voices from the history of the doctrine. His arguments are indebted to and informed by the great tradition of Trinitarianism. A healthy deference to doctrinal tradition is indispensable to serious theology, and this study is an exercise in retrieval. But the fitting way to retrieve the insights of the church fathers is not to pay more attention to them than to Scripture. The most patristic way to proceed toward a well-ordered doctrine of the Trinity is, after all, to study Scripture.

    The Triune God, A Video Study is part of The Zondervan Beyond the Basics Video Series, which is dedicated to bringing expert teaching from world’s best theologians and biblical scholars directly to interested leaders. The Triune God, A Video Study offers the chance to learn about one of the central tenants of the Christian faith from one of today’s premier theologians. Continue Reading Triune God A Video Study

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  • Lamb Of God


    This 2-disc DVD companion to The Lamb of God book features ten 40-minute sessions of Nancy Guthrie teaching with contagious passion and theological precision. Her engaging personal stories and authentic conversational style will help any Bible study group effectively study the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Continue Reading Lamb Of God

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