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Pastoral Helps

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  • Gentle And Lowly Video Study


    A Video Teaching Companion to the Best-Selling Book Gentle and Lowly

    In his best-selling book Gentle and Lowly, Dane Ortlund takes readers into the depths of Christ’s very heart for sinners. Focusing on Jesus’s words that he is gentle and lowly in heart, Ortlund dives deep into Bible passages that speak of who he is, encouraging readers with the affections of Christ for his people.

    This supplemental video series features ten videos, including eight teaching sessions as well as an introduction and conclusion from author Dane Ortlund. Each session covers 2-3 chapters from the book and can be used with the book, the Gentle and Lowly Study Guide, or both. Produced in DVD and digital download formats, this teaching series is ideal for small groups to work through together or for personal study. Continue Reading Gentle And Lowly Video Study

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  • Dont Give Up


    Life can leave you feeling depleted and weary. Work is stressful. The kids won’t listen. You’re buried in debt and barely making ends meet. You begin to feel like you’ll never get it all done and you’ll never measure up. By the end of the day, we often find ourselves feeling maxed out, overwhelmed, or lost.

    But God whispers to you, Don’t give up. There are many ways to say it. Keep going. Don’t stop. Hang on. Hold fast. Stand firm. Our circumstances may look different, but the message of faith never changes. Don’t Give Up.

    Drawing inspiration from biblical stories and testimonies of perseverance, bestselling author and pastor Kyle Idleman will encourage you to cast your concerns on God, trust in his love and timing, pray for patience and strength, and seek out support in the family of God.

    The Don’t Give Up DVD Video Series has 5-episodes featureing biblical teaching from the book of Hebrews with Kyle Idleman (each episode is approximately 15 minutes). The Series is ideal for edification, discussion, & entertainment. Continue Reading Dont Give Up

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  • In The Gap Small Group DVD


    Learn how to have hope when everything seems hopeless and faith when the situation is dire.

    In this book Wilfredo De Jesus (known as Pastor Choco) gives nine examples of courageous people in the Scriptures – men and women who recognized desperate needs and trusted God to use them to make a difference. Readers will taste the grace and greatness of God, their hearts will be transformed and He will give them the courage to step into the gaps.

    The DVD features 6 sessions, 8-10 minutes each, with a promotional video and leader training materials. Continue Reading In The Gap Small Group DVD

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  • Untethered DVD Set


    A Must Watch for Every Parent or Pastor
    The odds are stacked against you, Mom and Dad. Statistics claim that a whopping 60 to 80 percent of evangelical kids will backslide. Even in the Bible Belt.

    What is going on? Why are Christian losses growing while Christian converts are decreasing?

    Untethered dares to find the answer to these questions by going to the very source. Join Todd Friel as he visits Bible Belt universities and talks to students who claim to be Christians. Their responses will shock you.

    But Untethered will not leave you hopeless. Untethered will help you know what you can do to ensure your child does not become another statistic.

    There is nothing more horrifying for Christian parents than to read their child’s religious Facebook status as: NONE. You do not need to be one of those parents. Untethered will help you to that end.

    6 programs on 2 DVD’s.

    Meet the Untethered Generation
    Our Broken Brains
    Get ’em Saved
    Get ’em Sanctified
    Get ’em to Submit
    Changing Our Approach Continue Reading Untethered DVD Set

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  • Curse Para Matrimonios


    SKU (ISBN): 9781933114910English: Marriage Course DVD SetSpanishBinding: Video DVDPublished: 2017Alpha – Thomas Nelson #Publisher: HarperChristian Resources

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  • Double Your Excitement On Friend Day

    Use this presentation by Dr. Elmer Towns to motivate your members and Double Your Excitement on Friend Day! This is a great inspirational DVD to share with you leaders and your entire congregation prior to Friend Day. Get everyone on board this exciting and proven evangelistic attendance campaign.

    Continue Reading Double Your Excitement On Friend Day

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  • Living On The Edge Elementary Edition


    Discipleship principles from the r12 series by Chip Ingram, based on Romans 12, are communicated to Elementary Children in a fun, relevant and life-changing way. Included in this teaching kit:
    *1 DVD with weekly video lessons, a testimony and a game to reinforce each lesson
    *1 CD with leader guides, student handouts, activity booklets, 1 family EnterAction guide and more.

    Students will learn practical ways to live out the discipleship lessons of Romans 12.

    6 lessons.
    Filmed at the edge of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Continue Reading Living On The Edge Elementary Edition

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