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Category: Eschatology (End Times)

Eschatology (End Times)

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  • Woman Rides The Beast


    Could the Greatest Double-Cross in History Deceive the Elect? MOST end times discussions focus on the coming Antichrist – but he is only half the story… MANY are surprised to discover that in Revelation 17, there is another mysterious character at the heart of prophecy – a woman who rides the beast… TRADITION says this mystery woman is connected with the church of Rome. But isn’t such a view outdated? After all, today’s Vatican is eager to join hands with evangelicals and all religions worldwide… BIBLICAL truth and global events present a well-defined portrait of the woman and her powerful place in the Antichrist’s future empire… MORE THAN TEN remarkable clues in Revelation 17 and 18 prove the woman’s identity beyond any reasonable doubt…watch and be amazed! Continue Reading Woman Rides The Beast

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  • Final Battle


    A powerful enactment of end-time events. From the time of trouble to the second coming, this full-length feature film is a convincing portrayal of what it might be like. Continue Reading Final Battle

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