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  • Revelation Video Study


    Have you ever heard someone say they are afraid of the book of Revelation? Or perhaps without knowing, simply described the book in a negative or challenging way? Nothing could be more incorrect as the entire book is a descriptive and poignant expression of what John was blessed to see that each of us longs to know-a place, an end, an eternity that is promised and is the very definition of hope, extravagant hope.

    As a part of the Beautiful Word Bible Study Series, Bible teacher and author Margaret Feinberg digs into the book of Revelation and the letters to the churches found there. She takes complex and sometimes illusive content and leads us on a journey where we come to realize everything we have hoped for is there, on the pages, waiting for us. Margaret connects beautiful words to this final book of the Bible inspiring women to forever be reminded of the one thing we all long for-extravagant hope.

    Designed for use with the Revelation Study Guide (sold separately). Continue Reading Revelation Video Study

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  • Way Home : God’s Invititation To New Beginnings – A 6-Week Bible Study Of R


    Enter the Story of Ruth Like Never BeforeRuth was a vulnerable, widowed woman starting over in a foreign land. While Naomi was returning to community, Ruth was setting herself up to be the odd one out her whole life. What gave her the strength to do it? Could it be that she sensed all along that her journey away from Moab was a journey toward home?The story of Ruth is a remarkable tale of bravery, calling, and God’s provision, and it will come to life in new ways as you dig deep in this 6-week study. Tessa Afshar, author of In the Field of Grace and the award-winning Pearl in the Sand, teaches you how to study the text, discern meaning, pray through it, and live it out. She’ll show you how to draw on the same strength and courage that Ruth did and accept God’s invitation to new beginnings in your own life. Continue Reading Way Home : God’s Invititation To New Beginnings – A 6-Week Bible Study Of R

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  • Galatians Video Study


    Do you understand what people mean when they say you are Free in Christ? Are you living led by the Spirit or lost in the world? Is your life bearing good fruit? Most of us struggle to truly understand how it is we can know freedom without a set of rules to follow and even more so how to let go of the rules of this world and simply follow the Spirit into growth and blessing.

    Bible teacher and author Jada Edwards digs into the book of Galatians where we learn what freedom in Christ really means, how saying yes to the conviction and guidance of the Holy Spirit establishes this freedom and how through the Spirit we affect our communities and those around us in his name.

    The Holy Spirit tells us when to keep silent or speak up, to apologize, take risks, take rest, to say yes or no, and so much more. He gives us direction in the big dreams and in the daily steps. What fruit we yield is the final evidence of our freedom in Jesus Christ. Connecting these dots is paramount to our experience of true freedom and it takes a renewed understanding of what freedom Jesus really brings. We won’t see different behavior in ourselves nor a different response from the world until we stand on this freedom and say no to anything less than the Gospel.

    The Book of Galatians teaches how yielding our desires to the work of the Holy Spirit within us encourages our faith, sets us free, and results in our lives being sources of change in the world around us.

    Designed for use with the Galatians Study Guide (sold separately). Continue Reading Galatians Video Study

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  • How Happiness Happens Video Study


    In this six-session video Bible study (study guide sold separately), bestselling author Max Lucado looks at several one another statements in the Bible that reveal how the happiest people on earth aren’t those who have the most but those who are willing to give the most away. While everyone craves happiness, and everyone benefits from it, the sad reality is that fewer people today are finding it. We have more possessions than ever before, better access to education, and greater advancements in technology and medicine. Yet the majority of us can’t find an adequate reason to check the yes box on a happiness questionnaire.

    Our culture tries to convince us there is one way to happiness: aspire, acquire, desire, retire. Happiness depends on what we hang in our closet, park in our garage, and deposit in our bank account. It’s a path that always fails to deliver. Instead, Jesus provides a better way: It is better to give than receive (Acts 22:35 nkjv). Intentional, altruistic acts of service are the most reliable sources of well-being. It is a principle Jesus lived out in his own life. While he was accused of much, he was never described as being grumpy or perpetually somber. Rather, he said, I came to give life with joy and abundance (John 10:10 vce).

    God wants to bring joy to the people of this generation, and in his Word, he has given us practical and applicable ways to quarry that joy by giving it away. In this study, group members will look at several key one another statements given in the New Testament and discover how to make happiness happen in their lives. They will discover that while the world can be a lonely and disappointing place, they can be God’s representatives to bring about a cascade of kindness. While we cannot solve every problem, we can bring a few smiles to a few faces. In this way, we might even initiate a quiet revolution of joy.

    This DVD is designed for use with the How Happiness Happens Study Guide (sold separately). Continue Reading How Happiness Happens Video Study

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  • Gospel Of John DVD Based Study


    Jesus has called you. Called you to be different. Called you to love. Called you to restore. Equip your small group to answer the call of God on their life with this incredible 12-session DVD. The Gospel of John: Finding Identity and Purpose DVD Bible Study covers 12 passages from the book of John that will deepen your understanding of identity, calling, and God’s purpose for you. Packed with leader tips, discussion questions, practical applications, and prayer points, this DVD study can be led by anyone! Sessions are taught by 6 professors with specialized areas of knowledge.

    DVD Includes:
    *12 video sessions on DVDs
    *Leader’s Guide, PDF on CD

    Find God’s Calling for Your Life in This Gospel of John DVD
    Have you ever wondered what you were meant to do? What your purpose is? How can you answer God’s call on your life? Deepen your understanding of what it means to be called by God with the events, miracles, and practical applications in the Gospel of John.

    Sessions Include:
    1. Called to Honor: Water into Wine John 2:1-11
    2. Called to Belong: Temple Cleansing John 2:13-22
    3. Called to Believe: Nicodemus John 3:1-16
    4. Called to Restoration: Samaritan Woman John 4:4-26
    5. Called to Healing Work: Healing the Paralytic John 5:1-18
    6. Called to Be a Temple: If You Are Thirsty John 7:37-44
    7. Called to Be a Light: I Am the Light of the World John 8:12
    8. Called to Testify: Blind Man John 9:1-18, 35-41
    9. Called to Shepherd: Good Shepherd John 10:1-16
    10. Called to Be a Living Witness: Lazarus John 11:1-27, 34-44
    11. Called to Serve in Love: Last Supper John 13:1-17
    12. Called to Bear Fruit: I Am the True Vine John 15:1-17

    Gospel of John Bible Study Participant’s Guide (Sold Separately)

    Designed to accompany the DVD study, The Gospel of John Participant Guide provides an outline of the video teaching with room for notes and includes photos, maps, additional information, and a five-day personal Bible study guide after each lesson. Additional participant guides may be purchased. ISBN 9781628627862.

    Enjoy 12 New Testament Teaching Sessions from Expert Professors and Bible Scholars

    Six Bible professors with specialized areas of knowledge each emphasize three areas that will deepen your experience of Jesus and the Bible:
    1. Historical and cultural background
    2. An engaging, close look at the biblical text and its meaning
    3. Accurate, encouraging, and challenging applications to life today
    Hear truth from those who spend their life Continue Reading Gospel Of John DVD Based Study

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  • Prayers Of Jesus DVD Based Study


    Prayer was the backbone of Jesus’ life and ministry. From his baptism to his crucifixion, the Gospels portray Jesus as a man of prayer who knew and deeply valued intimate communion with his heavenly Father. What can we learn from the prayers he prayed? In six 25-35 minute interactive small group sessions, this Deeper Connections DVD study explores the prayers of Jesus, revealing new insights into prayer, the character of God, and your relationship with him. Sessions include:
    *Watch and Pray: Jesus’ Model Prayer Life
    *Our God Listens: The Persistent Widow
    *Joining in Jesus’ Prayer: The Lord’s Prayer
    *Praying to a Good God: The Friend at Midnight
    *Praying with Purpose: Jesus’ Final Prayer
    *A Friend in High Places: Faith, Prayer, and Answers

    Note: The DVD includes a FREE downloadable Leader Guide. Continue Reading Prayers Of Jesus DVD Based Study

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  • Overcomer Video Study


    In this six-session Bible study, bestselling author Dr. David Jeremiah turns his insights to one of the most quoted but least understood passages of the Bible: the apostle Paul’s admonition in Ephesians 6:10-18 to take up the whole armor of God. With his signature depth, wisdom, and compassion, Dr. Jeremiah explores the powerful relevance of spiritual armor as a critical tool in our daily living as we confront the challenges in our lives and of our time. He reveals how God has given us, his followers, the tools we need to live a life defined not by our trials but by our victories.

    This study will serve as a practical guide for how we can live each day in the strength that God provides as we equip each piece of spiritual armor. Although we all live in a time of deep uncertainty, the Bible promises we can live the life of freedom that God intended-even in times when the world seems filled with darkness. We were created to be overcomers, conquering the greatest obstacles in our lives.It is time to find renewed strength and claim the promises of God’s Word to overcome life’s greatest threats. It is time to claim our victory in Christ an be an overcomer. Continue Reading Overcomer Video Study

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  • This I Know


    Imagine facing your future and feeling nothing but peace.

    There’s so much you don’t know and can’t control. But what if you could be calm anyway?

    Fear about the future, anxiety, and worry win because we don’t really know who God is. Sure, we know in our heads, but deep down in the secret places (where worry makes its home) a small part of us still wonders if God really cares about us, if He really knows what He’s doing, and if He can actually be trusted.

    It’s time to unleash the power of Scripture as you reclaim the secret places of your heart and entrust your frightening unknowns to a God truly known.

    This DVD accompanies the This I Know Bible Study and includes:
    *6 video teaching sessions that go with each week of the study
    *Introduction videos for each week
    *A Promo video-so you can get your friends excited to study with you.
    *A Music video with original song based on the study
    *Additional video resources just for leaders that will help you prepare
    *PLUS! You get access to a leader guide with additional creative activities for each week.

    Discover the gift of video resources. They’ll save you time, improve group interaction, and help you lead with confidence. Continue Reading This I Know

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  • Parables Of Jesus


    Jesus communicated deep spiritual truths through simple, vivid, and engaging stories. Woven from the stuff of everyday life, the parables of Jesus made the kingdom of God understandable and accessible to his listeners. In six engaging, interactive small group sessions, this Deeper Connections DVD will give you new insights into his parables and their meanings that will help you to appreciate more fully their relevance for your own life. With maps and pictures, outlines, key Scripture verses, discussion questions, plenty of room for note taking, and a personal five-day Bible study for each session, the participant’s guide will help you get the most out of The Parables of Jesus, both in your group and in applying what you learn to your life. Deeper Connections Series: Unlike any other Bible study available, this visually stunning DVD series is written and taught by biblical experts-six professors with specialized areas of knowledge. Continue Reading Parables Of Jesus

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  • Love Like Youve Never Been Hurt


    In this 6-session study, NYT bestselling author Jentezen Franklin shares his own story of personal pain and shows how to find the strength and courage to overcome betrayal and heartache. Ideal for small groups and church classes, this DVD will give you the tools and inspiration you need to love like you’ve never been hurt. Continue Reading Love Like Youve Never Been Hurt

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  • Receiving Healing From The Courts Of Heaven DVD Study


    What To Do When Prayers for Healing Go Unanswered

    The Bible is clear: God’s will is to heal! And yet, believers often pray for healing and do not receive it. Why? The answer can be found in the Courts of Heaven.

    Robert Henderson is internationally recognized for teaching the Courts of Heaven prayer strategy, which has brought breakthrough, answered prayers, and miraculous transformation to countless lives. In these sessions, Henderson teaches you how you identify and break the hindrances that keep your healing from being released. You can experience these sessions in a small group or class, or individually. Through revelatory teaching, breakthrough prayers, and special impartation segments, you will personally encounter the Judge of Heaven who wants to render healing on your behalf! Satan is the adversary to God’s will and God’s people. In the Courtrooms of Heaven, he brings charges against believers to prevent their healing. Through these 8 video teaching sessions, Henderson teaches you to align your prayers with the legal process of heaven to defeat the devil’s arguments.

    You will learn how to:
    *Identify hindering spirits, barriers and legal rights that prevent healing.
    *Break curses and strongholds that give Satan destructive access to your health.
    *Pray in a breakthrough dimension according to God’s purposes.
    *Release the healing verdict of atonement from the courts of Heaven.
    *The Judge of Heaven wants to grant healing! Bring your prayers into His courts today!

    Also available…Unlocking Healing from the Courts of Heaven book Interactive Study Guide and Daily Devotional (companion to video teaching) Small Group Leader’s Guide (companion to video teaching) Continue Reading Receiving Healing From The Courts Of Heaven DVD Study

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  • Preparing For The Glory DVD Study


    A fresh move of God is on the horizon!In the midst of fear, conflict, and unrest, a great Kingdom light is piercing through the darkness. Since the Day of Pentecost, this light of Holy Spirit outpouring has been increasing in brightness and will soon break forth in an unprecedented outpouring of supernatural glory.

    Are you prepared for what God wants to release in these last days?

    Preparing for the Glory is a groundbreaking new work from John and Carol Arnott that shares practical keys, gleaned from over 20 years of leading a global revival movement, that will position you to expect and experience this new move of God!

    Learn how to:Pray with prophetic words that announce the purposes and promises of God for increased outpouring. Stay hungry for God by maintaining a passionate desire to encounter His presence, no matter how spiritually dry or distant you feel.Press in for deeper experiences with the Spirit by feeding yourself on supernatural testimonies of God’s work. Embrace the fear of the Lord-the key that will unlock an increase of glory manifestations, unusual miracles, and Holy Spirit fire.Prepare your life to be a resting place for the Holy Spirit in this historic hour of glory, presence, and miracles!

    Features: Carol Arnott’s prophetic dream about the next wave of Holy Spirit outpouring-what it will look like and the key to preparing for this imminent visitation of God’s glory!  Continue Reading Preparing For The Glory DVD Study

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  • Miracles Of Jesus DVD Based Study


    From the healing of lepers to turning water into wine, many studies focus on how miracles demonstrate God’s power. But this study takes it a step further showing how each miracle reveals God’s character, the kingdom of God, and his love for you. Deepen your understanding of the New Testament and build on what you already know with this 6-session DVD study, which cover 6 of Jesus’ most well-known miracles: feeding the 5,000, healing the woman with the issue of blood, cursing of the fig tree, and more!

    You don’t have to be an expert to lead this six-session study. It automatically comes with a free downloadable leader guide and includes everything you need:
    *Disc with all 6 sessions
    *FREE downloadable leader guide
    *Participant guide(*)

    (*)Additional participant guides may be purchased

    This is unlike any other Rose DVD Bible study before-it includes more scholars, more pictures, and more opportunities to see what Bible places look like today! Each session of this DVD study:
    *Begins with a short guided walkthrough of the places Jesus walked to help you experience the historical context like never before. Journey to relevant locations like the bustling marketplaces of Jerusalem, fertile vineyards, and the Sea of Galilee as you dive deeper into well-known Bible passage.
    *Enjoy getting easy-to-understand commentary from top professors and experts from Biola, Wheaton, Talbot, and more!
    *Discover incredible historical insights that will deepen your understanding of these familiar stories. Did you know that the title Son of David is always referenced with healing in the Gospel of Matthew?
    *Includes optional audio reading and a flexible structure design to facilitate group discussion.

    Perfect for small groups, Bible studies, or personal use. Also available: Leader and Participant Guides which outline the video teaching with room for notes, and include photos, maps, additional information, and a five day personal Bible study guide after each lesson. Click here to see 5 Key Features of the Miracles of Jesus Deeper Connections DVD Series.

    Jesus not only preached the kingdom of God in word, but he demonstrated it in power through his miraculous deeds. This unique, in-depth look at the miracles of Jesus will open your eyes to their impact on the lives he touched, what they reveal about God’s heart, and their significance for us today. Dive into the Jewish law and Greco-Roman superstition that made the woman with the issue of blood unclean and ‘unf Continue Reading Miracles Of Jesus DVD Based Study

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  • Growing A Strong Marriage 3


    Session 1 When the World Presses In
    Session 2 Raising a Family
    Session 3 Staying Connected
    Extra Adoption (Special story shared by Art and Lisa

    Additional Info
    Just as Christ transforms individuals from the inside out, he is also working on the heart of your marriage. Through this video Bible study series, learn to cultivate and enjoy a beautiful marriage that’s rooted and grounded in Christ. Because whether you have been married for a few years or thirty years, there is always room to grow!

    Learn about the importance of remaining a strong team despite challenges and distractions that will inevitably come your way. This study guide combined with candid, never-before-seen video interviews with your favorite marriage experts will help you explore what it means to allow challenges to knit you together rather than tear you apart, to keep proper priorities while raising a family, and to be intentional about spending time together and having fun. Through touching and personal stories, timeless wisdom, and sage advice, you’ll glean spiritual understanding and inspiration for a lifetime of marriage.
    Four DVD sessions correspond with lessons in a separately-sold study guide, and feature touching interviews and personal advice from John and Stasi Eldredge, Chip and Theresa Ingram, Gordon and Gail MacDonald, Les and Leslie Parrott, Art and Lysa TerKeurst, and Gary and Lisa Thomas. Continue Reading Growing A Strong Marriage 3

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  • Do You Believe DVD Based Study


    Invite your church and community to answer the most important question of their lives! Based on the major motion picture, this four-week study will challenge participants to examine what they know to be true, and then live out their faith by sharing the life-changing message of the cross with others who may not believe. Yet.

    This kit includes:

    DVD featuring clips from the movie, Do You Believe?
    Study Guide with four lessons and discussion questions
    Leaders Guide
    Wooden Cross as featured in the film

    About the Film

    When a local pastor is shaken to the core by the visible faith of an old street-corner preacher, he is reminded that true belief always requires action. His response ignites a faith-fueled journey that powerfully impacts everyone it touches in tangible ways that only God could orchestrate. The film will challenge viewers to answer the question we will all face in our lifetime: Do You Believe? Continue Reading Do You Believe DVD Based Study

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  • Growing A Strong Marriage 2


    Session 1 – Communication I
    Session 2 – Communication II
    Session 3 -When Conflict Grows and Remains
    Bonus – Remarriage

    Additional Info
    Over several weeks of study, couples will learn from candid interviews with famous Christian authors and leaders:
    John and Stasi Eldridge
    Gary and Lisa Thomas
    Art and Lisa Terkeurst
    Chip and Theresa Ingram
    Gordon and Gail MacDonald
    Les and Leslie Parrott

    This unique video study series on growing a stronger marriage is a great starting point for couples as they pursue deeper communication and understanding with one another. Through videos, discussion with other couples, and Bible study, this resource will help men and women become rooted and grounded together in Christ and committed to each other.
    This volume addresses communication and conflict, and has
    a bonus session on remarriage. Continue Reading Growing A Strong Marriage 2

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  • Growing A Strong Marriage 1


    Session 1 – How We Met
    Session 2 – Foundation in Marriage
    Session 3 – Identity in Christ
    Session 4 – Paths to Christ in Marriage

    Additional Info
    Learn from candid interviews with famous Christian authors and leaders:
    John and Stasi Eldridge
    Gary and Lisa Thomas
    Art and Lisa Terkeurst
    Chip and Theresa Ingram
    Gordon and Gail MacDonald
    Les and Leslie Parrott

    This unique video study series on growing a stronger marriage is a great starting point for couples as they pursue deeper communication and understanding with one another. Through videos, discussion with other couples, and Bible study, this resource will help men and women become rooted and grounded together in Christ and committed to each other.

    This volume covers the biblical foundations of marriage Continue Reading Growing A Strong Marriage 1

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  • Acts Of God


    City On A Hill
    SIX LIVES, ONE QUESTION… WHY? A moment of crisis changes everything. One stormy night a sudden, shattering collision takes an innocent life. Now six people find their lives intertwined by the accident and hard questions reflected in their own lives. Why do such tragedies occur? If God is good, why does he allow so much pain? As each of them struggle through the challenges and the aftermath, threads of hope and faith along with close friends become the lifeline to a strength they could never find alone. Nationally esteemed pastor and author Bob Russell is featured as himself in a powerfully dramatic film that brings his teachings to vivid life. Continue Reading Acts Of God

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  • Girls Still Got It


    Take a walk with Ruth and the God who rocked her world! Author and speaker Liz Curtis Higgs brings to life the book of Ruth, a rags-to-redemption biblical story. Verse by verse, Liz guides her audience through the twelve chapters of her book, THe Girl’s Still Got It. Designed with flexibility in mind, the DVD can be used individually in the privacy of your home or in a group setting with the book. If done in a group, you can set the pace. Whether your Bible study meets for three weeks or twelve weeks, is your decision. Approx. Run Time: 120 minutes.
    Continue Reading Girls Still Got It

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  • Man Talk


    The Man Talk is what it sounds like – a discussion about what it’s like to be a Man today. It’s a real talk, a meat and potatoes approach to issues pressing us from all sides: * Being the best Father I can be. How to lead my family spiritually. * What it’s like to be a Husband and a Servant. Christian men and sex. * Christian dating: A how-to. Everyone needs a good talking to at some point. And, this is one for you. Real Men who aren’t afraid to talk about Man stuff, and who are better for it Continue Reading Man Talk

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