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  • My Art Book Of Love


    A tender and wise ode to love, illustrated with an expertly curated selection of fine art for young children

    Art, like anything else, is only as meaningful and interesting as it is relatable. For toddlers and preschoolers, connecting their own experiences of love to those they see on the canvas allows them to truly engage with the material. 35 full-page artworks feature love in all its forms, accompanied by a brief and gentle read-aloud text. Each artwork’s title and artist’s name are included as secondary read-aloud text, for true integration of narrative and information. This stylishly compact art book is this first title in the My Art Book series, which suits lovey and artsy families alike!

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  • Pile Of Leaves


    Dig through the leaf pile in this collage-inspired book with see-through pages

    Readers explore the concept of layering and collage with this interactive exercise in composition. Each clear acetate page features a single element in the leaf pile, though some are not leaves at all! As readers turn the pages, the leaf pile is deconstructed piece by piece on the right side, and reconstructed on the left. Younger readers will enjoy the seek-and-find aspect of the hidden objects, while older readers might experiment by adding their own images between the pages. A key at the back provides the names of each kind of leaf shown. Inspired by the Whitney Museum’s approach to looking at art, these books provide a new way to look at the world.

    Colors are brighter than they appear – printed in pure Pantones.

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  • Looking At A Masterpiece


    What power does great art have? In Looking at a Masterpiece, the reader will discover the surprising answer-that great art can influence our whole lives.

    As author Madeleine Stebbins explains, Great art deepens the soul, inspiring a thirst for greatness and purifying it of what is base. It opens our minds to a clearer perception of truth and our imaginations to a more radiant vision of moral goodness and nobility.

    In Looking at a Masterpiece, Stebbins explores the themes of more than forty of the world’s finest artistic treasures-from masters such as Piero della Francesca, Hans Holbein, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and more. The book includes full color, high-quality reproductions of these great works of art.

    Stebbins directs the reader to consider not only the timeless masterpieces presented, but the universal truths they illuminate, infusing her commentary with the wisdom of saints, popes, theologians, historians, and poets. Explore the transcendent longings of the human heart and discover the transformative power of great art in Looking at a Masterpiece. Continue Reading Looking At A Masterpiece

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  • Short Biography Of Claude Monet


    A Pocket-Sized Short Biography of Claude Monet in an Elegant Hardcover Edition Continue Reading Short Biography Of Claude Monet

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  • Painted Labyrinth : The World Of The Lindisfarne Gospels


    A British Library Publishing Title

    Published to coincide with a British Library exhibition of the same name, Painted Labyrinth: The World of the Lindisfarne Gospels looks at the background and history of this breathtaking artwork and symbol of Christian faith. Both illustrated and readable, the book is divided into short sections, each examining an aspect of the Anglo-Saxon world, the heritage of the people who lived and ruled at this time, and how and why this great book was created. There is a list of suggested further reading, and a complete list of artifacts and manuscripts in the accompanying exhibition. Continue Reading Painted Labyrinth : The World Of The Lindisfarne Gospels

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