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  • Atheist Delusion : Why Millions Deny The Obvious


    From Living Waters, creators of the award-winning TV program The Way of the Master and the hit movies 180 and Evolution vs. God, comes the powerful film The Atheist Delusion. Executive produced by TV co-host and best-selling author Ray Comfort (Hell’s Best Kept Secret, Scientific Facts in the Bible).

    Having to prove the existence of God to an atheist is like having to prove the existence of the sun, at noon on a clear day. Yet millions are embracing the foolishness of atheism. The Atheist Delusion pulls back the curtain and reveals what is going on in the mind of those who deny the obvious. It introduces you to a number of atheists who you will follow as they go where the evidence leads, find a roadblock, and enter into a place of honesty that is rarely seen on film. Continue Reading Atheist Delusion : Why Millions Deny The Obvious

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  • Is The Bible Reliable


    Who is God, and how can we know Him? The Bible claims to be the direct revelation of our Creator. So if the biblical record is true, it is a primary means by which the God of the universe has revealed Himself to mankind. However, if it can be proved false, then the God of whom it speaks is simply one more pretender in the assembly of gods that man has created.
    In Is the Bible Reliable? Dr. Stephen Meyer challenges you to examine the historical and archaeological evidence to determine for yourself the veracity and accuracy of biblical Scripture. Is the Bible true? You decide.

    Includes two DVDs, each with five 30-minute lessons, and a 96-page, two-color discussion guide. Discussion guide also sold separately. Continue Reading Is The Bible Reliable

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  • Who Is Jesus


    A twelve-lesson DVD for teens that focuses on the evidence for Jesus himself. Presenters Ravi Zacharias, Peter Kreeft, Dr. Stephen Meyer, Del Tackett, and William Lane Craig show historical evidence that backs up the claims of Christ. The lessons show that the New Testament record of historical accuracy presents a strong case for the bodily resurrection of Jesus as well as a compelling argument for His divinity. The lessons wrap up with a call to live out the gospel in everyday life, and practical ways to apply faith to daily situations. Continue Reading Who Is Jesus

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  • Searching For The Truth On Origins


    DVD 1
    1. Creation: Foundation of the Christian Faith
    2. Origin of Universe, Solar System, and Earth
    3. Origin and Progression of Life
    4. Complexity of Life

    DVD 2
    5. Evolution View of the History of Life
    6. The Bible: Origin and History of Life
    7. Origin of Man: Evolution View
    8. Origin and History of Man: Creation View

    DVD 3
    9. Impact of Evolution: Morally and Spiritually Part I
    10. Impact of Evolution: Morally and Spiritually Part II
    11. Rising Interest in the Supernatural
    12. Creation Evangelism Part I

    DVD 4
    13. Creation Evangelism Part II
    14. Overview: Searching for the Truth on Orgins

    Additional Info
    Lighthouse Trails Publication

    The controversy surrounding the origin and history of life has always triggered heated debate between supporters of the two opposing views . . . Creation and Evolution. How and when did life begin? Is life the result of random processes that occurred over millions of years, or was life designed by a Creator? Is there a definitive record of evolutionary change found in the fossil record? Or does the fossil record support the Genesis account that life was created and later destroyed by a global catastrophic event? Has man evolved from brute ape-like creatures with fossil evidence providing a complete lineage, or has man always been man, made in the image of God as the Bible states? Evolutionists claim their beliefs are scientific and accurate, proclaiming their theory as an indisputable fact. Creationists maintain their perspective is logical and can be supported by the observable evidence. Searching for the Truth on Origins by Roger Oakland will answer your questitons about origins based on the facts. Further, the series reveals the impact of the evolutionary view on human morality and spirituality from a biblical point of view. It also provides insight about the role evolution plays in preparing the world for the future as foretold in the Bible. Finally, the series concludes by explaining how the evidence for creation can be used as an evangelistic tool. Continue Reading Searching For The Truth On Origins

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