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Category: Western Fiction

Western Fiction

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  • Trailblazer : A Visionarys Journey


    As the young rebel rode through town on his spirited horse, he reveled in the freedom he had to make his own choices. He could choose his own friends. Someday he would go anywhere he liked. But a change was in the making, and Sanford found it harder and harder to enjoy his selfish pursuits. When he finally yielded himself to God, he found that the real adventures were only beginning. When a man who is eager for new challenges embraces God’s call, anything can happen. Yet, while the trailblazer experienced many exciting adventures, his life consisted primarily of serving God in ordinary days filled to the brim with hard work, difficult questions, and relational challenges. Continue Reading Trailblazer : A Visionarys Journey

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  • Break Forth The Dawn


    Young Cameron Engel promised her dying mother she’d find her long-lost brother. That journey would take her to the rough streets of early day Kansas; to an encounter with a God she never knew existed, and a love she never expected.
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  • Unbridled Hope


    Life is a dream come true for Callie Roberts-until her worst nightmare ruins the fairy tale. A steamboat boiler explosion kills her parents, her older brother, and her beloved fiance. It also deafens her younger brother and leaves Callie with a scar from cheek to chin, a haunting reminder of the tragedy for which she was partly responsible. To put the past behind her, she settles in Eagle Pass, Texas, and launches a business that takes off.

    The same is hardly true for the Neville family, whose nearby Lazy N Ranch is struggling. Micah volunteers to go to Lubbock for fresh seed, but his offer is not without an ulterior motive. A letter he mistakenly intercepted leads him to believe that his cousin Dan is in trouble. And Micah intends to set things right.

    It’s a shock to everyone when Micah returns with not only the seed but also a baby boy in tow. But he’ll do anything to protect Dan’s honor, even if it means pretending to be the father. He can handle the gossip and glances just fine, until he meets Callie and learns the meaning of love at first sight. Will the misguided decisions these two have made keep them apart, or can they face the truth about each other-and themselves-and discover a love they never could have imagined? Continue Reading Unbridled Hope

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