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Short Stories

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  • Ray Of Light


    This wonderful collection of short yet powerful stories will inspire you to enjoy life. Not just exist, but to experience the abundant life that Jesus Christ promises. So laugh, be encouraged, and find yourself in these stories as told by author Ray Charles Robinson’s own life experiences. In these times of great darkness, we all need a Ray of Light. Continue Reading Ray Of Light

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  • Dog Who Came To Christmas


    Christmas is a time for joyful anticipation and celebration. Does any creature manifest these attitudes better than a dog? Their wagging tails and goofy smiles seem made for the season. Add in breakable decorations, extra sweets in the house, and maybe a little bit of snow and you’ve got a recipe for fun, laughter, and togetherness. And that’s just what you get with The Dog Who Came to Christmas.

    This collection of true, feel-good holiday stories celebrates the gift of dogs. It’s the perfect companion for those magical Christmas evenings in front of the fireplace with your favorite canine companion. It also makes a heartfelt gift for dog-loving friends. Contributors include Lauraine Snelling, Melody Carlson, Amy Shojai, and many more. Continue Reading Dog Who Came To Christmas

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  • Alive If Possible Dead If Necessary 1907-1929


    Crime and violence in the territorial days is well known. However, Oklahoma outlaws of the 1920’s led a reign of robbery & violence that stretched beyond the borders. When the number of bank robberies in 1924 reached 52, public officials were forced to respond by creating a unique state law enforcement agency that was commonly referred to as the ‘State Crime Bureau.’ Oklahoma law men confronted outlaws who had made the transition from horse-back to automobile. The pursuit of these outlaws was a dangerous business. Law men who lost their lives in the line of duty included state operative, Luther Bishop who was brutally gunned down.
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  • Help Im Talking And I Cant Shut Up


    This book will have you laughing one moment and reaching for tissues the nextin her matchless style the author pulls the reader into each story, then, ‘Wham!’ hits them with a spiritual truth they didn’t see coming.
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  • Prism Of The Heart


    If you are looking at life through the same, tired eyes, then take a look at life through the Prism of the Heart. This book will take you to a place in your heart you may not have visited for a very long time. It is worth the trip!
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  • Miracles : Receiving The Miracles Prepared For You


    God desires to bring miracles into your life. Miracles prepared for you from the foundations of the earth are on their way to intercept you. Miracles are around us, in us, and through us. This book will inspire your faith, renew your hope, and capture your heart. Frank Damazio not only lays out a clear biblical teaching of miracles, but also true-life stories of miracles taken from his miracle journal.
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  • Esperanza Sin Limite


    Tied for a 2001 Best Non-Fiction Book, Christian Living award in the God Uses Ink Contest! If you get discouraged by your spiritual failures, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re in pretty good company. From the life and death of Samson to Peter’s denial of Jesus, the Bible is filled with stories of people who wanted to serve God but frequently failed. And yet God still worked through these men and women for his purposes and glory. Through God’s power, their points of weakness became their greatest strengths. In Never Beyond Hope J. I. Packer offers his pastoral wisdom, exploring the stories of eight imperfect people portrayed in the Bible. Packer shows you how their struggles and triumphs relate to your own experiences and highlights how God works despite your mistakes. Packer also teams up with expert Bible study writer Carolyn Nystrom, who helps you process and apply what you are learning in each chapter with study questions for personal reflection or group discussion, prayer suggestions and journaling ideas. Let this book help you discover that God’s vision for your life may be far bigger than what you can see right now. Though you may be far from perfect, remember that in God’s eyes you are never beyond hope.
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