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  • 60 Cosas Que Dios Dijo Sobre S


    In many TV shows, the characters move from partner to partner, making sex the be-all and end-all of the male-female relationship. In many magazines, the advertised topics are centered on sex-good sex, better sex, more sex. The entertainment shows are focused on who’s having sex with who. Sex, sex, sex. It’s everywhere! But the only thing that seems to be a definite is that people are trying to find happiness through sexual relationships. God created sex for a specific purpose–and created it good. Sex is a gift from God. The Bible candidly deals with sex (more so than many modern sex manuals!), and this book is forthright in presenting the biblical view of sex as a gift from God, its intended use, and the spiritual parallel of a husband and wife’s sexual union as a symbol of the sacred consummation of Christ and His bride–the church. In this straightforward explanation of the biblical view of sex, Lester Sumrall will show you that the best way to have sex is God’s way. This book is perfect for couples about to get married, parents who think it’s about time to have that talk with their child, or anyone who finds that the world’s view of sex isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Continue Reading 60 Cosas Que Dios Dijo Sobre S

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  • In Scripture : The First Stories Of Jewish Sexual Identities



    Chapter 1: Knowledge And Nakedness: Eve In The Garden Of Signs
    Chapter 2: Sarah’s Laughter: Matriarchal Incoherence And The Vexed Sign Of Woman
    Chapter 3: Passing As A Man: Patriarchal Gender Performances
    Chapter 4: Leah Behind The Veil: Sex With Sisters From The Bible Through Woody Allen
    Chapter 5: Coats And Tales: Joseph And Myths Of Jewish Masculinity
    Chapter 6: Miriam’s Fluid Identity
    Chapter 7: Bedrooms And Battlefields: Command Performances Of Femininity
    Chapter 8: Bodies Politic: Violence And Mediated Boundaries
    Chapter 9: Oy! Was That A Close Call: Ruth And The Fundamental Jewish Story

    Additional Info
    Applying psychoanalytic and gender theory to selected Biblical narratives from Genesis to the Book of Ruth, Lefkovitz interprets the Bible’s stories as foundation texts in the development of sexual identities. In Scripture is an exploration of the Biblical origins of a series of unstable ideas about the sexes, human sexuality, family roles, and Jewish sexual identities, in particular, and by extension, changing attitudes towards Jewish men and women.

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  • Sexualidad Cristiana


    Como van las actitudes y las acciones frente al Seor entre los hermanos? Que tal cuando se trata de la sexualidad? Si pensamos dialogar para que las personas (incluso los hermanos) sepan los consejos divinos, tenemos que abrir el tema con delicadeza. Las personas tienen que saber que los que honramos la Biblia como Palabra de Dios sepamos discutir como sensatos y no como enojones. Tienen que percibir que queremos lo mejor de la vida para ellos y que no es nuestro animo condenar a diestra y siniestra.
    A traves de los aos Fernando y su esposa, Nona, han guiado muchos Encuentros Matrimoniales, renovando y refrescando el vinculo matrimonial de cientos de parejas casadas. Aprovechando de sus estudios y ministerios de enseanza y guia pastoral en varios paises, Fernando ha dialogado, aconsejado y animado a muchas personas en diferentes situaciones y etapas de la vida. Su trato con cario y simpatia le invita a las personas a plantearle su perspectiva. Luego Pastor Fernando da consejos con fundamento biblico. Con el mundo sin saber discernir entre expresiones sexuales sanos y no sanos, es buen momento prepararse para tambien dar consejos segun la Palabra de Dios.
    Le va a gustar esta coleccion de ensayos y dialogos de Fernando Soto. Con los pies firmemente plantados sobre la roca, entrega el amor de Dios a los que tienen practicas y opiniones menos que santas.

    Do the Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters you know have actions and attitudes that honor our Lord? Perhaps the most divergent views among brethren in church have to do with sexuality. Fernando Soto handles the topic well, speaking always with respect and sympathy, always with the Bible as the standard. He teaches by example and by precept with this book, using dialog, reason, and the love of the Lord to persuade. His experience as a Bible teacher and pastor in several different cultures has given him opportunity to deal with many views on sexuality.
    Through the years Fernando and his wife, Nona, have guided many Marriage Encounter weekends, renewing and refreshing the marriage bond of hundreds of married couples. With the advantage of his studies and ministries of teaching and giving pastoral care in various countries, Fernando has dialogued, counseled, and encouraged many people in different situations and in different stages of their lives. His kindness and friendliness invite people to share their perspective. Then Brother Fernando gives them biblical guidance. Because most people of Continue Reading Sexualidad Cristiana

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  • Guerra Interior (Expanded)


    Sexual sins are some of the most difficult to conquer. They’re also some of the most destructive-leaving individuals, marriages, families, and churches devastated. Facing sexual temptations daily, too often unfaithful in thought or deed, persistently assaulted by the world, the flesh, and the Devil, can men today possibly win the war for sexual purity? This courageous book offers a resounding yes! It also provides a battle strategy based on the promises and power of God-and on the author’s experiences in breaking a 25-year struggle with sexual sin. Newly revised and expanded, this book will lead you to a new level of purity and will encourage you that in this terribly private struggle, you are never alone.
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  • Deseo


    Estos libros nos ensean a aplicar con equilibrio, sabiduria y coherencia los principios biblicos, para enfrentar las dificiles situaciones cotidianas. Continue Reading Deseo

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  • Some Issues In Human Sexuality


    Church House Publishing

    This widely anticipated report will be welcomed by all who wish to come to a greater understanding of the issues surrounding homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexualism and the Church. Some Issues in Human Sexuality builds on the foundational statements made in the House of Bishops 1991 statement Issues in Human Sexuality and provides a detailed account of all the viewpoints surrounding this topic. The report considers approaches that are both theologically rigorous and pastorally sensitive, with detailed Scriptural analysis. The guide recommends and calls for wider, informed discussion on this issue, and along with its Companion, will enable individuals and churches to reflect on this potentially contentious subject in an intelligent way. Continue Reading Some Issues In Human Sexuality

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  • Issues In Human Sexuality


    SKU (ISBN): 9780715137451Church Of England House Of BishopsBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 1994Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

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