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Category: Science and Faith

Science and Faith

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  • Rocket Ships And God


    We often hear that science and religion are incompatible, and that those of us who profess faith in God are unwilling to bend our will to the truth.

    In these pages, the prolific inventor and rocket scientist Dr. Rocco Martino exposes the fallacy and danger of such claims. He tackles head-on the question of truth, showing that despite all the technological and scientific discoveries of our age, religious truth has never been – and will never be – proven to be in error.

    Faith, Dr. Martino explains, is an indispensible element in any search for truth, even for scientists using the scientific method. In clear and easy-to-understand language, he carefully bridges the gap between faith and reason, showing that truth cannot possibly be discovered without the balanced application of both principles.

    In a very rational way he shows how we must use reason as a tool to accept or reject truth claims, and why faith coupled with revelation must serve as the final determinant for acceptance.

    When we approach scientific discoveries with the mind of faith, we inevitably come to a much deeper understanding of who we are and how we came to be. Indeed, science heightens our ability to prove the existence of God and it, ultimately, strengthens our faith.

    Read these pages and you’ll enter into the mind of a rocket scientist well-versed in philosophy and theology, journeying with him as he looks for God, and then at God. Continue Reading Rocket Ships And God

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  • Comprehensive Guide To Science And Faith


    Science Can–and Should–Support Your Faith

    Science and Christianity are often presented as mutually exclusive to each other, when in fact the ordered nature of the universe serves as powerful evidence for the mind and majesty of its Creator. With this comprehensive resource that includes the very latest research, you’ll witness how the findings of scientists provide compelling reasons to give glory to God.

    Featuring more than 40 entries authored by more than 30 qualified experts, you’ll better understand…

    *how the concepts of intelligent design and creationism can fit into a scientific worldview

    *the scientific findings that support the history and accounts found in the Bible

    *the biases that lead to scientific information being presented as a challenge to Christianity–rather than a compliment

    Whether you’re looking for answers to your own questions or seeking to explain the scientific evidence for your faith to others, The Popular Handbook of Science and Faith is an invaluable apologetic tool that will help you explore and analyze scientific findings in light of the truths found in the Bible. Continue Reading Comprehensive Guide To Science And Faith

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  • Hidden Face Of God


    Gerald Schroeder takes a bold step forward, to show that science, properly understood, provides positive reasons for faith and God. Continue Reading Hidden Face Of God

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  • Has Science Displaced The Soul


    Happiness And Spiritual Traditions

    Happiness And Contemporary Science

    Interlude 1: An Unhappy Conflagration

    Love And Spiritual Traditions

    Love And Contemporary Science

    Interlude 2: An Unloving Conflagration

    Evolutionary Psychology: A Science Background

    Evolutionary Psychology: A Spiritual Background

    Interlude 3: Philip Hefner’s Conflagration Band-Aid

    Interlude 4: Ted Peter’s Conflagration Band-Aid

    Divine Projections

    Scientific Hypotheses

    Interlude 5: Happiness, Love, And The Divine

    Additional Info
    Can science explain powerful human emotions such as love and happiness? Or, are these emotions something more than the action of biochemicals and electrical impulses? Science is constantly uncovering the mysteries of our nature, but we are uneasy about submitting our most intimate feelings to its scrutiny. Religion tells us that God is love but neuroscience counters with love as a well-timed trickle of transmitters and hormones. In the 21st century, is it necessary to discard our traditional beliefs of a loving God in favor of dopamine? With doctorates in both mathematics and theology, Kevin Sharpe explores these notions and asks the question, Has Science Displaced the Soul?

    Unflinching in facing these issues, Sharpe provides a clear and current summary of the discoveries of science and what our spiritual traditions still have to offer in the ongoing effort to understand our deepest urges. He confronts serious unanswered questions. How can the Divine direct a random process like evolution? How can we reconcile the big bang with creation out of nothing? Does it make sense to claim that the non-biological Divine shares in human purposes and desires? Sharpe’s solution is controversial since it requires that we demolish and reconstruct some of our most trusted conceptions. By examining the ways in which scientific and religious claims can be harmonized, he offers a radical and powerful interpretation of love and happiness in the divine context.

    Continue Reading Has Science Displaced The Soul

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  • Genetics : Science Ethics And Public Policy


    Biotechnology And The Threat Of A Posthuman Future
    Francis Fukuyama
    Crossing Species Boundaries
    Jason Scott Robert And Franoise Baylis
    Genetic Counseling And The Disabled: Feminism Examines The Stance Of Those Who Stand At The Gate
    Annette Patterson And Martha Satz
    The Natural Father: Genetic Paternity Testing, Marriage, And Fatherhood
    Gregory E. Kaebnick
    Ethics Of Preimplantation Diagnosis For A Woman Destined To Develop Early-Onset Alzheimer Disease
    Dena Towner And Roberta Springer Loewy.
    Procreation For Donation: The Moral And Political Permissibility Of Having A Child To Save A Child.
    Mark P. Aulisio, Thomas May And Geoffrey D. Block
    Population Screening In The Age Of Genomic Medicine
    Muin J. Khoury, Linda L. McCabe, And Edward R.B. McCabe
    Navigating Race In The Market For Human Gametes
    Hawley Fogg-Davis.
    How Can You Patent Genes?
    Rebecca S. Eisenberg
    Monitoring Stem Cell Research: Chapter II. Current Federal Law And Policy
    The President’s Council On Bioethics
    Nuclear Transplantation, Embryonic Stem Cells, And The Potential For Cell Therapy
    Konrad Hockedlinger And Rodulf Jaenisch

    Additional Info
    Over a decade ago, the field of bioethics was established in response to the increased control over the design of living organisms afforded by both medical genetics and biotechnology. Since its introduction, bioethics has become established as an academic discipline with journals and professional societies, is covered regularly in the media, and affects people everyday around the globe.

    In response to the increasing need for information about medical genetics and biotechnology as well as the ethical issues these fields raise, Sheed & Ward proudly presents the Readings in Bioethics Series. Edited by Thomas A. Shannon, the series provides anthologies of critical essays and reflections by leading ethicists in four pivotal areas: reproductive technologies, genetic technologies, death and dying, and health care policy. The goal of this series is twofold: first, to provide a set of readers on thematic topics for introductory or survey courses in bioethics or for courses with a particular theme or time limitation. Second, each of the readers in this series is designed to help students focus more thoroughly and effectively on specific topics that flesh out the ethical issues at the core of bioethics. The series is also highly accessible to general readers interested in bioethics.

    This volume collects critical essays by leading scholars on issues in biotechnology, genetic counseling and the disabled, population screening, race-based gamete selection, stem cell research, reproductive freedom and preimplantation diagnosis, procreation for organ and tissue procurement, and other critical areas where moral and ethical dilemmas are emerging from new and existing practices, policy, and legislation.

    Continue Reading Genetics : Science Ethics And Public Policy

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  • Ha Enterrado La Ciencia A Dios


    Este libro es la version ampliada de una serie de conferencias impartidas durante un curso titulado Fe, razon y ciencia, organizado por el Departamento de Educacion de la Universidad de Oxford en diciembre de 2000. En el, se valora la evidencia que aporta la ciencia moderna en relacion al debate entre las interpretaciones atea y teista del universo. Continue Reading Ha Enterrado La Ciencia A Dios

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  • Dios Tu Y Tu Trabajo


    Con una enseanza biblica apasionada y recurriendo a una gran variedad de historias reales, Ian Coffey nos muestra como el trabajo fue parte del plan de Dios para hombres y mujeres, dandonos la oportunidad tambien a nosotros de hacer una contribucion creativa a este mundo. El trabajo es un don de Dios en la creacion. Continue Reading Dios Tu Y Tu Trabajo

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  • On A Backyard Safari


    Featuring eye-popping macro-photography and captivating stories, this beautiful volume is a cross between an encyclopedia and an adventure tale.

    A fly with no mouth, a hydraulic-powered spider, a freeze-proof caterpillar, and a deadly message coded in light pulses-are such things found only in exotic places like Africa or the Amazon basin? Follow the author and his family as they discover these wonders and many more in a single two-acre Ohio backyard. And don’t be surprised if this book puts you in the mood to strike out on a backyard safari of your own. Continue Reading On A Backyard Safari

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  • Outside Of Time (Student/Study Guide)


    Take the latest scientific theories and compare them with what the Bible has to say. You will be amazed at how scripture reveals insight into theory of relativity to the Big Bang to black holes.

    This codex is about an ancient Scroll and its attendant mini-scrolls. These scrolls are not only about time, but in this book they are TIME. The first seven chapters of this book are a prologue about the Greatest Story never told. It is hypothetical and embellishing, but hopefully plausible and it is, as the title suggests, ‘outside of time,’ or perhaps better stated as on the other side of time. This book blends secular and Bible science into ‘true science,’ because the author believes that true science exonerates and elevates the Bible above all others. Continue Reading Outside Of Time (Student/Study Guide)

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  • Catholic Guide To Loneliness


    In these profoundly insightful and practical pages, Catholic psychologist Kevin Vost combines the latest scientific research with sound Catholic teachings to help us understand the root of loneliness in ourselves and others, to bear it and grow from it, and to conquer it. You’ll learn how to identify the various types of loneliness and differentiate them from other afflictions such as depression, social anxiety, bereavement, and even suicidality each of which often have overlapping symptoms and which might arise from severe, prolonged states of loneliness. You’ll also learn the three key psychological and behavioral components of loneliness as well as the practical techniques that can improve your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in ways that help us better cope with emotional and social isolation. Drawing lessons from monks, hermits, and the Church’s greatest creative geniuses, Dr. Vost will finally lead you to see the silver lining within the dark clouds of loneliness, showing how periods of social isolation can be used as opportunities to become more psychologically and spiritually resilient. Continue Reading Catholic Guide To Loneliness

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  • Created Kinds Baraminology And The Creation Orchard


    Scripture Advocate Publishing
    The topic of created kinds explores the scriptural views on the physical and spiritual aspects of life. Baraminology, the study of created kinds, looks at the methods of delineating the genesis kinds, the ark kinds, and kinds today. The creation orchard is a depiction of the individual created kinds separate from one another. Continue Reading Created Kinds Baraminology And The Creation Orchard

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  • Created Kinds Baraminology And The Creation Orchard


    Scripture Advocate Publishing
    The topic of created kinds explores the scriptural views on the physical and spiritual aspects of life. Baraminology, the study of created kinds, looks at the methods of delineating the genesis kinds, the ark kinds, and kinds today. The creation orchard is a depiction of the individual created kinds separate from one another. Continue Reading Created Kinds Baraminology And The Creation Orchard

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  • Scientific Facts In The Bible


    If the Bible proves itself to be the Word of the One who created all things, doesn’t it make sense to search its pages? If there is a one-in-a-million chance that the Bible’s promise of immortality and the avoidance of eternal damnation is true, we owe it to our common sense to take a look. Continue Reading Scientific Facts In The Bible

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