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  • What RU Thinking


    Why do I believe the way that I believe? How are my beliefs connected? Why do I feel strongly about some beliefs and not about others? How much of what I think adds to the depth of my spiritual life? These are all questions that are at the foundation of being transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2). The What RU Thinking? series is designed to engage you in the pursuit of the Christian Mind and this book is the beginning of that journey. Foundations of the Christian Mind is fourteen chapters filled with ideas that will make you think again about everything that you have been or are thinking about. Continue Reading What RU Thinking

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  • Contemporary Varieties Of Religious Experience



    Evolution Of A Pluralist

    James’s Conversion Typology




    Between Me And My God

    Additional Info
    First published in 1902, William James’s Varieties of Religious Experience is considered a classic in religious studies and the psychology of religion. But how has James’s classic study weathered decades of development in psychology and behavioral sciences? Do the assertions about religious experience in the Varieties still ring true in light of neuro-cognitive and neuro-hormonal research, resiliency studies, studies of temperament, and traumatic studies? By extending William James’s own research throughout the century since its publication this volume seeks to answer those questions. In doing so, it revolutionizes our understanding of James’s own view of psychology and reveals the extraordinary value of James’s perspective for religion, psychology, and spirituality today. In doing so, it offers vital insights for pastoral care and faith development at both the individual and congregational level.

    From the Introduction by James Fowler:

    Drawing on the authenticity of her own experience, Bridgers carries us into a remarkably clear and well documented account that traces William James’s evolution as a psychologist, philosopher, and a deeply engaged inquirer into the dynamics of spiritual development and transformation… This book has a major contribution to make. Bridgers’s study illumines the horizons of contemporary research in the study of religious experience, in all its varieties, and in the context of globalization.

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  • Consejeria Pastoral


    Este Basico recoge las ponencias impartidas en el V Seminario de Teologia y Psicologia Pastoral de la Alianza Evangelica Espaola. En el se trata el tema de la consejeria desde una perspectiva biblica y practica a la vez. Autores con mucha experiencia hablan de como orientar sobre cuestiones como el luto, el sufrimiento, la depresion, la ansiedad o la familia. Algunas de las preguntas que encuentran respuesta son: Que papel juega la consejeria pastoral en la vida de una iglesia? Como ayudar, aconsejar, pastorear a una persona en una situacion de sufrimiento y, mas concretamente, en situaciones de luto, de muerte, de sufrimiento agudo? Como saber cuando una persona esta pasando una depresion? Creemos que la comunicacion es un instrumento util en el equipamiento de un siervo del Seor para cumplir mas adecuadamente su ministerio?

    This Basic includes all the presentations made at the V Seminar of Theology and Pastoral Psychology sponsored by the Alianza Evangelica Espaola. The authors deal with this paramount issue from a biblical point of view and with a thorough practical leaning, which benefit from their expertise in the field. This is the book to get if interested in suffering, depression, anxiety, and the family as a unit. Continue Reading Consejeria Pastoral

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  • Autoestima Y La Cruz


    La primera razon que motivo a los autores a escribir sobre la autoestima es que se trata de un concepto con significancia y sentido tanto para el profesional de la salud mental como para el comun de las personas. Su comprension es facil y se relaciona de inmediato con la experiencia humana. Una segunda razon ha sido el descubrir que las propias Escrituras se ocupan de ello reiteradamente. Aunque no usan el termino especifico ‘autoestima’, la propia valoracion de la persona esta presente de forma incuestionable en los dos Testamentos. En este libro, se han reunido, de forma util y responsable, los hallazgos de la psicologia y la teologia en relacion a la autoestima. En un principio, puede producir una impresion de diversas secciones sobre psicologia, escritas por un psicologo, y distintas secciones sobre teologia, escritas por un teologo. Pero lo cierto es que se trata de una obra escrita en estrecha colaboracion en todos sus apartados, que ha tenido como meta plantearse ambas disciplinas en su debida dimension Continue Reading Autoestima Y La Cruz

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  • Educar A Adolescentes Sin Mori


    Este libro se adentra en lo que significa la psicologia del adolescente y aporta las herramientas fundamentales para una correcta relacion como adultos con ellos. La autora quiere cubrir la necesidad creciente en familias y profesores que piden perspectivas comprensibles y practicas para afrontar la adolescencia de sus chicos. Tambien los propios adolescentes, aun sin verbalizarlo, piden a gritos que se comprenda mas y mejor la etapa por la que estan pasando, exigen que se les entienda, respalde y ayude. El objetivo de este libro es contribuir a que unos y otros comprendan mejor en que consiste la adolescencia y como podemos, a traves de esta comprension, acercar posiciones de manera practica, madura y constructiva. Continue Reading Educar A Adolescentes Sin Mori

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  • Discover Your Biblical Personality Portrait


    Which biblical character do you reflect most?

    You’ve taken personality profile tests and personality quizzes on social media. But have you ever considered how your personality compares with a specific biblical figure?

    With Discover Your Biblical Personality Profile, you can enhance your view of yourself and the unique way in which God has designed you. You will see how your distinct personality and those of your family, friends, and colleagues can be identified in one of the sixteen classic personality profiles-but from a brand-new, enlightening perspective as you discover how each type also matches the lives of one of sixteen well-known biblical figures: Noah, Daniel, Joseph, Elisha, Esther, Mary of Bethany, Jacob, Elijah, Habakkuk, John, Peter, Paul, Job, Ruth, David, and Abigail. See how these leaders’ personalities affected how they responded to God’s instructions, the challenges and difficulties they faced, and how God used each to change the world. Explore which of these Bible characters you identify with most, and which reflect other unique aspects of your personality.

    In these pages, you’ll recognize your personality reflected in the type of people you prefer to interact with, the way you think, how you perceive the world, and why you make the daily decisions that chart your life.You will also gain valuable insights for developing a deeper faith experience. As you grow to have a better understanding of yourself and others, you will celebrate your own personality style and the styles of those around you, bringing harmony to your relationships and a fresh understanding of how to fulfill your life calling. Continue Reading Discover Your Biblical Personality Portrait

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