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  • Preaching With Purpose And Passion


    The authority to preach comes by divine appointment from God and is one of the most fulfilling aspects of a leader’s ministry and life. This book will empower and encourage all leaders to reach for a higher level of love and achievement in preaching.

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  • Zondervan 2022 Pastors Annual


    Countless preachers have turned to the Zondervan Pastor’s Annual to save them time in sermon and service preparation. This tried-and-true resource makes your demanding job as a pastor a lot easier. Use its contents as is, or tailor it to fit your unique approach.

    The Zondervan 2022 Pastor’s Annual supplies you with:
    *Morning and evening services for every Sunday of the year
    *Sermon topics and texts fully indexed
    *Definitive and usable sermon outlines
    *Devotionals and Bible studies for midweek services
    *Fresh and applicable illustrations
    *Appropriate hymn selections
    *Special-day services for church and civil calendars
    *Meditations on Lord’s Supper observance
    *Wedding ceremonies and themes
    *Funeral messages and Scriptures
    *Basic pastoral ministry helps
    *Messages for children and young people
    *Offertory prayers Continue Reading Zondervan 2022 Pastors Annual

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  • Llamado A Predicar


    El privilegio de predicar esta reservado para hombres pecadores quienes son redimidos por el poder del evangelio. Predicamos con valor y confianza por lo que sabemos y lo que hemos experimentado. Este librito contiene cuatro lecciones y se diseo para dar direccion, animo y ayuda a los que predican el evangelio.

    Hermano Boyce Mouton ha predicado y enseado la Biblia mas de 50 aos, y conoce los problemas que enfrentan los que ministran la palabra. El hermano anima al que comunica las palabras de vida, y ayuda al nuevo predicador a entender prioridades que debe mantener.

    The privilege of preaching is reserved for those who are redeemed by the power of the Gospel. We preach with courage and confidence because of what we know and what we have experienced. This short book contains four lessons and was designed to give direction, encouragement and help to those that preach the Gospel.
    Brother Boyce Mouton has preached and taught the Bible for more than 50 years and knows the problems that face those that minister God’s Word to others. He will motive those that communicate the words of life and help the new preacher understand the priorities that he must maintain. Continue Reading Llamado A Predicar

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  • Predicador Eficiente


    How do I know if my message reach my objective? Some times the obstacle is in how the message is been prepared. Other times the problem could be in the way it is presented in the pulpit. Or maybe a poor private devotion. How, then, can we overcome this situation? This book can be a great tool helping you with advises that will increase your efficiency in the pulpit. This will be a good hand help for pastors, evangelist and everyone that is involved in the teaching and preaching of the Word.
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  • Striking Home : Interpreting And Proclaiming The New Testament


    SKU (ISBN): 9780716204381Nigel WatsonBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 1987Publisher: Epworth Press

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  • Preaching With Humanity


    Church House Publishing

    These days, many people question the value of preaching. Yet preaching is one of the most awesome callings in the world. Preaching with Humanity considers such questions as:

    How can old-fashioned preaching surivive in the YouTube culture?
    What is the place of preaching in a mission-shaped church?
    How can we preach with humanity-with our fellow human beings, not to them or at them from a height or a distance?
    Whether you are new to preaching or building on existing skills, this book will help you in the life-long process of becoming a preacher with humanity. Continue Reading Preaching With Humanity

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