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  • Garden Of My Heart


    The Garden of My Heart is written as a metaphor to share the beauty and simplicity of the gospel of Christ in poetic verse. The sweet, simple illustrations invite each of us to come to him with the sincere and trusting heart of a child. Continue Reading Garden Of My Heart

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  • Journey Of Life With God


    The Journey of Life with God has been a true experience with God. All of the poetry with this book has been inspired by the actual seasons I had to undergo to get to this part of my destiny. I am blessed tremendously by each experience alone, and my prayer is for every person who reads this book will be blessed and empowered. Amen. Continue Reading Journey Of Life With God

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  • Biblical Poetry And Prayers


    SKU (ISBN): 9781629944647Melba ThompsonBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2015Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises

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  • You Can Look Up


    Arlene Fifer-Dean lives in Bakersfield, California with her husband Art Dean. Her poetry encourages people so they Do Not Give up and learn You Can Look Up. God will see you through. Continue Reading You Can Look Up

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  • Foes Family And Furry Friends


    This book contains inspiring poetic stories. BULLY BUSTIN’ will help kids understand the importance of kindness. I PICKED YOU FOR MY SIS: Every child will relate to the ups and downs of these two girls. MY PUPPY ISABOO unintentionally teaches those around her valuable lessons through her loving nature. Continue Reading Foes Family And Furry Friends

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  • Wild Honey : Encounters With The Divine


    Wild Honey is a collection of poems about divinity, nature and the human spirit by Joseph Bottone.

    For Joseph Bottone everything is relationship, and his poems point ultimately to one relationship, our relationship with the divine and the silence in which we discover it.

    –Stewart S. Warren, author

    Like a fresh and original psalm, this book is about seeing with the inner eye. Inside you will find a poet’s correspondence with nature and the gospel of oneness while exploring the inner meaning of the soul of things. You will gradually discover Joseph Bottone’s poetry is taking you to places you might never have entered on your own.

    These luminous poems were borne out of solitude, gestating from days to years. Here man confronts himself and his relationship with the divine power as it manifests through nature. These poems are a feast and a sacrament of emotional fulfillment through the poetic word as it was in the beginning of time. Continue Reading Wild Honey : Encounters With The Divine

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  • Unveiling Love : Poems Of Revelation


    The Holy Spirit through John, the author of Revelation, unveiled the mysteries of what was, what is, and what shall be. This revelation is the conclusion of the greatest love and war story ever told. The Author of Life in the beginning had already declared the ending. His story has been published, and each day it unfolds. Continue Reading Unveiling Love : Poems Of Revelation

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  • Awakening The Hearers


    Awakening the Hearers is a collection of poems that speak to the conscience of America and the church. It is a wake up call that shines light on the darkness that is slowly covering the earth and hardening the heart of man. These poems are as trumpets blasting that serve as a warning to all who have ears to hear. Continue Reading Awakening The Hearers

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  • Im Not That Kind Of Girl (Reprinted)


    This collection of Susan Polis Schutz’s poetry combines readers’ favorites from her first three volumes with many new poems to create yet another testament to Schutz’s ability to translate sensitive feelings into words that people can appreciate and relate to. Illustrated by Stephen Schutz, this book is an eloquent reflection on love, friendship, society, nature, creativity, and women’s empowerment.
    Continue Reading Im Not That Kind Of Girl (Reprinted)

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  • Serenity Prayers : Prayers Poems And Prose To Soothe Your Soul


    Serenity Prayers is a lovely and timeless collection of prayers, prose, and poems that leaves readers feeling relaxed, peaceful, hopeful, and encouraged. It’s a thoughtful resource for facing everyday challenges.

    Excerpt from the book:

    A Clear Midnight

    This is thy hour O Soul, thy free flight into the wordless,

    Away from books, away from art, the day erased, the lesson done,

    Thee fully forth emerging, silent, gazing, pondering the themes thou lovest best,

    Night, sleep, death and the stars. –Walt Whitman (1819-1892)

    * Features selections from Mitch Albom, Emily Dickinson, William Penn, Rumi, Carl Sandburg, Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman, and William Butler Yeats.
    Continue Reading Serenity Prayers : Prayers Poems And Prose To Soothe Your Soul

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  • 75 Simple Ways To Celebrate The Holidays


    Praise a child
    Practice grace
    Count your blessings
    Slow your pace –75 Simple Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

    75 Simple Ways to Celebrate the Holidays is a refreshingly original illustrated poem that reminds us to keep the holidays cheerful, calm, joyous, and focused on what truly matters most.

    This little book is the antidote to the do-it-all, do-it-fast fever that grips so many people around Christmastime. It was created with one goal in mind–to help the reader find more true joy during the most joyous time of the year.

    Giftable features include cover flocking and a ribbon bookmark, along with just the right blend of rhyming verse and cheerful art:

    Keep traditions
    Stoke the fire
    Find your voice
    Join the choir

    Gaze at stars
    on a clear winter night
    Keep your perspective
    Keep your heart light

    This book is the perfect keepsake stocking stuffer, a gentle reminder of what’s most important on Christmas day and every day.
    Continue Reading 75 Simple Ways To Celebrate The Holidays

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  • From The Heart


    Love makes the world go around. Everyone needs it. From the Heart delivers love throughout the ages in a variety of verse ranging from the words of Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Maya Angelou to a Celtic vow and a Ming dynasty folk song.Love-it transcends space and time, culture and language. From the Heart is a collection of poems, blessings, songs, and doggerel dedicated to love from around the world. The use of color and magnificent illustrations add even more romance and significance to the words of such distinguished greats as Mahatma Gandhi, Pablo Neruda, William Shakespeare, and Dante. Here is a tender example:

    From the I Ching:
    When two people are at one
    in their inmost hearts,
    they shatter even the strength of iron or bronze.

    And when two people understand each other
    in their inmost hearts,
    their words are sweet and strong,
    like the fragrance of orchids.

    With loving sentiments, From the Heart perfectly captures the delicate allure of love’s memories: the first kiss, writing love notes while away, and completely trusting another person. Pairing thest thoughts with beautiful original art, From the Heart is the perfect gift for anniversaries, weddings, Valentine’s Day, or just because you love someone. Continue Reading From The Heart

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  • Comfort Prayers : Prayers And Poems To Comfort Encourage And Inspire


    Thy fate is the most common fate of all. Into each life some rain must fall. –Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    This simple quote illustrates the truism that no one is immune from challenges in life. As a gift book or self-purchase, Comfort Prayers is a collection of prayers and poems that offers solace and encouragement.

    At different times in life, everyone encounters sorrow, adversity, or a sense of being overwhelmed. Consider Comfort Prayers that motivating friend, wise inner voice, or soothing balm you can turn to when times get tough. The words within are the sage thoughts of those who have survived their own trials and then eloquently imparted their wisdom in the form of a prayer, poem, or prose.

    Carefully chosen from more than 4,000 submissions from writers worldwide and more than 1,000 inspirational books, this timeless collection, compiled by author June Cotner, will bring hope, healing, and encouragement to its readers. Like June’s successful inspirational collection Graces, this book is composed of 80 percent material from contemporary writers and 20 percent from classic and famous writers, such as Louisa May Alcott, William Wordsworth, and Eleanor Roosevelt. The result is a thoughtful collection that will calm the soul and lead to a path of healing and recovery. Continue Reading Comfort Prayers : Prayers And Poems To Comfort Encourage And Inspire

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  • Heroes Horses And Harvest Moons Illustrated Reader


    Poems can sweep us away to fantasy lands or long-ago times, or show us everyday people and creatures in a whole new light. In this new recording, master storyteller Jim Weiss introduces children to the magic of poetry, performing 40 classic poems, and providing brief introductions to the poets, including Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, e.e. cummings, and many more. Continue Reading Heroes Horses And Harvest Moons Illustrated Reader

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  • Walking The Fine Line


    Finding your way in the darkness is scary. Your imagination runs wild, but what if the darkness is real? How will you find your way?
    Continue Reading Walking The Fine Line

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  • In The Vespers


    Celebrate God as the Creator of all things … even as the Creator of language. Lisa Watson draws us into a private, intimate time with God. Snuggle up close to Him, the Evening Star.
    Continue Reading In The Vespers

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  • Blaze And The Balm


    The Blaze and The Balm is a collection of intimate thoughts and reflections in poetry and inspirational writing. These insights will empower and refresh your spirit and provide your heart with a joyful lift. Continue Reading Blaze And The Balm

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  • To You


    Faith Feryanitz’s poetry is a beautiful, lyrical journey through the ups and downs of her life and spiritual struggles.
    Continue Reading To You

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  • Footprints In The Dust


    A classic poetry book! If you buy only one poetry book this year, this should be the one. As a skilled artist, Kenneth Old pens pictures through his words. To miss this book is to miss God at work!

    Continue Reading Footprints In The Dust

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  • Cowboy Poetry : Of Legends In Frozen Time


    Like the warmth of a cracklin’ hot fire on a chilly night, this book just feels good. Take your boots off and sit for a spell!
    Continue Reading Cowboy Poetry : Of Legends In Frozen Time

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  • From My Heart To Yours


    Get a fresh perspective! All who have experienced the ups and downs of life will relate to the feelings expressed by the author, as she shares with you heartfelt insights through Christian poetry that inspires, encourages and comforts.
    Continue Reading From My Heart To Yours

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  • Kenyons Living Poems


    An inspiring collection of sacred and secular poems.
    Continue Reading Kenyons Living Poems

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  • 1 Sided Love Affair


    Looking for THE ONE…? Confounded
    by the mystery? Maybe you find yourself going to the direst of lengths, perhaps even altering the very essence of who you are in order to fit into his or her picture frame of perfection. After a clearer vision it becomes plain to see: your image is un-centered and out of focus. It doesn’t look like you. By now you are in too deep. Brokenness has taken hold. How do you escape to wholeness?

    Using the vehicle of poetry, One Sided Love Affair takes you on a woman’s quest to find romantic love and solve the mystery of -THE ONE-.

    Travel this poetic journey of a one-sided -love affair- from its bright peaks of promise to its dark valleys of disappointment, and finally to the mountainous place of triumph where true love always resides. Continue Reading 1 Sided Love Affair

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  • All Glorious Within


    A Treasury of Inspiration for Young Women

    The King’s Daughter longs to be all glorious within. Her greatest goal is to be changed into the image of the Savior. But how can she keep her focus on Jesus amidst the storms of life? What should she do when envy attacks her soul? How can she combat fear of the future?

    Find Bible-based answers to questions like these within the pages of All Glorious Within. Brimful with heartfelt poetry and prose, this book is geared toward young women in their mid teens to early twenties. Need encouragement as you strive toward becoming more like Christ? Let All Glorious Within help lift you nearer to the goal. Continue Reading All Glorious Within

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  • Its Midnight Lord


    SKU (ISBN): 9780912405025Helder CamaraBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 1984Publisher: Oregon Catholic Press/Pastoral Press

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  • George MacKay Brown


    Enigmatic u mysterious u intriguing: George Mackay Brown was a notoriously private man. He rarely left his native Orkney, and yet became one of the 20th century’s finest poets and prose stylists.

    In his prolific writings, George Mackay Brown’s spirituality and his love of the wind-scoured island landscape fused to give us some of the most beautiful poetry and prose in the English language. His work is shot through with glimpses of the divine.

    Ron Ferguson, who was described by George Mackay Brown as ‘a true craftsman in litereature’ tracks with curiosity and passion his friend’s literary and spiritual journey, including his controversial move from Presbyterianism to Roman Catholicism. He explores the darker, more tormented, side of Orkney’s Bard and uncovers the intense relationship between alcohol, suffering and creativity.

    This is a riveting journey. Along the way, the author is forced to question some of his own assumputions. And the reader is swept along on a literary and spiritual voyage of discovery that compels to the very end.

    Weaving a brilliant, enriching narrative, the author draws extensively on the poet’s writings, unpublished letters, conversations with the Bard’s friends and many well-known writers.


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  • Salt And Light


    The Celtic Christian world and the islands of the Hebrides have inspired many of these beautiful, evocative poems. Some recreate those early Celtic days in Ireland and in western Scotland, others are concerned with the finding of God’s presence in our lives amidst the ordinary and the everyday. All are about moments of transformation and the finding of faith amid our human struggle. Continue Reading Salt And Light

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  • Iona : Poems


    Acclaimed poet Kenneth Steven draws on his long association with the west coast of Scotland and with the beautiful island of Iona in particular. This island has been a place of deep spiritual significance since his early childhood.

    At the 2006 Sony Radio Academy Awards, the UK’s most prestigious radio accolades, Kenneth won the Gold Award for Radio Features for his BBC Radio 4 programme, A Requiem for St Kilda’s. Continue Reading Iona : Poems

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