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  • Caleb Years : When God Doesnt Make Sense


    What would you do if you were led to believe by the doctors that your newborn child’s life would be very short? What if the doctors told you your son would live at most only a couple of days? Would you give up, resigning yourself to simply trust the doctors’ pessimistic assessment, or would you fight for his life against all odds? When his fourth child was born, author and inspirational speaker, David Ingerson was faced with these troubling questions.

    The Caleb Years is a refreshing and inspirational account of the author’s journey through the treacherous waters of uncertainty and the deep emotional wounds parents of a chronically ill child must endure. The author’s vivid descriptions of each circumstance and deeply compelling emotion will put the reader in middle of his story – identifying with his pain and struggles, but also rejoicing in his victories.

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  • Hijos Exitosos


    Si maana fuera tu ultimo dia en la tierra, que les ensearias a tus hijos? Todo padre, durante su vida, ha aprendido lecciones que les aseguraria el exito a sus hijos si las compartiera con ellos.

    El Dr. Sixto Porras, en sus experiencias interviniendo en relaciones entre padres e hijos, ha descubierto un detalle unico. Aun cuando los padres educan a sus hijos y son su ejemplo, se les escapa sembrar en ellos aquellos aprendizajes recibidos de la vida misma, que les dieron, fuerza, aplomo, y grandes resultados. Esas experiencias que se convirtieron en sabiduria es lo que tus hijos necesitan oir para alcanzar el exito. Sixto Porras, con el profundo conocimiento que le caracteriza, te invita a pensar: Que le ensearias a tu hijo sobre la vida, que le sirva para alcanzar la vida que desea? Cuales son las lecciones que no debes irte sin compartir?

    If tomorrow were your last day here, what would you teach your children? Every parent, as life goes on, has learned some lesson that would help his children to live a successful life, if they only knew.

    Dr. Sixto Porras, through his experiences with parent-child relationships, has discovered a unique truth: Even when parents are good role models and educate their children faithfully, they rarely consider imprinting their children with the life lessons that shaped their characters for good and helped them to live better. Life experiences that turned into wisdom are exactly the lessons your children need to learn in order to conquer life. That is real life wisdom; they should not miss it. Sixto Porras challenges you to ask yourself: What should you teach your children about life to ensure they will live successfully? What are the lessons you cannot afford not to share with them? Continue Reading Hijos Exitosos

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  • Como Hacer Felices A Tus Hijos


    Cmo hacemos felices a los hijos]]complaciendo todos sus caprichos?

    No; formando hombres y mujeres moralmente responsables y espiritualmente sensibles! Criar a los hijos y a la misma vez hacerlos felices, hoy y en el futuro, es una labor titnica. Exige amor, tiempo, pensamiento y compromiso. Es un trabajo sensible y un reto delicado. Cada palabra que decimos y cada gesto que tenemos, dulce o amenazador, marcar de una manera indeleble la existencia de nuestros hijos. Seamos sabios. La manera cmo vamos construyendo la fibra moral de nuestra descendencia, aquella que los sostendr en las batallas de la vida, tiene que ser pensada, ejecutada y constantemente corregida.

    Con asombrosa habilidad y un ameno lenguaje de vida diaria, al que te podrs relacionar, los autores de Cmo hacer felices a tus hijos nos llevan de la mano a travs del aprendizaje de conceptos fundamentales y ejemplos prcticos de crianza.

    Cmo Hacer Felices a tus Hijos es una nutrida, balanceada y p Continue Reading Como Hacer Felices A Tus Hijos

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  • Poder De Bendecir A Sus Hijos


    Mary Ruth Swope shows how to minister to children, grandchildren, and other loved ones by giving them powerful daily blessings, including:
    *Safety-to sleep in peace
    *Wisdom-to make wise decisions
    *Prosperity-to meet all their needs
    *Courage-to face their fears
    *Good health-throughout life

    From the testimonies included, you will find many examples of those who have been completely changed with simple blessings given in person, over the phone, or even by mail. Release blessings upon those you love… and witness powerful results!

    Mary Ruth Swope muestra como ministrar a sus hijos, nietos y otros seres queridos dandoles poderosas bendiciones diarias, incluyendo:
    *Seguridad-dormir en paz
    *Sabiduria-vivir una vida de fe
    *Prosperidad-satisfacer sus necesidades
    *Valentia-afrontar sus temores
    *Buena salud-experimentar sanidad

    De los testimonios incluidos, usted encontrara muchos ejemplos de quienes han sido totalmente cambiados con sencillas y a la vez poderosas bendiciones dadas en persona, por telefono, o incluso por correo. Desate bendicion en quienes usted ama…!y sea testigo de poderosos resultados! Continue Reading Poder De Bendecir A Sus Hijos

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  • Father And His Family


    Kenyon covers the reason for creation, man’s treason, the dominion of death, man’s need for a mediator, the sin bearer, the new birth, the family of God, the household of God, claiming your rights and many more topics.

    While many of these truths are expounded by many writers, few have communicated them as simply, as eloquently and as lovingly as E.W. Kenyon.

    This book is an unveiling of the Plan of Redemption, and should be read and studied by every child of God. As in all of Dr. E. W. Kenyon’s books, deep and profound truths are presented in a clear and simple way that will astound you. As you read and re-read this book, the Bible will unfold to you, and the Word of God will become a living reality! Ministers — many with long and illustrious preaching careers — have told us that after reading and meditating upon the truths unfolded in this book that many truths they have preached upon in theory, suddenly became real to them. This book contains the answers to many questions that puzzle the average Christian. It is especially good to hand to a new convert, as it will answer so many of their questions. It is suitable as a Bible study as well, and helpful questions will be found at the end of each chapter. Continue Reading Father And His Family

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  • Things I Wish Id Known Before My Child Became A Teenager


    Help your child navigate the teenage years and become a mature adult.

    The transition from childhood to adulthood is hard for everyone. Physical changes–on the inside as well as the outside–make for a lot of ups and downs. The teenage years are turbulent, no question about it. But if you’re a parent or caregiver, don’t despair. There’s a way through!

    Gary Chapman, beloved author of the 5 Love Languages(R), has raised two kids of his own, so he knows what it’s like to ride the roller coaster of parenting teens. Now he combines the hard-earned wisdom of a parent with the expertise of a counselor to help you know what to look out for. You’ll learn:

    -That teens are still developing the ability to think logically
    -That teens need to learn how to apologize and forgive
    -And most importantly, that a parent’s example is more important that their words

    Though the years ahead will be demanding, you don’t have to feel helpless. Let Gary Chapman point the way you as you guide your child through this challenging yet rewarding new stage of life. Continue Reading Things I Wish Id Known Before My Child Became A Teenager

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  • Good Luck : Inspiring Thoughts For New Parents


    Bringing up my baby is by far the toughest job I have ever done. But even though the effort feels enormous at times, the rewards truly make it all worthwhile. Every week just keeps getting better! I wish you all the best and hope you enjoy every moment spent getting to know your baby. It is a very special job. Every new mom and dad experiences the joys-and challenges-of being a parent. And while they realize that all parents must endure the endless nights, countless feedings, and never-ending diaper changes, becoming a mom or dad still can be a formidable task. Good Luck! Inspiring Thoughts for New Parents is just the answer for those How will I ever succeed? moments.

    Good Luck! excels as the kind of gift book that wraps an arm around expectant or tired parents’ shoulders and tells them everything will turn out fine. The adorable baby photos alone will put a smile on anyone’s face. Author Jenny Clements’s advice is heavy with wisdom but light in its delivery. Jittery mothers, expectant fathers, and vacant-eyed parents just back from the maternity wing will be drawn to this delightful volume.

    Good Luck! is a perfect combination of whimsical and alluring photography matched with universal truths that express the essence of good parenting. This book is all about bolstering confidence, supporting inner strengths, and inspiring parents to appreciate the magic of their baby experience. Continue Reading Good Luck : Inspiring Thoughts For New Parents

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  • Family Building : The 5 Fundamentals Of Effective Parenting


    The truth is, child rearing is not complicated. Therefore, it is not hard. There will be difficult moments, of course, . . . but if a parent is experiencing the rearing of a child or children as generally difficult–as emotionally, intellectually, and even physically exhausting, then the parent is doing something wrong. –John Rosemond, Family Building

    Trusted family psychologist John Rosemond has a revolutionary message for today’s parents: Your grandparents’ generation knew a lot more about raising children than all of today’s experts. The experts have turned child rearing into a complicated, exhausting chore rather than the simple, straightforward task it should be. In Family Building: The Five Fundamentals of Effective Parenting, Rosemond outlines the five key principles of traditional parenting that are crucial to raising well-behaved children today.

    * It’s about the family, not the children.

    * Where discipline is concerned, it’s about communication, not consequences; leadership not relationship.

    * It’s about respecting others, not high self-esteem.

    * It’s about manners and morals, not skills.

    * It’s about responsibility, not high achievement.

    Each chapter includes questions from real parents faced with real-life parenting challenges, and in his typical no-nonsense style, Rosemond provides practical solutions. Family Building restores common sense to parenting and puts the parents back in charge. Once again, John Rosemond delivers child-rearing wisdom that no parent should miss.
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  • Mommy Journal : Letters To Your Child


    Save and savor those precious moments with your child in this journal for mothers.

    Ask any mother and she will tell you there are just not enough hours in the day. By the time she has fed, clothed, and bathed the children, read Curious George for the 100th time, cut the crusts off the PB&J sandwiches, and removed the ground-in dirt from the play clothes, she does not have time to create a detailed scrapbook of each of her children’s lives. It’s no wonder that so many elaborate baby books remain incomplete, their pristine pages adding to the guilt and inadequacy that many moms already feel.

    That is why The Mommy Journal is so perfect for today’s moms. It offers a quick and guilt-free way to record the special moments of childhood. Space for each entry is only about three inches long and undated, so there is no pressure to write lengthy narratives or to journal every day. In less than five minutes, mothers can quickly jot down the moments they want to remember forever. Plus, unlike traditional baby books, The Mommy Journal lets mothers record memories of all their children in one place.

    Charming illustrations of toys, hearts, and animals grace each page. Every few pages contain a bit of parenting wisdom such as, The best thing you can give children next to good habits are good memories. Instructions for fun activities moms can do with their children, such as make edible finger paint from instant pudding, are included as well. The Mommy Journal will become a treasured keepsake, both for the mom who creates it and for the child who receives this precious record of childhood.
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  • Teen Proofing : Fostering Responsible Decision Making In Your Teenager


    John Rosemond is a renowned child psychologist who has helped millions of parents learn to raise their children and remain sane.

    In Teen-Proofing, now available in paperback, he tackles the challenges of raising a teenager with his trademark user-friendly, humorous, and commonsense style. Rosemond lays out a perfectly sound and logical case for recognizing the realities of the teen-parent relationship, forming the foundation, and parenting with the Long Rope Principle. In short, the author demonstrates how Mom and Dad can avoid the pitfalls of becoming dictatorial Control Freaks, skirt the potholes of turning into permissive Wimps, and enjoy the freedom and rewards of parenting in a controlled (but not controlling) and relaxed manner. Teenagers, Rosemond readily admits, can be a challenge. But infusing young adults with a sense of personal responsibility, then showing them the results of good and bad choices, is a goal every parent can achieve.
    Continue Reading Teen Proofing : Fostering Responsible Decision Making In Your Teenager

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  • Raising A Non Violent Child


    Tragedies such as the April 1999 massacre at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, are but the tip of the child-violence iceberg, says noted family psychologist and best-selling author John Rosemond. Over the past 35 years, the rate of violence and aggression on the part of children has risen at least tenfold, affecting children across the demographic spectrum. Rosemond turns his critical eye to the various theories proposed to explain this trend–from the notion that violence is a matter of genes to the ubiquity of violence in the media-and comes to a startling conclusion: The problem has much to do with bad advice from child rearing experts. Progressive parenting practices, as promoted by mental health professionals for more than a generation, succeed at enlarging children’s self-esteem, but fail to teach them self-control. The end result are epidemic numbers of children who feel great about themselves, but have little regard for others–children who’ve been given everything they could possible want, and little of what they truly need, especially adequate discipline. Rosemond empowers parents to take the bull of modern child rearing by the horns and tame it by focusing on teaching manners, character, respect for others, and self-control. Consistent with his previous parenting best-sellers, Raising a Nonviolent Child is short in theory and long on the sort of practical, commonsense advice he’s built his reputation upon-advice that promises to reassure and empower today’s parents and set America’s children back on the proper course.
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  • Beware Of The Nose Biting Monster


    A New Paige Press Title

    It happens to all kids – eventually, they grow teeth, and want to bite everything in their path! Beware of the Nose-Biting Monster! is a silly story about a parent that is suddenly under attack.

    What happens when children start to grow teeth? They become nose-biting monsters, ready to chew anything they see!

    This is a comical, silly story about a loving parent who is suddenly fearful when his child grows teeth and is out to bite his nose. Will the parent get chewed or up, or will his secret weapon stop the Nose-Biting Monster in its tracks?

    While on the surface this book is about a child that is teething, it’s also a celebration of the special bond that exists between children and their parents. At the same time, even more subtly, it’s a hopeful message for families of non-non-verbal children. Continue Reading Beware Of The Nose Biting Monster

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  • Oh Baby Devotions For New Parents


    An inspirational devotional that brings peace and joy to new parents.
    Continue Reading Oh Baby Devotions For New Parents

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  • Power Of Praying For Your Adult Children Book Of Prayers


    Stormie Omartian’s bestselling The Power of a Praying(R) series (more than 23 million copies sold) is rereleased with fresh new covers and new material to reach a still-growing market of readers eager to discover the power of prayer for their lives.

    Just because your children are grown up doesn’t mean they don’t need your prayers. In some ways they need them more than ever.

    Stormie offers you a gathering of heartfelt prayers from one of her most popular books, The Power of Praying(R) for Your Adult Children. This little-but-powerful book of prayer and Scripture is ideally sized for mothers or fathers to pull from purse or pocket throughout the day for quick and meaningful talks with God about their grown children’s relationships, faith, finances, struggles, direction, and parenting.

    This compact resource unveils the power of prayer to protect, nurture, and guide. It offers parents the comfort, reassurance, and wisdom of God’s promises for them and their adult child’s life and future. Continue Reading Power Of Praying For Your Adult Children Book Of Prayers

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  • Power Of Praying For Your Adult Children


    Stormie Omartian’s bestselling The Power of a Praying(R) series (more than 23 million copies sold) is rereleased with fresh new covers and new material to reach a still-growing market of readers eager to discover the power of prayer for their lives.

    In this important follow-up to The Power of a Praying(R) Parent (2 million copies sold), Stormie addresses areas of concern you may have for your grown children and shares how to lift them up to God. With stories from other parents and insight gleaned from personal experience, Stormie helps you pray with the power of God’s Word over your adult children and their:
    *career choices and sense of purpose
    *marriages and other vital relationships
    *parenting skills and leadership
    *struggles, addictions, or emotional trials
    *faith commitment and prayer life

    Perhaps you are watching your grown children step out into the world and wishing you could do more to support them while giving them the freedom they crave. You can. It doesn’t matter how young or old they are, you can rest in the power of God working through your prayers. Continue Reading Power Of Praying For Your Adult Children

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  • Parenting : Steps For Successful Parenting


    Kids are a lot like kites-struggling to become airborne, yet need the stability of the string. A kite is not designed to be possessively protected inside the home. Though separation is painful, God designed your role as a parent to prepare your kite for flight. As the fragile frame dives again and again, don’t be emotionally torn by the changing winds. Keep running with your child, releasing more and more string into the Lord’s sovereign hands.

    June Hunt gives practical advice and Biblical wisdom on how to be a great parent. Did you know,

    *God ordained roles for mothers and fathers
    *The different parenting styles that lead to problems
    *The proper balance between love and limits
    *The process of letting go and allowing your child to soar
    *The hope God has for hurting parents

    Enjoy a Biblical checklist for parenting that includes bullet points like:
    *Regard your children
    *Approach parenting goals and actions with your spouse
    *Take every opportunity to teach spiritual truths
    *How to effectively discipline your children
    *And much more

    The role of a father and the role of a mother are different. You child is looking to each spouse for different needs and acknowledgements. Learn what they are and how you can be proactive in the role that the Lord has given to you. Your child is a gift from God. The most compelling behavior you can model before your child is to reflect the character of Christ. It’s never too late to begin taking steps toward godly parenting.

    This mini-book is a quick overview and is easy-to-understand. It focuses on the key issues and is perfect for the busy person who needs instant advice. Continue Reading Parenting : Steps For Successful Parenting

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  • Power Of A Praying Parent


    Stormie Omartian’s bestselling The Power of a Praying(R) series (more than 23 million copies sold) is rereleased with fresh new covers and new material to reach a still-growing market of readers eager to discover the power of prayer for their lives.

    After 20 years of raising her son and daughter alongside her husband, Michael, Stormie looks back at the trials and joys of parenting and the power in praying for her children. In these easy-to-read chapters, Stormie shares from personal experience as to how parents can pray for their kids’
    *character development
    *peer pressure
    *school experiences
    *relationship with God

    This resource will help you to be an amazing praying parent whether your kids are three or thirty-three. Continue Reading Power Of A Praying Parent

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  • Familia Un Lugar De Sanidad Y


    Esta es la pregunta que nos planteamos cuando vivimos en un tiempo en el que el nucleo familiar esta cada vez mas difuminado y borroso,?y cuando cada dia hay mas inseguridades. Justamente en esta epoca tan convulsa e incierta,?es cuando se necesita redescubrir el lugar que ocupa la familia en el proceso de sanidad y crecimiento de cada ser humano. En este libro se dan las pautas innegables para que la familia tenga la capacidad de autoevaluarse, ser critica consigo misma?y busque las soluciones; no en el lamento de lo que no se posee, sino en la motivacion de que el futuro puede ser distinto, cambiante y sanador.

    This book is a step by step guide to help families to critically evaluate themselves and seek and apply solutions wherever needed. Nothing will ever come from lamenting past opportunities. It is hope in a different, wholesome and fulfilling future what should get us `going Continue Reading Familia Un Lugar De Sanidad Y

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  • Al Rescate De Padres Adolescen


    Este libro, es la continuacion de Educar a adolescentes sin morir en el intento, pero con una perspectiva distinta. Si en el primer volumen, la autora se acerca y profundiza en la psicologia del adolescente para que como adultos podamos entenderlos, en este segundo libro, ofrece soluciones creativas a los retos y problematicas a las que se enfrentan diariamente los adolescentes y su entorno mas cercano. Partiendo de la base de que los problemas son complejos, pero no irresolubles, la autora anima a los adultos que conviven con adolescentes a atender todas las propuestas presentadas en el libro y amoldarlas a su necesidad particular. Tratando con jovenes, es importante la flexibilidad y para ello, este libro quiere dar muchas opciones, posturas, visiones que, conjuntamente o por separado, puedan arrojar luz en mitad de lo que muchos padres viven como un verdadero tunel. Un libro para leerlo y releerlo, pero sobretodo, para ponerlo en practica. Continue Reading Al Rescate De Padres Adolescen

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  • Educar A Adolescentes Sin Mori


    Este libro se adentra en lo que significa la psicologia del adolescente y aporta las herramientas fundamentales para una correcta relacion como adultos con ellos. La autora quiere cubrir la necesidad creciente en familias y profesores que piden perspectivas comprensibles y practicas para afrontar la adolescencia de sus chicos. Tambien los propios adolescentes, aun sin verbalizarlo, piden a gritos que se comprenda mas y mejor la etapa por la que estan pasando, exigen que se les entienda, respalde y ayude. El objetivo de este libro es contribuir a que unos y otros comprendan mejor en que consiste la adolescencia y como podemos, a traves de esta comprension, acercar posiciones de manera practica, madura y constructiva. Continue Reading Educar A Adolescentes Sin Mori

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  • Bless Me Father For I Have Kids


    The uninterrupted life is not worth living.

    Got questions about Catholic family life? You’ve come to the right place! As a lifelong Catholic, devoted wife, diligent homeschooler, and mother of seven, Susie Lloyd knows lots of people who just might have the answers for you.

    Susie herself is too busy to give advice: busy giving home haircuts and finding missing socks; busy teaching her teen girls to drive, cook, and diagram sentences; busy praying for divine protection while she races off to church (late) in her full-size van.

    As she did in her beloved first book, Please Don’t Drink the Holy Water, in these pages Susie Lloyd will charm and edify you with her offbeat but always pitch-perfect take on the joys and challenges of raising a Catholic family in today’s world.
    Continue Reading Bless Me Father For I Have Kids

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  • Para Entrenar A Un Nino


    Best seller! From successful parents, learn how to train up your children rather than discipline them up. With humor and real-life examples this book shows you how to train your children before the need to discipline arises. Be done with corrective discipline; make them allies rather than adversaries. The stress will be gone and your obedient children will praise you and bring joy and peace into your home. Thousands have testified to the amazing results of these profoundly simple techniques. Continue Reading Para Entrenar A Un Nino

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  • Biblical Family : Instrument Of Godly Transformation


    The family is God’s chief instrument of Biblical transformation. It is God’s primary tool for extending His kingdom and government in the earth. Children are arrows or weapons that God gives the family to prepare to shoot into the culture and the future. If the family is faulty, the fulfillment of the mission wanes, and the nation will decline.

    To empower the family to fulfill its mission, God entrusted it with the care and management of children and property. The family, not civil government, is to control the property and education within a nation. Whoever controls the property within a society, controls the present; whoever controls education, controls the future. God has given to the family the government of both; hence, it is the most powerful institution that exists. Any actions to undermine the family and its authority will undermine the well-being of a nation.

    As the government has assumed more authority over education and property in America and the nations, the family has declined in its ability to fulfill its Biblical mission to bring Godly transformation. The Biblical Family presents a vision for the family’s purpose, the Christian idea of the family, and why parents should reclaim training their children and governing their property. Continue Reading Biblical Family : Instrument Of Godly Transformation

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  • Como Formar Vencedores De Giga


    Con honestidad, humor y perspicacia biblica, los autores de exitos de ventas, Bill y Beni Johnson lo ayudan a descubrir las claves para una crianza exitosa en el reino de Dios. Padres, gobernamos con el proposito de proteccion, pero tambien servimos con el proposito de empoderar, escriben. Queremos liberar el destino para nuestros hijos, ese es el privilegio de ser padres.

    En estas paginas obtendra la sabiduria, los conceptos del reino y las herramientas practicas que necesita para ayudar a criar a sus hijos al maximo.

    Descubrira como ser padre de su singularidad, dones y fortalezas, asi como tambien como puede demostrar y revelar quien es Dios para sus hijos. Los autores tambien abordan problemas apremiantes que enfrentan los padres hoy en dia, incluyendo como:

    * Comprometerse plenamente a escuchar lo que el Seor esta diciendo sobre cada nio
    * Mantener una relacion y disciplina
    * Desarrollar el caracter
    * Entrenar a tus hijos para la adoracion
    * Avivar la llama de lo que Dios ha puesto en sus corazones
    * y mas

    No importa la edad de sus hijos, tiene una oportunidad increible de moldear sus corazones, mentes y valores. Aqui esta todo lo que necesita para ayudar a sus hijos a caminar hacia el destino de sus vidas y verlos convertirse en las personas increibles que fueron creadas para ser.

    ?With honesty, humor, and keen biblical insight, bestselling authors Bill and Beni Johnson help you discover the keys to successful parenting in God’s kingdom. Parents, we rule for the purpose of protection, but we also serve with the purpose of empowering, they write. We want to release our children into their destiny–that’s the privilege of parenting.

    In these pages you will gain the wisdom, kingdom concepts, and practical tools you need to help raise your children to their best.

    You’ll discover how to parent to their uniqueness, gifts, and strengths, as well as how you can demonstrate and reveal who God is to your kids. The authors also address pressing issues parents face today, including how to:

    * be fully engaged in hearing what the Lord is saying over each child
    * maintain relationship and discipline
    * develop character
    * train your children for worship
    * fan the flame of what God has put in their hearts
    * and more

    No matter what age your kids are, you have an incredible opportunity to shape their hearts, minds, and values. Here is everything you need to help your children walk into the destiny of their lives and see Continue Reading Como Formar Vencedores De Giga

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  • 10 Time Saving Tips For Busy Parents


    Get excited! You are about to learn how to make your life easier. No matter how hectic your schedule, there is a way to optimally arrange your time so you can be happier and more productive. None of us is perfect. There will be days when we get off track and don’t accomplish all that we would wish to. But by consistently applying these time-saving tips, your life will run much more smoothly. You will feel like your world is under control even when so much around you seems out of control. The benefits are enormous:

    * Achieve success in your home life.
    * Experience less stress.
    * Streamline your tasks.
    * Balance your job and household responsibilities.
    * Maximize your output.
    * Feel more in charge of your own time.
    * Distribute the household workload more evenly.
    * Enable your family to thrive within a pleasant structure.

    We all want to leave behind some kind of legacy. The choices we make, especially decisions about how we spend our time, determine the course of our life. We must maximize our days to impact our world. For many of us, our biggest impact is the influence we have on our spouse and children. Therefore, spending quality time with them is more than just important-it is crucial. Getting our tasks done more effectively gives us a greater opportunity to be a positive role model, share life experiences, and make memories with our loved ones.

    Here is the parent’s guide to a happier and more productive life. Continue Reading 10 Time Saving Tips For Busy Parents

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  • Parents Guide To Understanding Your Childrens Dreams And Nightmares


    A child with regular nightmares can easily be dismissed by professionals as just overly imaginative or too sensitive. But for any parent at their wits’ end over their child’s suffering from dreams and nightmares, a deeper understanding is needed. Is it possible that a spiritual dimension is at play? //
    A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Dreams and Nightmares by Recie Saunders offers help to concerned parents. With a clear, easy-to-read style, it is an invaluable resource for all parents who want to help their kids know whether a dream is from God, interpret their nightmares, find security in God’s control, and hear God’s voice in the night season as well as the day.

    Drawing on his extensive research on the prophetic, visions, and dreams, Recie also peppers this practical book with stories about his own kids and their dreams. He differentiates between dreams and visions, provides creative ideas for encouraging kids’ faith, explains lucid dreaming, and lists the most common images and symbols that come through dreams. Throughout this approachable book is Recie’s tender, fatherly passion that the kingdom of heaven belongs to the little children. Includes dream journal, descriptions of twenty common dreams, and a dream symbol dictionary. Continue Reading Parents Guide To Understanding Your Childrens Dreams And Nightmares

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  • Power Of Blessing Your Children


    In this practical and inspiring book, well-known nutritionist, teacher, speaker, and author Mary Ruth Swope provides detailed instructions on how to minister powerful blessings from God to our children, grandchildren, and other loved ones. Dr. Swope discusses specific daily blessings to pray, each one accompanied by biblical promises, including: Safety-to sleep in peace Courage-to face our fears Good health-to experience healing Wisdom-to live a life of faith Prosperity-to bless our children and others Joy and Strength-in body, soul, and spirit From the testimonies included, you will find many examples of those who have been completely changed with simple yet powerful blessings given in person, over the phone, or even by mail. Release blessings upon those you love-and witness powerful results! Continue Reading Power Of Blessing Your Children

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  • Mi Bebe


    Esta guia le da confianza para las primeras seis semanas de maternidad. En sus paginas encontrara cuarenta y dos devocionales que le ensearan lo que sus amigas no le dicen y le dara una nueva motivacion diaria (o nocturna) con su bebe.
    Mi Bebe le ofrece los conocimientos elementales para la maternidad. Continue Reading Mi Bebe

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  • Lo Que Todo Padre Debe Saber


    Sabe usted realmente lo que hay en la mente de su hijo adolescente?

    Quiere saber la verdad?

    Nadie sabe como piensan realmente los adolescentes sobre las cosas mejor que los propios adolescentes. En Lo que todo padre debe saber, la oradora, columnista y experta en adolescentes T. Suzanne Eller ha hecho posible que los padres entren adonde sus hijos adolescentes a menudo no les dejan: a los pensamientos y al sentimiento del adolescente. Mediante entrevistas profundas, Eller saca a la superficie las preocupaciones mas grandes de los adolescentes y las combina con su comprension compasiva para formar un puente para que los padres lleguen a los corazones, las mentes y las almas de sus hijos adolescentes. Si usted tiene un hijo o hija adolescente, no puede dejar de leer este libro.

    !Este libro es una lectura obligada para todo el que ame a un adolescente!
    Continue Reading Lo Que Todo Padre Debe Saber

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  • Disciplinas De Una Familia Pia


    Drawing from their experience as parents and grandparents, Kent and Barbara Hughes share their wisdom on how to rear children who love and honor God and others. Also includes an extensive appendix containing resources to help your family cultivate godly disciplines.
    Continue Reading Disciplinas De Una Familia Pia

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  • 1 Thing : Passing Faith Onto Children


    I sat there last night holding my son Walter longer than usual, and, in the midst of my thoughts and prayers, I was filled with questions. They were questions about passing faith onto children: Will my son grow to appreciate the Catholic faith the way I do? Will he attend church joyfully? Will he go through a rebellious stage? Will he reject the faith of his parents and leave the Catholic Church? Will he be attracted to another religion? Will the secularism of today s culture turn him away from organized religion altogether? — Excerpt from The One Thing — In this deeply personal bestseller, Matthew Kelly reflects on the challenges of passing faith onto children. Written just ten-months after the birth of his first child, he writes about his own faith, why religion has played such a powerful role throughout history, why so many people are leaving the Catholic Church today, and the hopes he has for his son when it comes to the spiritual life. Kelly writes, Religion is the primary humanizing force in a person, in a society, in history. In my own experience this is particularly true of the Catholic form of Christianity. Catholicism makes me a-better-version-of-myself. It makes me more human. But ultimately his reflection centers on a single question, If I could teach my son one thing that would ensure his appreciation of Catholicism, what would it be? As always Kelly s ideas are engaging and challenging, but writing for the first time as a father it is clear that he is growing in new and fascinating ways. Continue Reading 1 Thing : Passing Faith Onto Children

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  • Nonprescription Drugs In Pregnancy


    A Smart Start Press Title

    Many women of child-bearing age buy over-the-counter medications for a variety of disorders, such as seasonal allergies, colds, headaches, and others. Whether planning their pregnancy or already pregnant, they want to know if these nonprescription drugs are safe for unborn babies. All nonprescription drugs contain one or more active ingredients that treat the patient’s symptoms and are actually drugs themselves. Twenty to thirty years ago, many of these active ingredients were FDA-approved prescription drugs. At the time, those prescription drugs were assigned a Pregnancy Risk Category: A, B, C, D, or X. Although some of these drugs switched from prescription to nonprescription status, meaning they could be sold over-the-counter, their Pregnancy Risk Categories still applied. This unique book contains the FDA’s Pregnancy Risk Categories for the active ingredients in five hundred nonprescription drugs, and includes a procedure for locating risk categories for any drug that isn’t in the book. Continue Reading Nonprescription Drugs In Pregnancy

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  • Walking The Baby Beat


    A Smart Start Press Title

    D. Gary Benfield, M.D., veteran neonatologist and newspaper columnist, answers hundreds of healthcare questions in this easy-to-read book, covering everything from planning a pregnancy to childbirth and teen health concerns. Revised and updated from The Baby Beat, Dr. Benfield’s weekly newspaper column, Walking the Baby Beat is easy-to-use. Topics are arranged chronologically, related questions are grouped together under each topic, and each question is listed in the table of contents. As an added bonus, Walking the Baby Beat also includes a My Heroes section, featuring articles like The Newborn APGAR Score: Just one of Dr. Virginia Apgar’s Many Achievements, The Hidden Talent of Dr. Spock, Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Rescued at Birth, and many more. This valuable reference is designed for future parents, expecting parents, rookie parents, grandparents, and even veteran parents and their older children. Continue Reading Walking The Baby Beat

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  • Control De La Natialidad Yel S


    The moral issue of birth control has risen repeatedly throughout the centuries, but until relatively recently there was no division of Christian teaching against abortion, sterilization and contraception.

    Christians have uniformly lived virtuous lives before the modern era. Judging from the growth of birth control organizations during the late 19th century and the early 20th century, it is fair to assume that there was sometimes a gap between the teaching of the Christian churches and the practice of individual couple. It has probably always been this way to a degree with all of the Commandments and especially those dealing with sex.

    Christians, let us unite with each other and with our forefathers in a renewed appreciation of marriage, morality, discipleship, and the honest demands of love. We have nothing to lose but the chains of our sins.
    Continue Reading Control De La Natialidad Yel S

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  • Su Bebe Les Habla 1


    For new parents. An indispensable guide to understanding and aiding your baby’s mental, physical, social, and emotional development. Continue Reading Su Bebe Les Habla 1

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  • Padres Son Maestros


    Did you know that up to 50% of the development of human intelligence takes place before age 4, and another 30% by age 8? This important title aids parents in preparing their children for success in school. Practical, easy to use, and proven to work! Continue Reading Padres Son Maestros

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  • Pocket Prayers For Parents


    Church House Publishing

    This special collection brings together prayers from around the world and across the centuries for those times of joy and pain, happiness and stress, thanksgiving and wonder in a parent’s life. Pocket Prayers for Parents is a wonderful resource for developing your family’s prayer life and for parents to use with their children. ‘ ‘Included in the book are prayers for:”Changing life (new parents’During the day’Milestones and special occasions’In difficult times’Different roles’Family prayers Continue Reading Pocket Prayers For Parents

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