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Mother's Day

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  • Prudent Advice : Lessons For My Baby Daughter A Life List For Every Woman


    Prudent Advice isn’t what your mother taught you–it’s more. Delivering 500 mini-lessons meant to educate and entertain, Curtis writes with wit and fresh insight into motherhood wrought from her own experiences and those of her blog followers. Time-honored canons such as Dress appropriately for work and You reap what you sow mingle with more unconventional prudence such as Talk to strangers and Don’t be afraid to get lost. She teaches how to jump-start a battery and make summer squash with goat cheese pasta–everything a mother wants for her little girl.

    Curtis emphasizes the importance of being ethical, practicing kindness, thinking for oneself, and seeing the beauty in everything and everyone, especially on the inside. This compelling guide also offers poetry, inspirational quotes, and recipes meant to embellish cultural perspective and cultivate a well-rounded, sophisticated woman. Prudent Advice will inspire mothers and daughters to celebrate their differences while unearthing shared core values that bond them together as family.
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  • Mom Im A Lucky Duck


    Before I was even born, you loved me. –Mom, I’m a Lucky Duck

    From the photographer of elegantly ageless elephants in Gray Matter and the porcine with panache from Pretty in Pink comes a chick hatchling tale to honor moms.

    Celebrating mom’s roles as nurturer, teacher, and cheerleader, Elsdale’s photographic spreads of feathery fledgling chicks are perfectly paired with Regan’s heartfelt verse:

    * Whenever I lost my way and my feathers were ruffled, you were there to smooth them.

    * With every loving act and patient lesson, you prepared me for my life ahead.

    * I know I’ve still got a lot to learn about life, but I do know one thing for sure . . . I’m a lucky duck to have a mom like you.
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  • Fun Book For Moms


    There are 80.5 million women of all ages answering to the moniker Mom, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

    * After writing The Fun Book for Couples, which incidentally was the best-selling Valentine’s Day book for two of the nation’s largest book chains, Melina Gerosa Bellows returns with a tribute to everyone’s leading lady.

    In addition to Mother’s Day, there are more than four million births each year. The Fun Book for Moms is tailored especially to commemorate such occasions.

    Ideas range from fun and free to indulgent and lavish and are accompanied by whimsical artwork, quotes, and recipes certain to captivate Mom’s eye and entertain her spirit:

    * Help your kids catch fireflies. Teach them kindness by letting them go.

    * It goes without saying that you should never have more children than you have car windows. –Erma Bombeck

    * Fly first-class while your husband and kids fly coach. When you hear howls from the rear of the craft, pretend you don’t know them.

    * The real menace in dealing with a five-year-old is that in no time at all you begin to sound like a five-year-old. –Jean Kerr
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  • Who Else But A Mother


    Who else but a mother would drive at breakneck speed, ignoring traffic signs and risking her preferred driver status, just to make it to a soccer match on time?

    How do you thank a mom who goes above and beyond her motherly duty? You could present her with clunky ceramic candlesticks made in third grade art class that she’ll display at all times–even when company comes. Or there’s Cathy Hamilton’s latest book, Who Else but a Mother?, which celebrates Mom and all the quirky and heroic ways she keeps her household held together–occasionally with the aid of superglue.

    After all, who else but a mother . . .

    * Would smile and pretend that everything is perfectly normal, even though her precious child is standing stark naked in the middle of her dinner party?

    Perfect for Mother’s Day, Who Else but a Mother? is the gift to show her you notice and appreciate all the loopy and loving things she does. Continue Reading Who Else But A Mother

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  • For The Beary Best Mom


    The Boyds Collection Ltd. includes more than 250 different irresistible teddy bears!

    From the cuddly, soft world of Boyds-the foremost authority on teddy bears-comes a simple gift book designed to show Mom how much she means. For the Beary Best Mom is the perfect present for Mother’s Day, her birthday, or simply to say I love you. Mom will be sure to appreciate the thoughts and thoughtfulness in conjunction with the award-winning Boyds collection. An appropriate and meaningful thought is accompanied on each page by an adorable Boyds bear. Some of the sentiments include:

    *Your love was always the best medicine.

    *You were the first one to read me bedtime stories and snuggle me to sleep

    *I can’t think of a time when you weren’t there for me.

    *You were my very first love-and that’s something that will never change.

    After all, Mom deserves the beary best!
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  • Tao Of Mom


    Best-selling author Taro Gold’s creation, The Tao of Mom, is a rare jewel of a gift book celebrating the timeless theme of motherhood with a daily dose of motherly wisdom.

    In The Tao of Mom, author Taro Gold shares with us 365 rare and insightful quotations from mother figures around the world, revealing on each page the wisdom, courage, and compassion that define motherhood. Tao is a Chinese word meaning way or path. The Tao of Mom, then, is literally The Way of Mothers.

    Many of the women celebrated in The Tao of Mom are well-known, while some are not; many hail from the West, yet all impart distinctly Eastern sensibilities. To further enrich our journey into the thoughts of each motherly figure, background details are included about each woman, such as Rosa Parks, mother of the modern civil rights movement; Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of the democratic movement in Myanmar; Maria Montessori, Italian educational reformer; and Abhirupa-Nanda, Indian poet-to name only a few.

    Lavishly illustrated, this gem of a book is for you to give to the moms in your life, for moms to give to you, for everyone to give to dads (as a loving reminder of how wise moms can be), and of course for you to give to yourself. The Tao of Mom is for everyone in need of a daily dose of motherly wisdom, inspiration, and comfort.
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  • My Mother Gave Me The Moon


    My mother made everyday days seem special. And made special days nothing short of magical.

    My mother gave me the moon … the stars … her time and attention … and all the love her heart could hold. This heartfelt gift book from watercolor artist Becky Kelly captures the beautiful moments of motherhood with tender words and evocative artwork. Give back to your mother now with this perfect statement of your appreciation for her love and affection. In all the universe, there’s no more deserving of gratitude than your mother.
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  • Momisms : What She Says And What She Really Means


    This Parent-to-English guidebook is a hilarious primer on understanding the true meanings of parental communication.

    Those who suspect that their mothers took closely guarded secret courses instructing them on the significance of enigmatic utterances won’t be surprised to learn there are indeed clandestine languages for Moms. And here is the book that deciphers them.

    Finally, Mom’s warnings, Don’t you ever let me catch you doing that again!(implying that you can do it, I just don’t want to find out about it) and probes, Is that what you’re going to wear? are made clear. (Translation of the last Momism: I wouldn’t be caught DEAD in that outfit.)

    Momisms compile these silly turns of phrases handed down from time immemorial. Interpreted for the new century, the book is translated with tongue-in-cheek humor and insight.
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