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  • Know Before You Go


    Each year, thousands of Americans board airplanes with an intense desire to make a difference in global poverty. They are driven by love for others and good intentions. But unfortunately, good intentions are not enough. Sometimes these well-meaning individuals end up harming the very people they are attempting to help.

    In Know Before You God, Gary Miller calls us to re-examine our short-term mission trips. His goal is not to discourage us from reaching out to other people and cultures, but rather, to help us rethink our methods and goals. If your aim is to actually help people in developing countries while avoiding long-term harm, this book is a must-read. There are things you should know before you go. Continue Reading Know Before You Go

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  • Live Dead The Story


    A young man flees on horseback across the Iranian border into Turkey. An entire church goes underground after their pastor is executed. A young woman encounters Jesus for the first time… in a dream. Discover these true stories and more through the pages of this twenty-eight-day peek into the lives of Iranian believers. Part of the Live|Dead series, this book illustrates their resilience and amazing faith. Journey into the heart of Iran, and discover that the early church of Acts is alive and moving. Continue Reading Live Dead The Story

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  • Dentro Del Islam


    SKU (ISBN): 9780884196228English: Inside Islam : Revelando Al Mundo Islamico Para AlcanzarloSpanishReza SafaBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2001Publisher: Casa Creacion – Charisma House

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  • North American Mission Handbook 22nd Ed.


    The 22nd Edition of the Mission Handbook Since it was first published in 1953, the Mission Handbook has only grown in its value to the mission community. In this, the 22nd edition, there is not only the most extensive, up-to-date information available on over 1400 U.S. and Canadian-based mission agencies, but also includes an in-depth analysis on trends and comparisons in North American missions.
    Special Features include:
    – Mission CEO Survey Summary
    – Mission Pastor Survey Summary
    – Mission Handbook Survey
    – Directory of over 1400 North American Agencies
    – List of Agencies and the Countries of Their Activity
    – Agencies by Ministry Activity or Church Tradition. Continue Reading North American Mission Handbook 22nd Ed.

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  • I Will Do A New Thing


    I Will Do A New Thing: Unreached Peoples and the Founding of the U.S. Center for World Mission.

    It all started when Ralph Winter gave an address at Lausanne called The Unfinished Task, urging the missions world to focus on a new type of evangelism to reach hidden or unreached peoples.
    Soon he and his wife Roberta were founding a center to help mission agencies fulfill that task. Around them gathered a group of experienced missionaries, computer scientists, and unusually dedicated young people in order to buy a college campus.

    This story, as told by Roberta, of their cliff-hanging prayer meetings and spiritual battles with a cult will reignite your determination to work with Jesus to finish the Father’s work (John 4).
    This new edition of Roberta’s book includes previously unpublished chapters from her original manuscript, and an updated epilogue inviting you to partner with the USCWM today, as the task remains unfinished.

    Don’t read this story unless you’re willing to have your horizons stretched, your faith tested, and your future disturbed. Continue Reading I Will Do A New Thing

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  • Faith Seeking Understanding


    How does the Christian faith help us see into the true nature of life more clearly? Why do people suffer? Where do we come from? What does Jesus have to say to a changing world? What can we learn from great mission pioneers about seeking truth at the cutting edges of human knowledge? Faith Seeking Understanding explores such questions. Notable Christian thinkers such as Philip Yancey, Alvin Plantinga, Rodney Stark, Allan Chapman, Don Richardson, Yuan Zhiming, and more, share powerful insights that help answer the deepest questions people face in the twenty-first century from the perspective of Christian faith. Inspired by the lives and accomplishments of Ralph D. Winter and Paul Brand, this book seeks to apply the curious, open-minded, and compassionate spirit these Christian leaders exhibited to key contemporary questions in science, history, philosophy, theology, and comparative religion. The reader will gain a fresh appreciation for the intellectual challenges of the Christian faith, and some of most fascinating and sometimes controversial ways in which those challenges are being met.
    Continue Reading Faith Seeking Understanding

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  • Roland Allens The Ministry Of Expansion


    Roland Allen was one of the most influential mission thinkers of the twentieth century. As a High Church Anglican, he had great respect and value for Church tradition, but was quick to confront cultural preferences when they appeared to contradict biblical prescriptions.

    The Ministry of Expansion: The Priesthood of the Laity reflects his thoughts that dealt with Communion-related activities in the Majority World where the Anglican Church did not have well-developed church structures and priests. In this work, Allen argues that there are times and circumstances when non-clergy must take the lead in the administration of Holy Communion. Written around 1938, The Ministry of Expansion: The Priesthood of the Laity has remained unpublished until now. The work you hold represents one of the last book-length manuscripts written by Allen and includes a collection of articles by contemporary Allen scholars. Though nearly eighty years since he first put pen to paper, Allen’s principles and convictions still speak to the Church with great gravitas. What should be the response when the Church’s cultural preferences are unable to keep up with the work of the Spirit on the mission field? This was a not only a question in Allen’s day, but one for every generation of believers. Continue Reading Roland Allens The Ministry Of Expansion

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  • Margins Of Islam


    What do you do when Islam does not adequately describe the Muslims you know? Margins of Islam brings together a stellar collection of experienced missionary scholar-practitioners who explain their own approaches to a diversity of Muslims across the world. Each chapter grapples with a context that is significantly different from the way Islam is traditionally presented in mission texts. These crucial differences may be theological, socio-political, ethnic, or a specific variation of Islam in a context but they all shape the way we do mission. This book will help you discover Islam as a lived experience in various settings and equip you to engage Muslims in any context, including your own. Continue Reading Margins Of Islam

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  • Mission In Motion


    This book represents an historic and unprecedented piece of research. The research project took nearly ten years to complete from start to finish. It is not a longitudinal study but rather a snapshot in time, which took far longer to process than it did to take. Nevertheless, the picture that developed was well worth the wait. Our hope is that this work will remain relevant for many years to come and promote much discussion and interest to foster more effective mission involvement.

    As confirmation of the contemporary relevance of our project, while we were writing this book two localized studies were undertaken to investigate mission involvement in their contexts. How Australian Missionaries Are Being Called and Choose Mission Agencies (Hibbert, Hibbert, and Silberman, 2015) was researched in Sydney, Australia. Mobilizing More Missionaries: Insights from Surveys of Long-termers and Prospective Missionaries (McVay and Parrott, 2015) was the result of an online survey of 466 long-term missionaries from forty-six agencies undertaken in the United States. Continue Reading Mission In Motion

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  • Church In Mission


    The WEA Mission Commission and William Carey Library are pleased to introduce the new volume of the Globalization of Mission series, The Church in Mission: Foundations and Global Case Studies. Edited by Dr. Bertil Ekstrom, Executive Director of the WEA MC, the book is the most recent distillation of Evangelical and globally-grounded studies on the local church-people of God. Dr. Ekstrom has led an MC global missiology task force team of reflective practitioners through a 3-year process working in community to present this singular publication gift to the church on and in mission. Some 31 writers from 19 nations have contributed to this resource, demonstrating yet again the Mission Commission’s commitment to listen to the global voice and provide a publishing platform for those voices to be heard. Continue Reading Church In Mission

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  • Kingdom Missionaries Marcus And Narcissa Whitman


    Marcus Whitman, a medical missionary and Christian patriot, was the man who saved the Oregon Territory and assured it would be a part of the United States. Called to the Northwest by a desire to see the Indians taught the liberating principles of the Bible, the daring action of this man of destiny paved the way for the establishment of the states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

    The tragic and sad end of the story of Marcus and Narcissa Whitman reminds us that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church. Their story clearly reveals the providence of God in the march of history-that nations do not, in the words of historian George Bancroft, float darkling down the stream of the ages without hope or consolation, swaying with every wind and ignorant whither they are drifting but that there is a superior intelligence and love, which is moved by justice and shapes their courses. The Whitman’s story will also inspire us to practice heroic, patriotic, and Christian virtues.
    Continue Reading Kingdom Missionaries Marcus And Narcissa Whitman

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  • Operation World : The Definitive Prayer Guide To Every Nation (Revised)


    Operation World is the definitive global prayer handbook that will help focus your heart and life towards God’s passion for His glory. With over 1 million copies of past versions being sold, this all new 7th edition has been completely updated and revised by Jason Mandryk and covers the entire populated world.

    Whether you are an intercessor praying behind the scenes for world change, a missionary reaping the benefits of intercession or simply curious about the world, Operation World will give you the information necessary to be a vital part in fulfilling God’s passion for the nations.

    Included in the updated and revised 7th edition:
    * All the countries of the world featured
    * Maps of each country
    * Geographic information
    * People groups within each country
    * Economic information
    * Political information
    * Religious make-up of each country
    * Daily Prayer Calendar
    * Answers to prayer
    * Challenges for prayer
    * Persecution index Continue Reading Operation World : The Definitive Prayer Guide To Every Nation (Revised)

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  • Pilgrims With Purpose


    Read about a young couple who like Abram and Sarah of long ago set out on a journey, not really understanding their destination and future. They didn’t know about the adventures, joys, trials, testing (and rewards) that awaited them. They were united by a sincere and deep love for Jesus Christ and His word, and loved each other with love that endured with joy, fulfilling the true meaning of their wedding vows. As pictured on the cover of this book, David and Elizabeth have prayed, listened and obeyed, hand in hand on their amazing pilgrimage.

    This lifetime commitment has resulted in a ongoing ministry known as Seedtime and Harvest Ministries Inc, now under the capable leadership of their son, Philip, who with his brother Stephen and the addition of third generation family members, are pastors, youth leaders, teachers, Christian musicians and every facet of ministry. David and Elizabeth continue to minister in the Rios de Agua Viva Bible School, teaching in seminars and retreats, and offer family and ministerial counseling. Retirement is not yet a word they use, desiring instead to continue in the ministry until they are taken home. Continue Reading Pilgrims With Purpose

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  • Tarjetas De Oracion Para Ninos


    SKU (ISBN): 9781588023902English: Prayer Cards For ChildrenSpanishBinding: OtherPublished: 2006Publisher: Editorial Patmos

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  • Tarjetas De Oracin Para Adulto


    SKU (ISBN): 9781588023896English: Prayer Cards For AdultsSpanishBinding: OtherPublished: 2006Publisher: Editorial Patmos

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  • Vision Por Las Naciones


    SKU (ISBN): 9781588023889English: Vision For The NationsSpanishLevi DeCarvalhoBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2007Publisher: Editorial Patmos

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  • Clamor Por Las Naciones


    SKU (ISBN): 9781588023865English: Clamour For The NationsSpanishEdgardo SurenianBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2006Fasciculo # 6Publisher: Editorial Patmos

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  • Mision Transcultural


    SKU (ISBN): 9781588023858English: Transcultural Mission : Biblioteca MisioneraSpanishFrederico BertuzziBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2006Fasciculo # 3Publisher: Editorial Patmos

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  • Espiritu De Comiban


    SKU (ISBN): 9781588023841English: Spirit Of COMIBAMSpanishBertil EkstromBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2006Fasciculo # 1Publisher: Editorial Patmos

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  • De Pastor A Pastor


    SKU (ISBN): 9781588023834English: From Pastor To PastorSpanishCarlos ScottBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2006Fasciculo # 4Publisher: Editorial Patmos

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  • Consejos Para El Cuidado Del M


    SKU (ISBN): 9781588023827English: Missions Preparedness : Biblioteca MisioneraSpanishBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2006Fasciculo # 5Publisher: Editorial Patmos

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  • Alcance Una Etnia


    SKU (ISBN): 9781588023810English: Reach An Ethnic GroupSpanishJesus LondonoBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2006Fasciculo # 2Publisher: Editorial Patmos

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  • Manual De Misiones


    Strategies and Methods to conquer today’s missions challenges of today Continue Reading Manual De Misiones

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  • Pipeline : Engaging The Church In Missionary Mobilization


    What would it look like if your church really took the last words of Jesus seriously? The Great Commission was not just a suggestion by our Lord, but an imperative mandate given to his followers. Missionary sending agencies are deploying workers to the field, but many of them come from disengaged churches that are not producing well-equipped disciples. We need a fully integrated global supply chain-a pipeline-that has disciples as the precious commodity, as well as an effective infrastructure to distribute and replicate them around the globe. Pipeline seeks to re-engage the church in mobilizing the next generation of workers for the harvest. This is a collaboration of forty different authors from churches, agencies, and cross-cultural servants. As people in distant places wait for a messenger of hope and salvation, will your church venture into the pipeline? Continue Reading Pipeline : Engaging The Church In Missionary Mobilization

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  • Creating Local Arts Together


    This book is a manual designed to guide an individual or group into a local community’s efforts at integrating its arts with the values and purposes of god’s kingdom. The practical, playful text reduces experience-based scholarly insights gained from multiple decades of incarnational ministry around the world into a flexible seven-step process.
    Continue Reading Creating Local Arts Together

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  • Through Gods Eyes (Revised)


    This newly revised classic workbook features updated resources to help readers better understand the needs and growth of missions today. It also includes revised questions and suggestions for further reading for deeper reflection and understanding.

    Through God’s Eyes is an invaluable resource for those seeking to investigate God’s passion for His world. This study guide is designed to bring us into the Word personally, help us discover inductively what God is saying, and gain a better sense of His direction for our lives. Through God’s Eyes can function as a personal Bible study, or as part of an introduction to missions or a biblical theology of missions course for a small group, Sunday school, college or seminary class. Continue Reading Through Gods Eyes (Revised)

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  • Perspectives On The World Christian Movement Study Guide 4th Edition (Revised)


    A companion to Perspectives on the World Christian Movement – Reader (4th ed), this study guide takes you by the hand and walks you, in 15 lessons, through the central issues dealt with in the larger book. Includes questions, helpful comments, and additional readings.
    Continue Reading Perspectives On The World Christian Movement Study Guide 4th Edition (Revised)

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  • Perspectives On The World Christian Movement A Reader 4th Edition


    New 2009 Edition! Perspectives on the World Christian Movement presents a multi-faceted collection of readings exploring the biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic dimensions of world evangelization. Writings from more than 150 mission scholars and practitioners (over 60 of them new in this edition) portray the history and anticipate the potential of the global Christian movement. Every one of the 170 articles are side bars offers practical wisdom enabling Christians to labor together in bold, biblical hope to finish the task of seeing that Christ is named and followed among all hte peoples of the earth. The Fourth Edition contains over 60 articles and sidebars that are new to this edition. Many articles have been updated and revised.
    Continue Reading Perspectives On The World Christian Movement A Reader 4th Edition

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  • Facing The City


    SKU (ISBN): 9780716205807Rod GarnerBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2004Publisher: Epworth Press

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  • Into The Far Country


    The Great Commission remains an abiding challenge for Christians. What kind of an understanding of God is behind our thinking about mission. The author takes account of the Western Church’s continued failure to protect teh environment, the escalation of violence and tribalism, ideologies of exclusion and of the increasing gap between the rich and the poor. Tom Stuckey invites us to make a spiritual journey into a ‘far country’, in order to rediscover our missionary task. Reflecting in the biblical theme of covenant, he dares to suggest that the ultimate purpose of mission is the liberation of God. Continue Reading Into The Far Country

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