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Juvenile Fiction

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  • Big Sister Babysitter 1 (Reprinted)


    There are only three things that I know for sure:

    1) I trust God’s plans for me

    2) I want to be a famous singer and dancer

    3) Everything I have ever known is about to change

    An exuberant fourth grader, Lake Ashley Payton (also known as LA) lives with her blended family on a beautiful and peaceful island in Washington State. Like many girls LA’s age, she dreams of becoming a famous singer and dancer. One day her mother informs her that she is going to have a baby, and LA is semi okay as long as her new sibling is a girl. This life changing news rattles her world and she fears she will no longer get attention or be loved. When LA discovers the baby is a boy, she thinks it is unfair and uses her video recorder to make a video diary while turning to her Bible to help her through the emotional struggles. She becomes curious and learns the process of a baby’s development through educational books. When her new baby brother arrives six weeks early and is admitted to the NICU, she realizes that she wants to become a doctors or nurse because they are hero’s to admire. LA forms a strong loving bond that she never expected and she is a proud big sister. Continue Reading Big Sister Babysitter 1 (Reprinted)

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  • Call Me Lizzy


    In 1966, ten year old Lizzy is living a double life. During summer and Christmas vacations, she is under the care of her father’s parents in Indiana. They take her to the American Legion Post to socialize with their older friends. During the school months, she lives in Tennessee with her mother’s parents who are very religious. Lizzy has never been to church, much less one like her grandparents where women wear long dresses, black stockings, and lace-up shoes. In Tennessee, she wears her hair long. In Indiana, she gets it cut. In Tennessee, she has many relatives. In Indiana, she’s an only child. In both places, she’s reminded of how much she misses her parents who have left her to pursue their own interests. How does Lizzy cope with these changes and thrive in both environments? Will she ever see her parents again? Call Me Lizzy will inspire children, parents, and grandparents everywhere to never give up believing God answers prayer. Continue Reading Call Me Lizzy

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  • True Heroes : A Treasury Of Modern Day Fairy Tales Written By Best Selling


    This one-of-a-kind treasury brings together the talents of nearly two dozen bestselling middle-grade authors including Shannon Hale, Brandon Mull, Ally Condie and Jennifer A. Nielsen-who have created original short stories, modern-day fairy tales, based on the lives and dreams of children they have met who all have two things in common: They have very big hopes and dreams and they are all cancer patients. Each short story is prefaced by a brief introductionary bio of the child and is accompanied by photographs of the child, fully costumed and digitally inserted into a background-A baker, a dancer, a superhero, a dragon fighter, a sports star, a princess and more- that makes them the hero of their own modern day fairy tale story written by one of their favorite authors. Continue Reading True Heroes : A Treasury Of Modern Day Fairy Tales Written By Best Selling

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  • Westly : A Spiders Tale


    This is tale of a caterpillar named Westly who is destined to be a Monarch butterfly and the next king of the butterfly kingdom. But sometimes things don’t turn out the way we plan. When Westly emerges from his cocoon he is nothing like he expected. As a spider he must rediscover who he is. Adopted by the dirt eaters, Westly is determined to make a difference. He is determined to belong, to be loved, and most importantly, to become who he was born to be. Continue Reading Westly : A Spiders Tale

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  • Adventures Of Sherwood Hound And Mr Waddles


    The Adventures of Sherwood Hound and Mr. Waddles is an energetic mystery novel that is as lighthearted as it is suspenseful. This fiction novel follows the case of the missing Tonya Terrier. The dynamic detective duo of Sherwood Hound (dog) and Mr. Waddles (duck) are hot on the trail of tracking down the missing canine, but often seem to be just a step behind in their pursuit.

    The camaraderie between Sherwood Hound and Mr. Waddles is endearing and humorous, as the opposite personalities of the two make for several playful exchanges throughout the book. The younger readers will enjoy the twist on some of today’s pop culture while the older readers will enjoy a play on some of the shows of yester-year. Continue Reading Adventures Of Sherwood Hound And Mr Waddles

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  • Magic Bat Day


    Clarens Publishing Publication

    THE HOMETOWN ALL STARS in its most reduced form was created to teach baseball through bedtime reading, and to get kids playing outside again. THE HOMETOWN ALL STARS begin exactly where it needs too. Nick’s Very First Day of Baseball, says it all…You can’t join a team without going through the motions of showing up, seeing your friends, and getting a uniform. The books then follow an age appropriate progression of learning the steps to play a game and be involved in the community. They are designed to be short- bed time reading books. You have to learn how to catch, hit and throw before you even think about playing a game. Magic Bat Day is the first real practice after they get their uniforms. Batting is the most fun of all skills and drills! This book concept shows techniques of how to hold the bat and where to stand. Most importantly, it shows that every kid can find their own magic bat. All of the books end with interactive questions that are educational and fun. They are relative to the stages of the books and progressively graduate to new terminology with more advanced stages of the game. Besides the obvious physical activity, sports have other well-known benefits The All Stars will help build character and re-enforce important life lessons. The most important of all …. is fun! Continue Reading Magic Bat Day

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  • Mary Ingalls On Her Own


    After losing her sight at age 14 because of a devastating bout of scarlet fever, Mary Ingalls has longed to return to school. She wants learn Braille, and master other skills that will make her independent. Now, at age 16, Mary has the opportunity to attend the Iowa College for the Blind. Though it’s a dream come true for her, it still means leaving her cherished family behind in Dakota Territory, including her sister Laura.
    Laura’s feistiness has always complemented Mary’s quiet nature, and ever since Mary lost her sight, Laura has served as Mary’s eyes to the world. Now that she’s on her own, Mary must learn to get along without her beloved sister, and in the process realizes that she may have a bit of Laura’s spunk in her after all. For the first time, readers will get a glimpse into the life of Mary Ingalls and will discover a whole new side of this Little House sister they’ve gotten to know through Laura Ingalls Wilder’s classic Little House on the Prairie series.
    Continue Reading Mary Ingalls On Her Own

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  • Yearling : 50th Anniversary Edition (Anniversary)


    An instant bestseller when it was released in 1938, this Pulitzer Prize winner has been read and loved by school-age children across the nation for more than fifty years. In this classic story of the Baxter family and their wild, hard, and satisfying life in remote central Florida, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings has written one of the great novels of our times. The Yearling is a rich and varied tale, tender in its understanding of boyhood, crowded with the excitement of the backwoods hunt, with vivid descriptions of the primitive, beautiful hammock country, written with humor and earthy philosophy. The Yearling is a novel for readers of all ages. Its glowing picture of a life refreshingly removed from modern patterns of living is universal in its revelation of simple, courageous people and the beliefs they must live by. Continue Reading Yearling : 50th Anniversary Edition (Anniversary)

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  • Voyage With The Vikings


    The first in the new Imagination Station historical fiction series for early readers takes kids on an adventure to Greenland in the year 1000.
    Continue Reading Voyage With The Vikings

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  • 365 Daas De Wonder El Libro De


    Nube De Tinta

    El senor Browne, el memorable profesor del bestseller Wonder. La leccion de August, comparte su recopilacion de preceptos.
    El universo de Wonder es un fenomeno mundial que ha inspirado a mas de un millon de personas.
    365 dias de Wonder. El libro de los preceptos del senor Brown aporta conversaciones entre los personajes de Wonder. La leccion de August, y dara a sus avidos lectores un vistazo a sus vidas al finalizar la novela.
    El senor Browne colecciona preceptos: citas de grandes sabios, normas sobre las cosas que de verdad importan, palabras para la vida… Su coleccion celebra la amabilidad, la bondad en las personas, el corazon y la fuerza de voluntad humana.
    En este libro la autora, J.R. Palacios, ha incluido junto a las palabras de figuras como Ana Frank o Martin Luther King Jr., y las de algunos personajes de Wonder. La leccion de August, las de mas de 100 lectores que le enviaron postales con propios preceptos.
    Maravilloso para ninos, padres, profesores o cualquier adulto que busque inspiracion en los valores que han hecho de este libro un exito entre mas de un millon de lectores alrededor del mundo. Continue Reading 365 Daas De Wonder El Libro De

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  • Boy From Tomorrow


    In 1915, eleven-year-old Josie Clifford lives in a home in Edwardstown with her little sister, their young tutor, and their mother, a psychic medium celebrated and feared by their community. In the summer of 2015, twelve-year-old Alec Frost moves into the same Edwardstown home with his mother. One day, Alec discovers a hand-painted spirit board in a forgotten drawer in the old house. He uses the board one night and accidentally contacts Josie and her sister in 1915.
    Amberjack Publishing Title

    Over the next few spirit board sessions Josie and Alec realize they are living in the same house a century apart, and they form a close friendship. When Josie’s mother discovers what Josie’s been up to, she becomes intent on using what Alec knows to further her own reputation. Alec must use his knowledge from 2015, and what he finds out about the girls, to help save them from their cruel mother. Continue Reading Boy From Tomorrow

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  • Other Side Of Freedom


    When the reward is the most costly sacrifice of all …

    In a southern farming community in 1925, thirteen-year-old Salvatore and his Italian immigrant father become involved against their will in a crime that results in the murder of an innocent man and family friend. Will Sal keep the secrets about that night as his father asks, or risk everything he and his family cherish in their new homeland, including their lives?

    Amidst bigotry, bootlegging, police corruption, and gangland threats, Sal must discover whom he can trust in order to protect himself and his family and win back his father’s freedom. Sal’s family, their African-American farmhand, and the girl who is Sal’s best friend find their lives forever changed as dreams are shattered and attitudes challenged in a small community called Freedom. Continue Reading Other Side Of Freedom

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  • Saint Thomas Aquinas For Children And The Childlike


    This Dumb Ox taught the whole Church

    Because he was big and strong and sometimes slow to speak, Thomas Aquinas’s schoolmates called him the Dumb Ox. Not long afterward, he came to be called Doctor (which means teacher) because he could actually understand complicated things quickly and explain them well.

    Which is what he loved to do, preaching often and writing in the course of his lifetime no fewer than eighty-five works of philosophy and theology books that changed the Church and the world. Indeed, in 1320, less than fifty years after Thomas died, Thomas’s biographer said that throughout the entire world Thomas’s teachings have spread among the faithful, and the whole Church is instructed by his voice.

    Today, the Church Herself calls Saint Thomas Aquinas the Angelic Doctor (the teacher who is like an angel): pure, strong, close to God, and truly a messenger of divine light. Continue Reading Saint Thomas Aquinas For Children And The Childlike

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  • Crossbows And Crucifixes


    As a baptized Catholic in 1585 Protestant England, fifteen-year-old Nicholas decides to face danger, possible treason charges, and even death, when he joins the effort to smuggle Catholic priests from Europe into England. Continue Reading Crossbows And Crucifixes

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  • Blood Red Crescent


    The might of Islam threatened his world.

    It’s the year 1570. Fourteen-year-old Guido Callatta, son of a wealthy Venetian merchant, spends his free time roaming the docks, listening to the tales of gnarled old sailors, and dreaming of adventures at sea.

    But his carefree life is about to change forever. Armies of Ottoman Turks threaten Europe from all sides, conquering Christian towns and forcing their people to convert. Moslem corsairs raid the coastlines at will.

    Guido even hears talk of a massive Turkish fleet preparing to sail from the East, bent on destroying Europe’s forces once and for all. The Ottoman Sultan even boasts that he will set the crescent moon of Allah over the dome of St. Peter’s – a crescent stained red with the blood of Christians.

    When Pope Pius V calls for the creation of a Holy League of men and ships to face down the Moslem armada, Guido vows to join the fight: for his family, for his city, for his Faith.

    And although his father tells him he’s too young for war, soon he’s caught up in a whirlwind of knights and nobles, bloody battles and arduous journeys. Finally, Guido finds himself alongside Don John of Austria, who will lead the Holy League in its last desperate fight to save Christian Europe: the legendary Battle of Lepanto.

    In this historical tale of Catholic heroism, courage, and holiness, readers of all ages will be reminded that when the Faith is threatened, extraordinary valor may be demanded of any one of us – even the very young. Continue Reading Blood Red Crescent

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  • Summer To Grow On


    The Great Depression forced thousands out of work and families struggled to pay their bills and keep food on the table. However, in the midst of these challenging days neighbors were close, friends could be counted on, and familiew were stronger than ever. Children were taught moral values and churches and schools were the social centers of communities. Written and beautifully illustrated by the author, the book focuses on young Marie’s summer before she must attend a new city school.
    Continue Reading Summer To Grow On

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  • Earlihee The Turtle


    A fun-loving story about the adventures of a turtle named Earlihee. Targeted at younger readers, this book will amuse young and old alike. Full of whimsical characters and lots of adventure, ‘Earlihee’ is a book you’ll have a tough time putting down. Continue Reading Earlihee The Turtle

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  • Larry The Llama


    This charming story serves as a great educational tool about llamas for young readers. The perfect place is found for Larry the Llama to live out his days at a special camp surrounded by children and those who love him.
    Continue Reading Larry The Llama

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  • Busqueda Del Gran Tesoro


    La busqueda del gran tesoro te mostrara el mapa a un tesoro tan real como este libro.

    Dios quiere que tu le conozcas de tal manera que ha fijado Sus ojos en ti para que aprendas sabiduria y que disfrutes Su provision para todas las areas de tu vida.

    Dios quiere acompaarte cada dia…en la escuela, en la casa, con tus amigos, en las vacaciones y dondequiera que tu vayas.

    Lee este libro y descubre como vivir una vida llena de emocionantes aventuras.

    Continue Reading Busqueda Del Gran Tesoro

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  • Joven Gedeon Y Los Bandidos De


    Como la primera entrega de la Heroes de la Promesa, El Joven Gedeon y los Bandidos de Frijoles Negros presenta a los nios el concepto de confiar en Dios, que trata de los agresores, y defender lo que es correcto, incluso cuando no es facil ni popular . Basada en la historia biblica de Gedeon en Jueces 5-7, Gid el Nio lleva a los nios en un viaje emocionante con el joven Gedeon y su pandilla de unos pocos hombres buenos a medida que se enfrentan a los bandidos en un enfrentamiento que salva al pequeo pueblo peculiar.

    As the first installment in the Heroes of Promise Series, The Legend of Gid the Kid and the Black Bean Bandits introduces children to the concept of trusting God, dealing with bullies, and standing up for what’s right even when it isn’t easy or popular. Based on the biblical story of Gideon in Judges 5-7, Gid the Kid takes kids on an exciting ride with Gid and his posse of a few good men as they face the bandits in a showdown that saves the quirky little town.
    Continue Reading Joven Gedeon Y Los Bandidos De

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  • Misterio Del Sombrero Rojo


    Zack’s trip to the Middle East has taken a mysterious turn. Ever since the man in the red hat joined their tour group, someone keeps trying to steal their video-camera bag. From Mount Sinai to Jericho, and from the valley where David fought Goliath to the pool of Gibeon, Zack, his new friend Stephanie, and Achmed try to keep one step ahead of a thief while gathering more clued to prove that the Bible stories are true. Who stole the car and the bag with Zack’s clothes? Why does the man with the red hat always disappear when something turns up missing? The trap Zack sets to catch the thief might just work . . . but then again, it might not!
    Continue Reading Misterio Del Sombrero Rojo

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  • Misterio Del Pesebre Desaparec


    It all started when Mrs. Hopkins warned that disaster was certain if the program were to e held outdoors. Truer words were never spoken! The fire nearly destroyed the stable, and Mrs. Hopkins’s 80-year-old manger from Bethlehem was missing! As Detective Zack and his friend Luke hunt for the culprit, they begin finding evidence for the even greater mystery-Santa Claus. Where did he come from, and what do trees, stocking, and presents have to do with the birth of Jesus? The trail of clues takes Zack and company on a wild lamb chase that eventually leads them to the villain and the true meaning of Christmas.
    Continue Reading Misterio Del Pesebre Desaparec

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  • Peligro En El Camp De Los Dino


    Huge unexplained footprints in the canyon, reports of a long-necked creature roaming the mountain, loud cries in the night-it can’t be a living dinosaur. Or can it? That’s what Detective Zack is going to find out. But first, he has to find out who is stealing from everyone in the camp. Zack sets a trap that he’s sure will catch the thief, but when the trap fails, suddenly he, his sister Kayla, and their friend Luis are suspects. Things are really heating up in Dinosaur Camp. Could a living dinosaur be at the bottom of all the strange things happening in Dinosaur National Monument? Dr. Bones, a paleontologist who believes in God, will help Zack and his friends discover the amazing truth about dinosaurs … and uncover the mystery behind the Danger at Dinosaur Camp.
    Continue Reading Peligro En El Camp De Los Dino

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  • Chestertons And The Golden Key


    Chesterton Press
    Summer vacation turns into an adventure for the three Nicholl sisters when Mr. Gilbert Chesterton and his wife come to town. Eleven-year-old Clare hopes to write a detective story. Eight-year-old Cece wants to be a champion roller-skater. And ten-year-old Joan just wants to learn how to play the locked piano in the family living room. But as they befriend the Chestertons, skating accidents, surprising friendships, puppet shows, and mystery solving ensue! Continue Reading Chestertons And The Golden Key

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  • Courage That Counts


    Children aged 11-13 were no different in pioneer days than they are today. Their way of living was different, their pace of life slower, but it still took courage to overcome the challenges of growing up, just like it does today. Continue Reading Courage That Counts

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  • Emmas Corner


    SKU (ISBN): 9780978172404Helen ToewsBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2011Publisher: Word Alive Press

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  • Grouchy Ladybug Board Book


    This beloved Eric Carle classic returns once again in a colorful new board book format. For generations, The Grouchy Ladybug has delighted readers of all ages with the story of a bad-tempered bug who won’t say please or thank you, won’t share, and thinks she is bigger and better than anyone else. As children follow the Grouchy Ladybug on her journey, they will learn the important concepts of time, size, and shape, as well as the benefits of friendship and good manners. Continue Reading Grouchy Ladybug Board Book

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  • Out Of The Dust


    Set in the bleak times of the Dust Bowl, award-winning author Karen Hesse crafts a poetic tale of one girl’s coming of age. Told in journal-like free-verse, the story of Billie Jo and the accident that would change her life is told with exquisite wording and detail. Newbery Award Winner.
    Continue Reading Out Of The Dust

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