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    Life Management

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    • Beekeeping : A Practical Guide


      Keep your own bees and enjoy delicious golden honey from your own backyard. With his respect and admiration for bees evident on every page, Richard E. Bonney describes how to acquire bees, manage a hive, prevent and treat diseases, and extract a crop of honey. Enthusiastic beekeepers of every stripe and experience level will benefit from Bonney’s astonishing knowledge of the craft – from beekeeping history and honeybee biology to the complex social structure of the hive.
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    • Cold Climate Gardening


      Gardening in colder regions means dealing with early and late frosts, arctic winds, and inhospitable terrain. Sharing knowledge gained from years of gardening in northern Vermont, Lewis Hill provides proven methods for growing abundant vegetables and maintaining a beautiful landscape as you work around even the harshest of winters. With a variety of techniques for extending the growing season, protecting vulnerable plantings, and cultivating cold-tolerant species, you’ll soon be enjoying a thriving garden, no matter how cold it gets where you live.
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    • Have More Plan


      This classic guide to homesteading is based on solid, practical techniques that remain useful to everyone who wants to learn country skills and increase their self-sufficiency. By turns philosophical and instructional, Ed and Carolyn Robinson share their pioneering approach to efficiently growing vegetables, raising livestock, and building farm structures. Since it was first published in 1943, The Have-More Plan has inspired generations of homesteaders to make the most out of whatever land they have available.
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