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  • Honest Money Christian Liberty Edition


    Using the Bible as his blueprint, Dr. North examines the financial crisis we are facing by addressing topics such as: the value and origins of money, currency debasing and how it is equivalent to having unjust weights, how inflation (i.e., corrupt money) testifies to the corruption of users of money, and how the banking system works. He then concludes with a proposed reconstruction of the financial system from a biblical perspective in order to achieve true financial victory. Continue Reading Honest Money Christian Liberty Edition

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  • Honest Money And Banking


    A Biblical economy will have an honest money system. One of the signs of a nation in decay is the condition of its currency and the degree of honesty in its weights and measures. In rebuking Israel for turning from God, Isaiah points out how your silver has become dross. This false expansion of the money supply causes inflation and robs from the citizens of a nation.

    Governments today are stealing from their citizens by use of fiat money and through fractional reserve banking systems. This booklet looks at how this is occurring and how to establish Biblical money and banking principles in the nations.
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