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  • Inspirational Coloring Book For Girls


    Illustrator Amylee Weeks has combined her trademark style artistry with Biblical verses familiar to kids to create a faith-filled coloring book to enchant your girl. Join in the fun – the perforated pages make this a shareable pastime. When you’re finished, hang your artwork for constant encouragement. The glossy hardcover volume features embossed text and designs and a 5/8 inch coil binding.

    Perforated One-Side Printed Sturdy Pages
    Designed for Fun & Inspiration
    Includes Gift Tags, Bookmarks & Cards to Color
    Presentation Page for Gift-Giving
    Bible Scripture & Christian Content
    50 Designs Plus Extras
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  • Final Score 3


    How would you like to receive fresh perspectives of God’s love and grace with a sports hook? How would you like to read sports devotions that encourage you in your faith journey? Do you need some innovative icebreakers for your team, small group, or Sunday school class? Receive all that and more with Final Score! Sports Devotions Volume III, Dan Farr’s latest series of thought-provoking, creative and original sports devotions.

    Dan Farr connects the world of sports and his knowledge of the Bible to help readers see the gospel in fresh, creative ways. Just as Jesus taught people with parables, Dan uses the modern-day equivalent of sports, players and coaches to enable any reader to understand how awesome God is and the free gift of grace that is available through his son, Jesus Christ. Continue Reading Final Score 3

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  • Jimmy Dykes The Film Doesnt Lie


    A Triumph Books Title

    Elite level coaches, business owners, CEOs and difference-makers from all walks of life share a common trait: they are masters at the process of evaluating. Film sessions are the life blood of any successful sports team, whether following a soaring win or a crushing loss. Nothing goes unchecked, and nothing gets taken for granted. They understand and respect a simple fact: the film doesn’t lie.

    If you watched your personal game film, would it show someone who is accountable to himself and his family, who turns belief into action? Or would you see someone complacent, out of balance or distracted from God’s word? Film reveals the truth, and embracing truth is what leads to change, growth, and improvement.

    ESPN broadcaster and coach Jimmy Dykes guides readers through a tough but crucial evaluation process, incorporating wisdom from both sports and scripture as he demonstrates how to search your heart like a coach scrutinizes game film. Whether you’re experiencing a difficult period in life or simply feel called to something greater, The Film Doesn’t Lie is certain to provoke men to live with passion, conviction, and bold determination.
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  • Back To Basics (Revised)


    Skyhorse Publishing
    The classic guide to self-sufficiency, with more than 200,000 copies sold-now fully updated!

    Anyone who wants to learn basic living skills-the kind employed by our forefathers-and adapt them for a better life in the twenty-first century need look no further than this eminently useful, full-color guide. Countless readers have turned to Back to Basics for inspiration and instruction, escaping to an era before power saws and fast-food restaurants and rediscovering the pleasures and challenges of a healthier, greener, and more self-sufficient lifestyle.

    Now newly updated, the hundreds of projects, step-by-step sequences, photographs, charts, and illustrations in Back to Basics will help you dye your own wool with plant pigments, graft trees, raise chickens, craft a hutch table with hand tools, and make treats such as blueberry peach jam and cheddar cheese. The truly ambitious will find instructions on how to build a log cabin or an adobe brick homestead.

    More than just practical advice, this is also a book for dreamers-even if you live in a city apartment, you will find your imagination sparked, and there’s no reason why you can’t, for example, make a loom and weave a rag rug. Complete with tips for old-fashioned fun (square dancing calls, homemade toys, and kayaking tips), this may be the most thorough book on voluntary simplicity available. Continue Reading Back To Basics (Revised)

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  • 1st Down Devotions 2


    Kick-Off the 2021 Football Season With This Inspirational Read

    Responding to fans everywhere, First Down Devotions II continues providing readers an inside look at popular National Football League players, coaches, and the people who shape them. Exploring successes both on and off the gridiron, these daily devotions recount the personal stories about these superstar athletes and their personal walk with Jesus Christ. Providing positive stories to share with friends, children, Little League teams, and fellow sports fans, these unique interview-based devotions will let these players inspire you to push to the goal line and score in your own spiritual life.

    First Down Devotions II has devotions with:
    – Ben Utecht: Super Bowl Champion Tight End with the Indianapolis Colts
    – Clinton McDonald: Defensive End for the Oakland Raiders
    – Kurt Warner: Hall of Fame Quarterback for the St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals
    – Tim Tebow: Quarterback for the New York Jets and Denver Broncos
    – and many, many more! Continue Reading 1st Down Devotions 2

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  • Joy Of Cooking (Anniversary)


    When the last edition of the Joy of Cooking appeared in 1997, it was a chef-centric, rarified global ingredient kind of moment. And now, 1997 seems very far away. This country is in an economically wobbly, terror-filled time where Americans have kept close to home both literally and figuratively. The 75th Anniversary Edition of the Joy of Cooking — as it has always done — speaks to the time it is published into. This Joy has come full circle from 1997 with a huge emphasis on American home cooking. We are not chasing the authentic Oaxacan enchilada here — we have cheese, chicken, and beef. We have returned the casserole; included slow cooker recipes; restored chapters on jams, jellies, pickles, ice cream, and drinks. There is an eye to economy with expanded discussions on how to get the best out of tougher cuts of meat; the art of leftovers; and keeping household stock. With 500 completely new recipes and hundreds of recipes long edited out of previous editions, this is a brand-new, best-loved Joy of Cooking that rejoices in the cooking of the country that made it the bestselling cookbook of all time — America.

    BACK TO BASICS The perfect boiled egg*fluffy rice*pancakes light as air*choosing the perfect cut of meat* no fail cakes* knife skills* vegetables for every meal*cooking with fresh herbs*how to cook fish*roast chicken with crispy skin*fresh salads and homemade dressings*crisp fritters, fries, and onion rings* casserole cooking*finding the right sauce for the pasta*easy homemade pie dough*simple stock making*chewy and cakey cookies and brownies*quick pan sauces for meats

    BRAND NEW A return to the American classics from enchiladas and chop suey to velvet cake and mud pie* all new illustrations*rich new soups*more grilling recipes*homemade ice cream and sorbet*slow cooker recipes*complete new grains*food for a crowd*how to freeze ingredients, dishes and entire meals*beverages and party drinks for entertaining and family meals* making jellies, jams and preserves* how to can fruits and vegetables*quick suppers*brining meats and shellfish

    RETURN TO REFERENCE Cutting-edge nutritional information*Expanded Know Your Ingredients*More information about storing and keeping foods*more menu planning*new illustrations of techniques*new sections on high altitude baking and cooking*cooking with wine and spirits*stocking your pantry*buying the right equipment*expanded index*botanical information*ingredient substitutions*expanded information on fish and Continue Reading Joy Of Cooking (Anniversary)

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  • Christians In The Movies


    Portraying Christians In Film

    Piety And Passion: The Silent Era

    He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother: The 1930s

    There Are No Atheists In Foxholes: The 1940s

    The Age Of The Epic: The 1950s

    The Times, They Are A’Changin’ The 1960s

    The Flower Children’s Hour: The 1970s

    Heaven Help Us: The 1980s

    Broken Vows: The 1990s

    Amazing Grace: The Millennium And After

    Additional Info
    Christians in the Movies traces the arc of the portrayal in film of Christians from 1905 to the present. For most of the first six decades, the portrayals were favorable and even reverential. By contrast, from 1970 on, Christians – and especially Catholics – have often been treated with hostility and sometimes outright ridicule. This book explores the shift through in-depth reviews and commentaries on over 100 important films, as well as briefer discussions of 75 additional films with Christian themes or characters. Continue Reading Christians In The Movies

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  • Onward Christian Athletes


    Chapter 1: On Any Justice Sunday: Evengelicals, Pro Sports, And The (Conservative) Campaign For Jesus
    Chapter 2: A Cross On The Logo: Representing For God In The High-Drama, High-Profile World Of Major League Sports
    Chapter 3: Faith Coach: Discipling Athletes For A Roster Spot On God’s Team
    Chapter 4: Winning For Jesus (But Finding Him In The Loss Column): The Tricky Relationship Between Evangelism And Sports Success
    Chapter 5: Church At The Ballpark: Baseball Chapel And Its Exclusive Theology In An Age Of Growing Religious Diversity
    Chapter 6: From Coors Field To Eternity: Faith Days In Major League Baseball
    Chapter 7: For God, Country, And The Republican Party: The Conservative Politics Of Jesus’ Pro Sports Warriors
    Chapter 8: Domesticated Christianity: The Political Acquiescence Of African American Christians In Sports
    Chapter 9: A Match Made In Heaven-or Hell: The Dissonance Between The Values Of Jesus And The Values Of Big-Time Sports
    Chapter 10: The Salvation Of Sports: Getting It Right In An Emerging New Era Of Faith In Sports
    About The Author

    Additional Info
    Players pointing triumphantly to the heavens. Lavishly paid pro athletes proclaiming their Christianity in public every chance they get. Football, baseball, and basketball heroes using their stature to promote the Christian message. These have become standard fare in major league sports in this age of outsize evangelical influence on American culture-as conspicuous as they are commonplace-yet most of us see only the nose of the camel. Largely out of sight of the fans and communities that support pro sports, conservative Christian networks are using our leagues and teams to promote an exclusive religious message and, along with it, a right-wing worldview and politics contrary to the interests of most of in religiously and politically diverse America.

    How did we get here? What does it mean? And what change is necessary if jock Christianity is to become something more than a reductive get-Jesus pitch and a front for the Christian Right-if religion in sports is to become a more positive force for the diverse communities that support franchises, and for Christianity itself?

    In Onward Christian Athletes, religion expert and commentator Tom Krattenmaker provides a first-of-its-kind exploration of what is really happening where sports and faith converge, and the larger story it tells about popular Christianity in American life in the new century.

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  • Sneeky Green Uses For Everyday Things


    Ingenuity has met its match and his name is Cy Tymony. In his book, Sneaky Green Uses for Everyday Things, Cy combines the sneaky fun of his Sneaky Uses series with the growing interest in green living. The result is an easy-to-practice manual for conserving energy.

    The book includes 40 projects using green techniques with step-by-step instructions, as well as illustrations and directions for an Earth-friendly existence. Projects are enjoyable for kids and also engaging for adults.

    * Made from 100 percent usable information that really does conserve energy and improve the way we live.

    * Contains sneaky things we can do to go green and includes a helpful energy reduction section that is full of tips and resources, making energy conservation easy.

    * I discovered Cy Tymony…There, amid the pages of hand-drawn illustrations, were the kinds of projects I hadn’t seen in years…Thank you, Cy, for reinvigorating those creative juices [and] opening up the world of tinkering and creativity to a whole new generation of hobbyists looking to get their hands dirty with new and exciting projects. –Ira Flatow, host of NPR’s Science Friday Continue Reading Sneeky Green Uses For Everyday Things

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  • Cat Capers : Catitude For Cat Lovers


    America’s 70 million cat owners will rejoice in finding a captivating coffee table book that is as purr-fect as their beloved feline companion.

    Fourty-seven percent of cat owners confess that they have more photos of their beloved Morris than of their spouse or significant other. Looking through the pages and portraits of Gandee Vasan’s Cat Capers, this doesn’t seem far-fetched.

    Scaredy cats, cat burglars, and mystery cats inhabit Vasan’s pictorials and are presented alongside humorous cat-classifieds, interesting trivia, and delightful musings on all things feline.

    Vasan’s work has been exhibited at The National Portrait Gallery in London and has garnered numerous awards. He finds his inspiration in absorbing what he sees around him and transforming it into what he wants others to see.

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  • Kitchen Linens Book


    Gather ’round! The endearing follow-up to The Apron Book is now served. EllynAnne Geisel graces us with her new treasure, The Kitchen Linens Book. It’s a lovely treat.

    Family kitchens are where our days begin and end. And one constant is threaded among the people, the stories, and the moments: America’s kitchen linens. If only these prized pieces could talk.

    The Kitchen Linens Book invites women of all ages to visit with the past. In this book, Geisel gives us an up-close look at tablecloths, dishtowels, and napkins with details and histories as fine as the stories themselves. Embroidered or hemstitched, linens or oilcloths–these are the fabrics and the memories of our mothers and grandmothers. And each one has an endearing story and a vivid history.

    *The book features over 20 projects and 8 recipes.

    * The book includes a classic Butterick transfer pattern for a vintage kitchen towel motif, circa 1945.

    * Rich photography highlighting every detail accompanies stories passed from generation to generation.

    * EllynAnne’s passion for finding and saving linens from flea markets, estate sales, and antique stores will inspire you to dig through your own closets and cupboards Continue Reading Kitchen Linens Book

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  • Kirigami Home Decor Kit


    Kit Includes:
    * 64-page Booklet
    * Instructions For More Than 20 Projects
    * Beautiful Photographs Of The Completed Projects
    * Additional Inspirational Project Ideas
    * Easy-to-follow Keys For Design Folds
    * 100 Sheets Of Origami Paper, All In A Fashionable Palette
    * 50 Sheets Of Tracing Paper
    * High-quality Scissors

    Additional Info
    Inspired by the bestselling Kirigami calendar, this kit provides step-by-step instructions for creating elegant kirigami accessories for the home. Quick and easy designs enhance a wide selection of stylish home decor projects, including decorative ornaments, napkin rings, party decorations, and centerpieces Continue Reading Kirigami Home Decor Kit

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  • Nell Hills Stylish Weddings


    One of America’s hottest little retailers. –Fortune magazine

    * Mary Carol Garrity lends her trademark advice on planning stylish, affordable, and memorable weddings in Nell Hill’s Stylish Weddings

    Nell Hill’s enterprising entrepreneur Mary Carol Garrity delivers practical yet elegant tips on creating lavish weddings without expending huge amounts of time, money, and energy.

    * Garrity puts forth shower, wedding, and gift ideas and presents readers with a call to action to spend wisely and create memorable experiences with maximum impact. The centerpiece of the book is Garrity’s own daughter’s wedding held at the Garritys’ Atchison home. Garrity takes readers step by step through the planning of this summer event, with food, flowers, and friends gathered for the evening gala. Readers also learn tips from weddings that Garrity has attended and helped plan, including inventive ways to involve friends and family and creative touches that combine old family traditions with newfound keepsakes.

    * The Wall Street Journal has hailed Garrity as a one-person economic-development force in her hometown of Atchison, Kans. Garrity’s stores have become landmarks in the decorating world. The Mary Carol Home Collection, an extensive line of home decor products, is distributed nationwide by the Gerson Companies.
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  • Secret Language Of Knitters


    Moth noun: The devil incarnate, eater of both stash and finished objects. Should be treated with a zero-tolerance attitude. –The Secret Language of Knitters

    * More than 140 terms, from acrylic to yarn porn, are collected and defined for Americas 60 million knitting-obsessed.

    From the 25-year-old hipster to her 85-year-old grandmother, more than a third of the women in the United States knit.

    For the yarn-obsessed, Mary Beth Temple offers a glossary of knitting jargon and terminology in The Secret Language of Knitters with entries like:

    * Design Elements noun: Mistakes. As in The fact that one sleeve is five inches longer than the other is not a mistake, it is a design element.

    * Stress Knitting noun: When the going gets tough, the tough get knitting.

    With a universal affinity for cashmere and an absolute abhorrence of moths, veteran and beginning knitters alike will be certain not to cast off this humorous lexicon compendium.
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  • Nell Hills Feather Your Nest


    Mary Carol Garrity is the kind of woman who can mix cinnamon sticks and pinecones with crystal glassware and then convince shoppers the look is seamless and elegant. Her signature layered style is designed to make people surround themselves with beautiful, affordable quality. –Midwest Living

    Home decorating guru Mary Carol Garrity compares her techniques for transforming her own 130-year-old Greek revival fixer-upper to that of a bird building its nest-carefully selecting and layering all components twig by twig. In Nell Hill’s Feather Your Nest: It’s All in the Details each chapter focuses on nest-building basics for different areas of the home, from common spaces like foyers to private spaces like bedrooms. Garrity empowers readers to feather their own nests by developing a sense of personal style, emphasizing minor touches that make a major difference.

    * The Wall Street Journal has hailed Garrity as a one-person economic-development force in her hometown of Atchison, Kans. Garrity’s stores have become landmarks in the decorating world. The Mary Carol Home Collection, an extensive line of home decor products is distributed nationwide by the Gerson Companies.

    * Garrity’s three previous books have received coverage from CBS’s The Early Show and NBC’s Today show, as well as the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and more. Continue Reading Nell Hills Feather Your Nest

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  • Nell Hills Entertaining In Style


    I love it when I catch someone’s reaction at my stores when they turn a corner and come upon something unexpected. Maybe it’s something they didn’t know they had to have until that moment, or it’s the way we’ve displayed something that’s a little out of the ordinary that they might be able to use in their decorating. –Mary Carol Garrity

    Mary Carol tries to guarantee that their trips are worthwhile by personally providing them with inspiration on how to improve their homes and decor. This book is the culmination of her many years of experience both selling tabletop and listening to her customers most-often-asked questions about entertaining.

    Nell Hill’s Entertaining in Style is organized around the changing seasons and the holidays and celebrations that go with them. Nell Hill’s is renowned for its tabletop medleys, and the book shows you how you can create similar effects. Also featured are creative party themes, delicious menu ideas, and tips to make every guest feel special. This book is ideal for people who are intimidated at the thought of throwing a party. It gives readers Mary Carol’s tips and tricks for breaking each step down into a manageable plan.

    The book is filled with spectacular photography of the celebrations in Mary Carol’s 130-year-old home as well as in the homes and gardens of her friends.
    Continue Reading Nell Hills Entertaining In Style

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  • Retire Downtown : The Lifestyle Destination For Active Retirees And Empty N


    Are you a Ruppie? More and more people are trending toward living downtown. Author Kyle Ezell demonstrates how empty nesters can live out their golden years full of fun and independence in the midst of the city.

    Ruppies–Retired Urban People–are cropping up all over the country. The populations of city downtowns are exploding nationwide. Also known as active retirees, Ruppies are quickly becoming a big part of that population. Downtown living can help them stay active both physically and mentally while keeping them entertained in the process. After all, there’s always a live theater or jazz band playing right around the corner. Author and noted city planner Kyle Ezell has assembled information on living downtown, shopping, eating at exciting new restaurants, getting around, staying active, downsizing to one car, volunteering, keeping faith alive, and much, much more into Retire Downtown.

    Retire Downtown lists the top 20 cities for Ruppies across the nation, with a wealth of facts on each area and a breakdown of each environment.

    Learning how to locate the right downtown neighborhood in which to live, and discovering art galleries, cool hangouts, coffee shops, and farmers’ markets, as well as the unique and trendy ethnic shops, are all exciting parts of Ezell’s book–a must-have for every up-and-coming active retiree!
    Continue Reading Retire Downtown : The Lifestyle Destination For Active Retirees And Empty N

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  • Lost Art Of Towel Origami


    I used to have an origami business, but it folded.

    From the lost ancient art of towel folding (yes, there is one, and it does stem from ancient times) comes the newly revived and hot trend The Lost Art of Towel Origami.

    Filled with hilarious completed-project photographs and step-by-step instructions and illustrations, this book will provide hours of entertainment. Stun your company by skillfully creasing and crinkling your linen into works of art. You’ve got everything you need, right in your own bathroom.

    Creations include:



    *Luscious Lips



    *Palm Tree

    You’ll never look at laundry the same again with The Lost Art of Towel Origami. The absolute perfect coffee table (or, ahem, bathroom) book is bound to get you and your guests folding masterpieces.

    Continue Reading Lost Art Of Towel Origami

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  • Sneakier Uses For Everyday Things


    How to Turn a Calculator into a Metal Detector, Carry a Survival Kit in a Shoestring, Make a Gas Mask with a Balloon, Turn Dishwashng Liquid into a Copy Machine, Convert a Styrofoam Cup into a Speaker, and Make a James Bond Spy Jacket with Everyday Things

    Did you know that your standard issue of Sports Illustrated magazine can be turned into over 20 useful gadgets? In author Cy Tymony’s Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things, you’ll learn how an average magazine can become many extraordinary gadgets such as a compass, hearing aid, magnifier, peashooter, and bottle opener.

    Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things covers 40 educational and unique projects that anybody can successfully complete with simple household items. The book includes a list of necessary materials, detailed sketches, and step-by-step instructions for each gadget and gizmo. Among the sneaky schemes are:

    * Creating a electroscope out of a glass jar

    * Turning a drinking cup into a speaker

    * Using an AM radio as a metal detector

    * Making a spy gadget jacket with over 20 individual sneaky uses ranging from a siren and whistle to a walkie-talkie and voice recorder

    These days, be prepared applies to more than just the Boy Scouts. Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things provides loads of practical ideas, science projects, and captivating solutions for dealing with life’s unexpected challenges. Great fun for the curious, inventive, and creative of all ages.
    Continue Reading Sneakier Uses For Everyday Things

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  • Nell Hills Christmas At Home


    The town of Atchison, Kansas, is never busier than at Christmastime. It is during this season that the acclaimed Nell Hill’s home decorating emporium is transformed into a magical space where old meets new, formal meets frivolous, and imagination is key. Now you can bring that spirit into your home for the holidays. In Nell Hill’s Christmas At Home, shop owner Mary Carol Garrity, the endlessly inventive home decorating marvel, turns her attention to the specifics of holiday decorating. With the inimitable style and warmth that has made converts of so many, she offers unconventional wisdom for beautifying your home throughout the season. Whether it’s a new and exciting spot for a Christmas tree or a wonderful way to wrap and present gifts, Mary Carol’s ideas are never stuffy and always inspirational. Full of lavish photographs, Nell Hill’s Christmas at Home distills the decorating wisdom gleaned by Mary Carol from countless conversations with her devoted customers. With this book, she offers readers the most imaginative and entertaining ideas to come along in years.
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  • Parables Of Peanuts


    First published in 1968, this contemporary case for vigorous Christian faith — profusely illustrated by Charles Schulz’s delightful peanuts cartoon strips — sheds more light on the Christian faith and how it is to be lived than many more serious theological works, with hundreds of cartoons featuring your favorite peanuts characters Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, And of course, Snoopy (including the earliest red baron strips). This book’s wise observations are as timeless as they are timely. Short . . .succeeds in making theology enjoyable. –Christian Century . . . a real delight from beginning to end. I could not possibly be more pleased. –Charles Schulz, creator of Peanuts Continue Reading Parables Of Peanuts

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  • Beloved Psalms Coloring Book



    Life is full of demands. Appointments, deadlines, obligations, and constant digital chatter occupy every moment and build a mountain of unhealthy stress and tension. Research shows that coloring can be an effective stress reducer, but true rest and peace are found in God.

    The Beloved Psalms is full of inspiring psalms and illustrations. Spend time reflecting on the truth of God’s Word and be filled with his joy and peace. Express your creativity freely as you fill the intricate images with the beauty of color. Take a break from your busy schedule and the stress that accompanies it. The worries of life can wait. Continue Reading Beloved Psalms Coloring Book

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  • Resistencia


    La capacidad para resistir es el rasgo clave que subyace al gran rendimiento en prácticamente todos los campos, desde un sprint de 100 metros hasta un ultra maratón de 100 millas, desde la cumbre del Everest hasta la realización de exámenes finales o la finalización de cualquier proyecto difícil. Pero, ¿y si todos podemos ir más lejos, presionar más y lograr más de lo que pensamos que somos capaces de hacer?Combinando la ciencia de vanguardia y la apasionante narración en el espíritu de Malcolm Gladwell, quien contribuye con el premiado periodista del libro Alex Hutchinson, revela que una ola de investigaciones que alteran el paradigma durante la última decada sugiere que las barreras aparentemente físicas que enfrentas se establecen como tanto por tu cerebro como por tu cuerpo. Esto significa que la mente es la nueva frontera de la resistencia y que los horizontes del rendimiento son mucho más elásticos de lo que alguna vez pensamos.Pero, por supuesto, no todo está en tu mente. Para cada uno de los límites físicos que Hutchinson explora -dolor, músculos, oxígeno, calor, sed, combustible-, desentraña cuidadosamente la delicada interacción de la mente y el cuerpo contando fascinantes historias de hombres y mujeres que han superado sus propios límites de formas extraordinarias. Continue Reading Resistencia

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  • Bible Lessons From Our Pets


    Are you frustrated by not hearing God’s voice? Do you think that the Lord is WAY out there with nothing to tell you? Or do you question His existence all together? Well, I’m here to tell you that He is a lot closer than many of us think He is. Our Heavenly Father is trying to tell us something, if we are open, and He has been speaking to us in ways that we may have never considered. How?, you may ask. The Lord has always used the works of His hands to proclaim His great might. If you are wondering, you can see who the Lord is, just by looking out of your window, or by taking a drive though your state, county, province, or country. Have you ever seen pictures of the deepest crevasses of the ocean where life still takes hold? If so, you have just seen a picture of God’s depth as a person and how many layers there are to his character. If you have ever driven by the Colorado Rockies you have just witnessed the jagged strength that the Lord posses; His unfathomable power. One only needs to review the aftermath of Mount St. Helens for them to grasp God’s righteous anger. The Apostle Paul spoke of these evidences of God in Romans 1:20, For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse. God is not out there watching without love, but is constantly reaching out to speak to all of His children through the works of His hands.
    Continue Reading Bible Lessons From Our Pets

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  • Parties With Pizazz


    We’re having a party! The food will be fabulous, the games will be the hit of the night, and the decorations will be just perfect. And the hostess is … you!
    Continue Reading Parties With Pizazz

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  • Anointed To Cook


    Can you imagine preparing mushroom smothered steaks, shrimp scampi, and crab legs in forty-five minutes on a Tuesday evening? If not, now you can. ‘Anointed to Cook’ by Penny Tootle unlocks the key to preparing great dishes on a working mom’s schedule.
    Continue Reading Anointed To Cook

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  • Daughter Mother Sister Friend


    This adult coloring book is especially designed with women in mind. Scriptures are sprinkled throughout this book to help you think about God’s Word while you enjoy coloring the beautiful designs. Continue Reading Daughter Mother Sister Friend

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  • Butterflies Blossoms And Blessings Coloring Art


    Butterflies, Blossoms & Blessings Coloring Art, a collection of intricate designs featuring beautiful flowers and butterflies with Bible verses, providing hours of creativity. Easy to remove when finished with perforated pages and space to add a signature and date on the reverse side. Perfect for sharing and framing. Continue Reading Butterflies Blossoms And Blessings Coloring Art

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  • Inspiration And Relaxing Moments For Parents Coloring Journal


    Coloring book for moms and dads, Inspiring pages to color and provide relaxation and reflection for parents, with space to journal your thoughts and prayers along the way.24 one-sided pages with perforated edges to easily remove and display or share; back has a space to add a signature and a date. Continue Reading Inspiration And Relaxing Moments For Parents Coloring Journal

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  • Coastal Coloring Art


    Full size coloring book includes intricate page designs to color with your markers or pencils. Nautical and coastal themes include lighthouses, seagulls, seashells, starfish, dolphines, seahorses, beach dunes, cottage door, flamingos, fish, and rowboats.

    Inspiring caption on each page; printed on one side only for framing; space to include the name of the artist and the date completed on the back. Continue Reading Coastal Coloring Art

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  • Paws For A Moment With God


    Have you ever noticed how a cat will find contentment in something as simple as a ray of sunshine? She settles herself in its pleasure and basks in the joy of the moment! Every day, God sends simple blessings into our lives for us to discover, embrace, and enjoy. In ways you may have never considered, there is wisdom to be learned by observing the habits, curiosities, and antics of a cat. This book of reflections and devotionals will inspire and encourage… and if one of the blessings you have been given is the companionship of a wonderful cat, then cozy in together and spend a moment with God. Continue Reading Paws For A Moment With God

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  • Beekeeping : A Practical Guide


    Keep your own bees and enjoy delicious golden honey from your own backyard. With his respect and admiration for bees evident on every page, Richard E. Bonney describes how to acquire bees, manage a hive, prevent and treat diseases, and extract a crop of honey. Enthusiastic beekeepers of every stripe and experience level will benefit from Bonney’s astonishing knowledge of the craft – from beekeeping history and honeybee biology to the complex social structure of the hive.
    Continue Reading Beekeeping : A Practical Guide

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  • Keeping The Harvest (Revised)


    Nothing says cozy like a rustic kitchen strung with dried garlic and herbs, while jars of handmade jelly sit on the counter waiting to be slathered onto freshly baked bread. Enjoy the bountiful produce picked straight from your backyard garden year-round with these simple yet satisfying home-preserving techniques. From canning, drying, and pickling in autumn to curing and cold storage after the frost comes, you’ll soon be a master at outwitting nature’s growing rhythms.
    Continue Reading Keeping The Harvest (Revised)

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  • Successful Small Scale Farming (Revised)


    Offering proven techniques and practical advice, this inspiring handbook covers all aspects of successfully running a small organic farm. With expert tips on everything from buying land to creating a niche market for your products, Karl Schwenke shows you how to naturally enrich your soil, acquire necessary equipment, consistently grow abundant crops, and manage farm finances. You’ll enjoy learning essential skills like haying and fencing as you turn your organic farming dream into a profitable reality.
    Continue Reading Successful Small Scale Farming (Revised)

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  • Growing Your Herb Business


    Turn your love of herbs into a profitable business. Drawing on more than 25 years of experience running an herb and spice shop, Bertha Reppert helps you successfully develop and market your own herbal products. Showing you how to determine a start-up budget, find niche markets, create unique packaging, track inventory, and organize business-boosting special events, Reppert also includes a series of inspiring profiles of professional herbalists. Transform your passion into a profession and get ready to open up shop!
    Continue Reading Growing Your Herb Business

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  • Cold Climate Gardening


    Gardening in colder regions means dealing with early and late frosts, arctic winds, and inhospitable terrain. Sharing knowledge gained from years of gardening in northern Vermont, Lewis Hill provides proven methods for growing abundant vegetables and maintaining a beautiful landscape as you work around even the harshest of winters. With a variety of techniques for extending the growing season, protecting vulnerable plantings, and cultivating cold-tolerant species, you’ll soon be enjoying a thriving garden, no matter how cold it gets where you live.
    Continue Reading Cold Climate Gardening

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  • Secrets Of Plant Propagation


    Plant propagation is a fun, rewarding, and economical way to add shrubs to your yard or multiply your collection of houseplants. With step-by-step instructions for a variety of proven techniques, this comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know to successfully start your own plants. From raising the best tomatoes to growing your own Christmas trees, veteran nurseryman Lewis Hill helps you successfully reach your propagation goals while steering you clear of common mistakes. You’ll be amazed at your beautiful, healthy, and bountiful plants.
    Continue Reading Secrets Of Plant Propagation

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  • Home Water Supply


    If you manage your own water supply, you’ve likely had, are having, or will have water problems. Whether it’s an issue of access, contamination, or taste, Stu Campbell has a clever solution, often enlivened by a charming anecdote. Campbell offers techniques for locating water on your property, as well as how to purify, store, and distribute it throughout your home. With an approachable style, expert advice, and money-saving strategies, The Home Water Supply has all of your water issues covered.
    Continue Reading Home Water Supply

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  • Joy Of Gardening


    Full of useful tips and practical garden wisdom, this straightforward guide shows you everything you need to know to grow a more bountiful harvest with less work. Stressing the utility of raised beds and wide rows, gardening expert Dick Raymond shares his time-tested techniques for preparing the soil, starting plants, and controlling weeds. With helpful photographs, clear charts, and profiles of reliable garden vegetables, Joy of Gardening will inspire you to grow your best crop ever.
    Continue Reading Joy Of Gardening

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  • Growing And Using Herbs Successfully


    Bursting with straightforward information on growing and using herbs, this illustrated guide will help you cultivate and maintain a thriving and fragrant garden. Betty E. M. Jacobs draws on years of experience running a commercial herb farm to provide clear instructions for planting, propagating, harvesting, drying, freezing, and storing 64 popular herbs. Whether you’re interested in keeping a few container plants or want to start a profitable business growing herbs, you’ll benefit from the expert advice in this practical guide.
    Continue Reading Growing And Using Herbs Successfully

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  • Have More Plan


    This classic guide to homesteading is based on solid, practical techniques that remain useful to everyone who wants to learn country skills and increase their self-sufficiency. By turns philosophical and instructional, Ed and Carolyn Robinson share their pioneering approach to efficiently growing vegetables, raising livestock, and building farm structures. Since it was first published in 1943, The Have-More Plan has inspired generations of homesteaders to make the most out of whatever land they have available.
    Continue Reading Have More Plan

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  • Seeing Stars : A Complete Guide To The 88 Constellations


    A graphically stunning, comprehensive introduction to the constellations

    This artful and accessible introduction to constellations equips readers with the information they need to locate, name, and explain all 88 internationally recognized constellations. Each cluster of stars is featured alongside the story (mythological or historical) behind its naming, tips on how to find it, what times of year it is visible, and key stars and asterisms within its grouping. Complete with star maps and a glossary, this keepsake volume of visual reference and beauty is perfect for inquisitive young stargazers. Colors are brighter than they appear – printed in pure Pantones. Book jacket features foil stamping and laser-cut pinholes.

    Ages 7-10 Continue Reading Seeing Stars : A Complete Guide To The 88 Constellations

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  • Friendship Quilting


    A pretty simple book of ideas for making friendship (or album) quilts. This is a good book for any intermediate quilter interested in making an autograph or album quilt. Continue Reading Friendship Quilting

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  • I Know The Plans Coloring Book


    Calm your fears and your soul when you spend time coloring and meditating on God’s Word pictured in the I Know the Plans I Have for You Coloring Book for Adults.

    Research shows that coloring relaxes the fear center of the brain and creates a meditative state of mind. Pair your creativity and God’s promises for a time of creative worship. The inspirational coloring book for adults has a navy-colored heavy cardstock cover filled with brightly colored embossed filigrees, flowers, and fun!

    The title, I Know The Plans I Have For You, is an excerpt taken from Jeremiah 29: 11, and is accented with gold foiled polka dots. A subtitle is printed in a simple white font and the bottom of the cover. Soothing reflections on God’s perfect plan and purpose for your life.

    The theme of this coloring book focuses on the promises that God makes in Scripture about the hope we have in Jesus. Examples of some of the illustrated verses in the I Know the Plans I Have for You Coloring Book for Adults include: Come to Me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart in heart, and you will find rest for your soul, Matthew 11:28-29. I will never fail you. I will never abandon you, Hebrews 13:5 and Your Word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path, Psalm 119:105.

    In all, there are 55 full-size coloring pages and 7 color, cut, and share pages with designs that can be used as bookmarks or DIY cards that you can share with finds. Perforated pages make it easy to tear your masterpieces from the coloring book to frame, put up on the fridge, or even use as wrapping paper to wrap a small gift.

    The pages are thick, and you can use a variety of mediums, like pencils, felt tip pens, gel pens, or even paint to color the images. Share the encouragement that only comes from knowing God with friends and family going through challenging times in their lives when you gift the I Know the Plans I Have for You Coloring Book for Adults. A presentation page is included for this purpose. You can start the coloring process by coloring it yourself when you complete it or leave it up to the recipient. But, this coloring book can also be used to worship God for the great God he is when times are good, so keep a copy for yourself to use as part of your personal devotional time with the Lord. Continue Reading I Know The Plans Coloring Book

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  • Amazing Grace Coloring Book



    Life is full of demands. Appointments, deadlines, obligations, and constant digital chatter occupy every moment and build a mountain of unhealthy stress and tension. Research shows that coloring can be an effective stress reducer, but true rest and peace are found in God.

    Amazing Grace is full of inspiring Scriptures and illustrations. Spend time reflecting on the truth of God’s Word and be filled with his joy and peace. Express your creativity freely as you fill the intricate images with the beauty of color.

    Take a break from your busy schedule and the stress that accompanies it. The worries of life can wait. Continue Reading Amazing Grace Coloring Book

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  • Dude Perfect 101 Tricks Tips And Cool Stuff


    This photo-intensive, behind-the-scenes look at the viral sensation Dude Perfect offers step-by-step instructions for great do-it-at-home stunts along with valuable life lessons such as perseverance and teamwork, direct from DP headquarters.

    Tweens and teens, ages 8 to 12, will enjoy complete panda-monium with this incredible look at Dude Perfect: five guys (and one mysterious panda) who are kickin’ it, throwin’ it, tossin’ it, and shootin’ it for more than 53 million YouTube subscribers with more than ten billion views.

    With an oversize format and Dude-worthy graphics, Dude Perfect 101 Tricks, Tips, and Cool Stuff includes . . .

    *Step-by-step instructions on how to perform some of the Dudes’ dynamite tricks using easy-to-obtain items.

    *Behind-the-scenes glimpses at those hilarious stereotype videos and extreme sports moments.

    *Dude-perfect teaching about what a blast patience, perseverance, teamwork, friendship, and faith can be.

    *Fun science facts behind the seemingly impossible tricks–because really, how did they do that?!

    *Infographics with No way! truths from the inspirational to the absurd.

    *A deeper look into each Dude’s personal life, including stats, favorite stunts, and insights.

    Ideal for down time or simply a weekend at home, each trick in Dude Perfect 101 Tricks, Tips, and Cool Stuff is the perfect combination of challenging and doable to keep your young reader off-screen for hours. This interactive book is a great gift for birthdays, Easter baskets, holiday gift giving, or just because.

    Whether your own trickster wants to perform solo, challenge a friend, or host a family date night, this visually engaging book is a slam-dunk for anyone who is young at heart. Continue Reading Dude Perfect 101 Tricks Tips And Cool Stuff

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