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  • Guia Esencial De La Biblia


    Muchos de los que estarian dispuestos a buscar la verdad en la Biblia se sienten intimidados por su tamao, el tiempo que les tomaria, la cantidad de lenguajes y culturas que incluye o las preguntas sobre la credibilidad historica y la importancia contemporanea de las Escrituras. La Guia esencial de la Biblia, ha sido diseada a conciencia de los obstaculos que la gente tiene para comprender la Biblia.

    Many who would be willing to search for truth in the Bible are intimidated by its size, the length of time it spans, the different languages and cultures within, or questions about the historical reliability and contemporary relevance of Scripture. The Holman Illustrated Bible Handbook is designed with an awareness of the obstacles people have to understanding the Bible. Continue Reading Guia Esencial De La Biblia

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  • Pastors Handbook KJV (Revised)


    Utilizing the classic King James text, this handi-size book, is an ideal carry along companion for any pastor. 12 occasions are addressed in multiple formats, including: communion, weddings, funerals, baptisms, and visitations.
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  • Accompanying Discerning Integrating


    The Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia has given rise to different interpretations. Any in-depth study of its theological conclusions will undoubtedly require time and patience. What cannot wait, however, is attending to the practical questions it has raised. After all, no one can abstain from acting: priests hearing confessions, bishops who need to give guidelines on pastoral activity to their priests, and families working in the field of pastoral care. Accompanying, Discerning, Integrating: A Handbook for the Pastoral Care of the Family According to Amoris Laetitia is intended to offer sure practical guidelines on this important matter of the Church’s pastoral activity. Continue Reading Accompanying Discerning Integrating

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  • Manual Catolico Para Novios Y (Revised)


    1. Preparation
    2. Family Life
    3. Spirituality
    5. Catholic Sexual Ethics

    Additional Info
    In this practical guide to marriage, learn the secrets of building a sound, spiritual relationship with your fiance or spouse-from toothpaste in the sink to natural family planning.

    In the Foreword, Father Kenneth Baker praises the book as both practical and faithful: This handbook is outstanding both for its practicality and for its fidelity to the Catholic faith. It is practical because it offers good suggestions on most aspects of married life, such as the wedding, the honeymoon, the relationship between husband and wife, in-laws, finances, raising children, sexual relations, practicing the faith, and developing a spiritual life of personal relations with God.

    The handbook is also thoroughly Catholic. It offers excellent advice on how to live the Catholic faith as a married man or woman. There is no waffling here, no dissent, no ambiguity. The author spells out clearly what the Catholic Church expects of married people in the areas of married life, sexuality, and family life.

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  • Prophets Handbook : A Guide To Prophecy And Its Operation


    Discover God’s divine plan for the prophetic gifts and how they are meant to benefit the body of Christ. This handbook details the role and duties of the prophetic in the church, clearly explaining its necessity. No church leader should be without this indispensable reference. Dr. Paula Price’s years of research and ministry have yielded the ultimate guide to prophecy in the local church. You will learn how God awakens and prepares excellent prophets, understand the difference between prophets and psychics, and recognize and train budding prophets. Don’t let lack of knowledge keep you from utilizing one of God’s extraordinary gifts to the church. Continue Reading Prophets Handbook : A Guide To Prophecy And Its Operation

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  • Manual De Discipulado


    The easy-to-understand manual leads the reader through the objectives and benefits of discipleship, as well as how personal discipleship strengthens the church. Arnold challenges Christians to look at who and what their church really is, for the purpose of understanding the power of unity at the church level, and submitting all areas of life to God.
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  • Manual De Misiones


    Strategies and Methods to conquer today’s missions challenges of today Continue Reading Manual De Misiones

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  • Manual De Escuela Biblica Domi (Revised)


    Unidad 1

    Unidad 2
    Teologia Sistematica

    Unidad 3
    Educacion En La Iglesia

    Unidad 4

    Unidad 5
    Psicologia Educacional

    Additional Info
    A training course for new teachers and an review for experienced teachers involved in Sunday School work.

    Todo maestro cristiano necesita ensear a partir de una base solida en conocimiento biblico, teologico y pedagogico.

    Este libro por Antonio Gilberto es una introduccion a estos temas, no solamente para capacitar a nuevos maestros, sino tambien para actualizar a maestros con experiencia.

    Continue Reading Manual De Escuela Biblica Domi (Revised)

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  • Leadership Power : Beyond Smoke And Mirrors


    Peter J. Daniels has been in a leadership role for the last 58 years and has used that experience to write this hand book for both those who want to lead. Leadership Power explores the life and strategies used by leaders. It is an exploration of their methods and the desperation quotient they all must possess, as well as the adjustments needed at times to lead. Continue Reading Leadership Power : Beyond Smoke And Mirrors

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  • Family Finance Handbook


    With insights gained from twenty-five years in business and ministry, the authors impart to the reader biblical principles of stewardship and financial management. Readers learn how to get out of debt and are carefully guided through the investment process in this comprehensive and well-crafted resource.

    Continue Reading Family Finance Handbook

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  • Who Needs Words


    The Christian message of the Kingdom of God is known to us today solely because of the way it has been communicated through the centuries. In an age when great communications skill makes all the difference between sinking and swimming, we strive to hear and be heard. This Handbook brings you practical tips for all situations and real support. This fascinating read is fun but essential. However proficient the reader is as a communicator, he or she emerges with an enhanced understanding of what really effective communication is and how to do it! A compelling companion and tool for all communicators Continue Reading Who Needs Words

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  • Emmaus : Leading An Emmaus Group


    Group leadership is a skill that we never entirely master. This short guide offers practical, well-researched advice on how to set up and lead effective Emmaus Nurture and Growth courses.

    Laying a biblical framework for group leadership, it includes information and advice on the following issues:

    the role of the leader in the group;
    making newcomes to the group feel welcome;
    how to prepare for each session;
    leading Nurture and Growth groups;
    how to use shared meals and retreats to help a group grow.

    This second edition of Leading an Emmaus Group builds upon the experience of those who have used the Emmaus material since it was first published.

    Emmaus: The Way of Faith is a course designed to welcome people into the Christian faith and the life of the Church. It aims to involve the whole Church in evangelism, the nurture of new believers and ongoing Christian discipleship. Continue Reading Emmaus : Leading An Emmaus Group

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  • Healthy Churches Handbook


    This practical guide will help you identify your churchs strengths and weaknesses, discovering what action to take to improve its

    Focusing on the quality of your churchs life rather than just the numbers attending, and avoiding quick-fix solutions, Robert Warren offers a realistic and positive process for revitalizing your church, helping you assess your parish against the seven marks of a healthy church.

    The goal is nothing less than encountering the reality of Gods presence in and through the life of your church. The material is fully road-tested and has been used in local churches across the UK and beyond. Continue Reading Healthy Churches Handbook

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  • Developing Healthy Churches


    Church House Publishing

    Developing Healthy Churches is an utterly practical and realistic guide for any leader seeking to revitalize and grow their church.The long-awaited sequel to the bestselling Healthy Churches’ Handbook, this new volume will help you implement tried and tested approaches for healthy church growth in your parish. Continue Reading Developing Healthy Churches

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  • Healthy Churches Handbook


    Church House Publishing

    This practical guide helps churches identify their strengths and weaknesses and discover what action to take in order to develop the health of their church. The focus is on the quality of the church’s life rather than just the numbers attending. There are no quick fixes, no ’60-minutes to the perfect church’ type of solutions. The material and process outlined here is the fruit of 10 years of research and reflection on how the church can best express its faith and life in today’s setting. The material is fully road-tested and has been used in local churches across the UK and beyond. Continue Reading Healthy Churches Handbook

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  • Star Book For Ministers (Revised)


    Twenty years have passed since the last revision of this best-selling resource for pastors. This third revised edition features everything ministers love about the classic, with some valuable updates for twenty-first century ministry.

    Key features:

    Restores the beloved Episcopal funeral service-back by popular demand!
    Honors the familiar and indispensable wedding and funeral service materials.
    Offers a rich selection of Scriptures from the beautiful King James Version for diverse occasions of pastoral care.
    New additions feature a cremation service and a service for the interment of ashes.
    Includes a new preface from Rev. Dr. Aidsand Wright-Riggins III, Executive Director of the American Baptist Home Mission Societies and CEO of Judson Press.

    Continue Reading Star Book For Ministers (Revised)

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