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Category: Grief and Consolation

Grief and Consolation

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  • Harsh Grief Gentle Hope


    How do you respond to your child’s murder? Can hope come from the pain?

    Let Mary tell you her story.

    On a dark spring night, Jerry and Mary White’s son became the victim of a brutal homicide. The agonizingly painful, yet tender story Mary tells here testifies to the divine power of hope and offers genuine compassion to others experiencing severe loss. Continue Reading Harsh Grief Gentle Hope

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  • Faith Has Its Reasons


    Throughout this book you will learn how your struggles, heartache and tears eventually turn from a nightmare into a ministry. With in you will find encouragement to take the first step out of your grief and to climb the mountain out of the valley of the shadow of death.

    This book will also inspire those that may question heaven. A child’s amazing visits to heaven gave him the courage to tell others about Jesus. His bravery and boldness after dying and losing his father will open your eyes to how God can use an unthinkable tragedy for his glory. If you have endured a catastrophic loss and questioned God, this book will show you how to persevere and find happiness again. Continue Reading Faith Has Its Reasons

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  • Dreams Of My Eagle


    In Dreams of My Eagle, author William Schoonover leads us through his personal journey with grief and pain, revealing his encounters with visions of his wife’s spirit, multiple dustings of Gold Flakes from Heaven, and apparitions that only could have been bestowed by God. Dreams of My Eagle will help you understand how to accept the loss of your loved one and continue to live with the unforgettable memories. The author allowed God’s love to enter his life, which lead to an overwhelming abundance of joy and happiness. William concludes that everyone can have these consolations if they do as the bible says, Ask and you shall receive. Continue Reading Dreams Of My Eagle

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  • Unseen Angel : A Mothers Story Of Faith Hope And Healing After Sandy Hook


    Alissa Parker is the mother of one of the twenty children who died tragically in the Sandy Hook school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012.

    After Emilie’s death, Alissa began TheParkerFiveblog as a tool to express the emotions she and her family experienced throughout the grieving process. She is also the co-founder of, which helps people take action to make schools safer, and The Emilie Parker Art Connection, a charity helping local community art programs for children. Continue Reading Unseen Angel : A Mothers Story Of Faith Hope And Healing After Sandy Hook

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  • From Grief To Glory


    Salem Publishing Solutions
    Sabrina Miller is a woman who has met Christ in her journey of overcoming grief. Learning to listen to the voice of the Lord as He taught her to forgive and overcome led her through her own personal school of suffering. Through a traumatic childhood of abuse and abandonment, through marriage and child rearing, financial stress, divorce and ongoing health issues, the voice of grief threatened her abiding hope in Christ.

    Sabrina has learned that all grief allowed in our lives has a season and a purpose. But trusting His voice through all the uncertainty of emotion that grief delivers has changed her once fearful heart. She has learned to embrace grief as coming through the hands of a God who makes no mistakes.

    Serving Christ at Immanuel Baptist Church as a Secretary/Counselor she lives out her testimony everyday. Pursuing joy and abiding in His presence are her passion.

    If you have found your heart covered in grief this book will offer you the hope to live free from the tyrannical voice of disappointment. If your future looks bleak you may be seeing through the eyes of devastating grief. Within these pages lies the hope for healing and the faith to see today and tomorrow as He sees it.

    Read Sabrina’s life story and I believe you’ll see all grief can be changed into glory. Jesus Christ is the answer you have been looking for. He alone can bring the healing hope you have been seeking. Continue Reading From Grief To Glory

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  • Did I Say The Right Thing


    Mitch Schultz knows what it is to wonder what to say to someone mourning the loss of a loved one. He also knows what it’s like to say something to a mourner and afterward want to kick yourself. If you’ve had either experience, he gets you. But more than that, he has endured loss and knows firsthand what it’s like to be the one grieving. Out of his experience he provides insight and suggestions that will help you avoid having to ask, Did I say the right thing? This book will help you minister wisely, compassionately, and effectively to those who grieve.
    Continue Reading Did I Say The Right Thing

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  • Earth And Sky


    Earth and Sky is the story of a traveler walking through the deepest valley and the highest mountain, through great heartache and unexpected joy. It is not a book about grief, but a book about grace and the goodness of God in the darkest night. With a refreshing frankness and raw emotion, Guy shares his journey from happy husband, to grieving widower, to single dad and victorious believer. It is a journey filled with great spiritual insight and hope. It was not a journey he chose for himself and his three young daughters, but one in which he declares, God reframed my life with His truth and grace. If you have experienced great loss you will find here a reason to persevere and find peace through the storm. You will be inspired to learn how God descends into the mess and loneliness of life, and grows faith watered by grace. Continue Reading Earth And Sky

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  • Her Grief Was Heard


    Do you feel like you are alone in your grief?

    Her Grief Was Heard is a unique approach to a devotional using diary entries from Cady’s journal after she lost her husband at age 24. The author doesn’t shy away from hard questions she struggles with during her grief process. The candid dialogue between the young widow and God are not only emotionally validating for any reader, but also show that no emotion is too dark or ugly for God.

    Don’t be surprised if you see chapters titled by questions you wanted to ask God but felt too afraid to say them.

    As Cady vulnerably wrestles with her questions and raw emotions, she finds one thing that is irreplaceable- hope. We believe you will too. Each chapter is woven in Scripture that will tenderly comfort your grieving soul. And in each chapter, you will find that there is only One who can pick up the pieces of your broken heart. Continue Reading Her Grief Was Heard

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  • Good Grief : A Companion For Every Loss


    Timeless wisdom for all who grieveFor more than fifty years Good Grief has helped millions of readers, including NFL players and a former first lady, find comfort and rediscover hope after loss. This classic text includes a foreword by Dr. Timothy Johnson, a leading communicator of medical health care information. An afterword by the author’s daughters tells how the book came to be.Good Grief identifies ten stages of grief–shock, emotion, depression, physical distress, panic, guilt, anger, resistance, hope, and acceptance–but, recognizing that grief is complex and deeply personal, defines no right way to grieve.Good Grief offers valuable insights on the emotional and physical responses persons may experience during the natural process of grieving. Reflection questions help readers explore their own experience with each stage.Whether mourning the death of a loved one, the end of a marriage, the loss of a job, or other difficult life changes, Good Grief is a proven steady companion in times of loss. Continue Reading Good Grief : A Companion For Every Loss

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  • Consuelo En Las Perdidas Folle


    Obsequie Consuelo ante las Perdidas a alguien que este atravesando perdidas. Palabras de consuelo y ejemplos biblicos de muchos casos de perdidas ofrecen perspectiva, significado y esperanza ante perdidas devastadoras por muerte, divorcio, y perdida de amistades importantes. El folleto consta de 14 paneles, cabe en la mayoria de las Biblias, 8.5 x 8.5 pulgadas, y al desdoblarlo mide 38 plugadas (casi un metro).

    Put Comfort for Loss in the hands of a grieving friend to ease the journey through the grieving process. Words of comfort and biblical examples of grief for losses of many kinds help to give perspective, meaning, and hope to the devastation of loss through death, divorce, and the ending of significant relationships. 14 panels, fits inside most Bibles, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, unfolds to 38 inches long. Continue Reading Consuelo En Las Perdidas Folle

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  • When Angels Fly


    A journey of loss, heartbreak, and ultimately strength. How do people survive the unthinkable–their child suffering from a terminal illness? Jackson’s life teaches that despite all the hardships, readers will survive, even if at times it feels like they won’t.
    Continue Reading When Angels Fly

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  • Healing After Loss


    Meditation For Every Day Of The Year

    Additional Info
    For those who have suffered the loss of a loved one, here are strength and thoughtful words to inspire and comfort. Continue Reading Healing After Loss

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  • Au Dela De La Vallee


    All of us, no matter how rich or poor, how mature or young in the faith, face difficulties that at times make us wonder where God is. Writer Dave Branon began to walk life’s difficult valley when his 17-year-old daughter Melissa died in a car accident. This book grows out of his own journey and his desire to provide hope to the hurting. Each devotional chapter is based on a scriptural truth, is realistic in its approach, and is supplemented with questions for personal reflection. In an easy-to-read fashion, Dave helps to answer our need for certainty and assurance of God’s love in hard times. Continue Reading Au Dela De La Vallee

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  • Hold Them Near


    A cold . . . a fight to breathe . . . weakness . . . death. Noah and Sara Beachy suffered tragedy and loss as one child after another succumbed to a mysterious genetic heart condition. Unsullied by bitterness, their trust in God deepened as blow after blow rained on them. A true story that inspires us to lean on God and treasure the moments we have with our loved ones. Continue Reading Hold Them Near

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  • Have Heart : Bridging The Gulf Between Heaven And Earth


    Since their son Josiah went to Heaven on his 19th birthday, Steve and Sarah Berger have developed a new , contagious passion and excitment for Heaven, its inhabitants and it’s activity. As a pastor and pastor’s wife, they had counseled countless families in their time of deepest need, but on August 14, 2009, God launched their own famliy on a journey that has forever changed their lives. As they hit their knees and cried out to God and searched their Bibles for answers, God began to reveal fresh truth and healing from familiar passages in His Word. Have Heart presents the fruit of their personal studies on Heaven, grieving, brokenheartedness, honoring a loved ones legacy and living each day with Heaven in mind.

    Continue Reading Have Heart : Bridging The Gulf Between Heaven And Earth

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  • Tell Me About My Mommy


    ‘Tell Me About My Mommy’ by Annette Destafano is a journal for children and youth who have lost one or both of their parents and are searching for ways to deal with the pain and sorrow that accompany such a loss.
    Continue Reading Tell Me About My Mommy

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  • Tell Me About My Daddy


    ‘Tell Me About My Daddy’ by Annette Destafano is a journal for children and youth who have lost one or both of their parents and are searching for ways to deal with the pain and sorrow that accompany such a loss.
    Continue Reading Tell Me About My Daddy

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  • In Heaven Well Meet Again


    Are loved ones reunited in Heaven?

    The saints say Absolutely!

    In wise and consoling letters written to a mother sorrowing over the death of her child, Fr. Franois Rene Blot, S.J., here summons the Church’s greatest saints who testify with one voice that death’s wound, though grievous, separates us but for a short while from those who die before us.

    Acknowledging that profound sorrow at the death of loved ones is appropriate (after all, even Jesus wept for the death of his friend Lazarus), Fr. Blot nonetheless gives us reason to be joyful even in the midst of our sorrow: in heaven our loves and friendships will finally be free of the many hindrances – small and large – that keep them from being perfect in this life.

    Moreover, the saints say, in heaven we will love and know the love of countless souls we never met on earth, our Guardian Angel, and all the choirs of angels! Soon after it was written, a Catholic Cardinal called this book a pearl set in the fine gold of the doctrine of the Fathers and a newspaper declared that it deserves a distinguished place in all Christian libraries and should be on the table of every pious family that faithfully preserves the memory of its deceased members.

    Let the saints’ testimony in these beautiful pages assuage your grief and renew your hope! Let them increase your gratitude for the sacrifice of Christ whose death on the Cross opened heaven for us, and made these heavenly reunions possible!Originally published: In heaven we know our own, or, Solace for the suffering. New York: Benziger Brothers, 1863. Continue Reading In Heaven Well Meet Again

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  • From Grief To Grace


    Grief touches all of our lives, but it does not have to paralyze us with fear or inaction. God allows suffering because He knows how powerful it can be to our spiritual lives and to helping us fully embrace His love and mercy. In this insightful and practical book, you’ll learn how to live a life of redemptive suffering that will draw you through grief into a state of tenacity, meaning, holiness, and joy.

    Author Jeannie Ewing is no stranger to suffering. Her family has long struggled with bipolar disorder and depression, and her baby daughter was born with a rare genetic disorder that caused her bones to prematurely fuse together. Despite the many layers of sadness, loss, confusion, and anger, Jeannie responded to God’s calling and transformed her life into one with profound purpose and joy.

    Combining her training in psychology and counseling with real-life examples, Jeannie will show you that there is much life to be lived in the midst of loss, and that all things – even the most painful life experiences – are working together for a greater good. You’ll also learn:

    The all-too-often misunderstood difference between grief and depression.
    The spiritual benefits to uniting your crosses with Jesus’s Passion and Death.
    The counterintuitive notion that grief and joy can coexist.
    The spiritual danger of internalizing our pain and hiding it from others
    How great saints like St. John of the Cross and St. Therese of Liseux struggled to make sense out of suffering.
    The six spiritual principles that will assist you on the journey of navigating grief.
    How to know when you should seek professional help.
    Ways in which God is calling you to bring hope and joy to those dwelling in darkness.
    How to confidently confront the nothingness and emptiness you feel in your interior life.
    And Meditations on the Stations of the Cross, the Sorrowful Mysteries, and the Seven Sorrows of Mary – that will help you reflect on how redemptive suffering can help you embrace God’s love and mercy. Continue Reading From Grief To Grace

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  • Secret We Are Dying To Know


    We often explain DEATH to children by telling them that the DEPARTED have gone to heaven, but is that really what the Bible teaches? Scripture makes clear that not everything about the AFTERLIFE has been revealed to us and must remain a secret to those left behind. This book is a wonderful gift for children and adults who have suffer in LOSS. Continue Reading Secret We Are Dying To Know

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  • Hope For Hurting Hearts


    Life is Fragile. But Hope in Christ Lasts Forever.

    The Bible calls human life a vapor. A mist. A wisp of fog. A flower that springs up in the morning and fades away by mid-afternoon. We like to think we have years to pursue our goals, raise our families, and make a difference in the world. But we just don’t know. The fact is, our stay on earth is really very brief. And when a loved one unexpectedly steps out of this life into eternity, it shakes us to the core. We ask ourselves: Is heaven real? Will I see him will I see her again? Will we be together again? How can I know for sure?

    In these pages, Pastor Greg Laurie shares candidly about his own heartbreak over the sudden departure of his son Christopher to heaven and offers comfort to bruised hearts and a hope that will sustain us through this life and beyond. Continue Reading Hope For Hurting Hearts

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  • Proximo Lugar


    A message of hope and gift of compassions for the bereaved, now avalable in Spanish. The Next Place is above all a celebration of life. Exquisite color illustrations guide readers throught the verse. More than 550,000 copies sold. Continue Reading Proximo Lugar

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  • Father Please Let Him Live


    Jodi Manfred

    A true story of unthinkable tragedy and shattered dreams that led the author to find purpose in the pain after her husband suffered a massive brain stroke on his 39th birthday. As the doctors told her to tell her husband goodbye, she found God on the floor of ICU Room #79, crying out, Father, please let him live. Continue Reading Father Please Let Him Live

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  • Experiencing Grief


    Sooner or later, we all face a dark journey—the passage through grief. Written to encourage anybody who’s recently endured a loss, this brief, powerful book leads readers through five essential stages: shock, rage, despair, release, and finally peace. A thoughtful gift in lieu of a sympathy card. Continue Reading Experiencing Grief

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