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  • Wear Sunscreen : A Primer For Real Life (Anniversary)


    What she wrote was funny and wise and charming, so I would have been proud had the words been mine. –Kurt Vonnegut, New York Times

    The 10th anniversary edition of Mary Schmich’s timeless advice in a new package designed for the next generation of graduates.

    Wear Sunscreen, now a hit video on, is seen by millions of viewers.

    It all began with a column titled Advice, Like Youth, Probably Just Wasted on the Young, written by Mary Schmich and published in the Chicago Tribune on June 1, 1997. Posted on the Web, Schmich’s column quickly became an international sensation. Friends e-mailed it to friends, the media picked up on it, and a star was born. There was only one problem: Everyone thought the column was an actual commencement address given by author Kurt Vonnegut.

    Eventually, Mary Schmich was correctly identified as the author. AMP published her advice as a gift book in 1998. The following year, Wear Sunscreen became a hit song.
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  • Flipping Brilliant : A Penguins Guide To A Happy Life


    The more you find out about penguins, the more they seem to have in common with another oddly endearing flightless biped. Namely, us. –Flipping Brilliant

    Think March of the Penguins meets Life’s Little Instruction Book by way of National Geographic.

    Award-winning nature photographer Jonathan Chester captures the essence of the Antarctic’s most popular residents to illustrate the similarities between penguins’ lives and our own. Patrick Regan’s clever narrative offers surprising insights and humorously entertaining life lessons.

    The appeal of penguins is undeniable and universal. And we can learn a lot from these fat, funny birds. Lessons like:

    * The meek sleep alone,

    * It’s better to be smart than cute, and

    * You can be too thin. (After all, the book explains, if the Olsen twins ever get locked in a walk-in cooler for days and are forced to live off their own body fat, they’re goners. Penguins? They’re good for months.)

    Flipping Brilliant includes helpful environmental information about the penguin habitat and the effects of global warming, including Web sites that show how you can help. Continue Reading Flipping Brilliant : A Penguins Guide To A Happy Life

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  • Flight Plans : A Birds Eye View Of Life


    * The world is your birdbath.

    * Great ideas need landing gear as well as wings.

    * Success can take a long time to hatch.

    * Distinguished naturalist painter Maryjo Koch offers a bird’s-eye view of life in this beautiful and inspirational keepsake.

    For millions of bird lovers, and anyone who has ever had to alter their flight plans, Maryjo Koch offers captivating, beautifully detailed watercolor paintings of more than 25 different bird species in this uplifting keepsake that pairs Koch’s avian images with inspiring prose about soaring above difficulties and living life to the fullest. Koch delivers gentle humor and timeless wisdom based on observations of her finely flocked and feathered friends.
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  • Life 101 : An Illustrated Guide


    Life 101 is an edgy, illustrated alternative to Life’s Little Instruction Book-aimed at a new generation of human betterment.
    More Info About Life 101: An Illustrated Guide

    Approximately 150 million people will set New Year’s resolutions this year, and approximately 4.6 million people will graduate from high school or college. For this self-actualized population of 154.6 million-and countless individuals like them-Geoffrey Day-Lewis offers the perfect primer on life and living.

    Unique and distinctively witty photographs accompany practical tips on wisdom, advice, and etiquette and offer a humorously uncomplicated approach to living life at your best. Consider these basic bits of wisdom:

    * Embrace technology.

    * Be gentle with the earth.

    * Be a good listener.

    *Sometimes it takes just one good idea.

    * Take time for yourself.

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  • Dream Big : Starring Olivia


    According to Publishers Weekly, There’s a little bit of Olivia in everyone, and it’s true. Olivia books are available in 23 foreign editions and 19 languages around the world. The timeless charm and popularity of Ian Falconer’s diva pig ensure her status as a children’s classic.Dream Big, Starring Olivia, is great for graduation, encouragement, or for anyone starting a new chapter in life. Whether she’s taming a lion or building a sandcastle as tall as a skyscraper, Olivia’s boundless imagination and courageous spirit are an inspiration to all. Dream Big pairs more than 30 of Ian Falconer’s illustrations with motivational musings from really big dreamers like Eleanor Roosevelt, Oscar Wilde, and Walt Disney.

    The Olivia children’s books are huge hits with preschoolers-and their parents. Continue Reading Dream Big : Starring Olivia

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  • Tomorrow : Adventures In An Uncertain World


    Bradley Trevor Greive’s inspirational humor books are the luminous little gems. His volumes are refreshingly original creations, driven by innocent (and often hilarious) animal images combined with just a few well-chosen words of text on each page. His simple tomes touch readers in a giant way.

    BTG’s Tomorrow, extends his remarkable reputation for creating profound books from life’s most basic and enduring questions. Tomorrow reflects on staying sane in a world of change, conflict, confusion, and seeming madness. More than dealing with change, though, Tomorrow advises readers on how to maintain their footing and optimism even when the very ground seems to shift beneath their soles.

    New and old fans alike will instantly identify with BTG’s inviting format and probing insights. It is impossible to read this little book without smiling and laughing out loud.

    Tomorrow’s topic undoubtedly resonates with seriousness and concern. But BTG’s magic includes his proven ability to mix universal themes with fresh perspectives and howlingly funny photos of animals both in and out of the wild. From a truly bizarre-looking baboon to a tiger that abhors lemon drops, the animal personalities in this book act as irresistible partners in delivering the author’s message to the very heart of the reader.

    Tomorrow will be here before you know it. Tomorrow is the perfect gift book for our time.
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