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Father's Day

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  • Tao Of Dad


    The Tao of Dad celebrates the nobility and courage of men-the leaders, the thinkers, the teachers, and the soldiers-who shape our world today. Real words about real life show us how we can be wiser and happier, when we open our hearts and minds. -Taro Gold, The Tao of Dad

    Author Taro Gold’s life has been enriched by the guidance and comradeship of many great dads-from his father and stepfather to his grandpa-and great-grandpa. The Tao of Dad is a fountain of insightful gems inspired by these men and many more dads around the world and across the ages.

    Illustrated with bold and stunning watercolor art, this compendium of wise words offers important lessons and hope-filled visions from both Eastern and Westerndads.

    * Physical force is temporary, as the body is transitory. But spiritual power is permanent, as the spirit is everlasting. –Mahatma Gandhi

    * Peace, like charity, begins at home. –Franklin D. Roosevelt

    * A day without laughter is a day wasted. –Grandpa

    The Chinese word tao means way and implies teachings or wisdom, making The Tao of Dad the way to great, wise fathers. With more than 400 uplifting and thought-provoking quotes with Eastern sensibilities, The Tao of Dad will remind readers of the cherished moments, important lessons, and forward-looking visions that they have shared with the dads in their lives.
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  • Dear Dad : Father Friend And Hero


    Dear Dad is the companion collection to its namesake, Dear Mom. Artfully combining poignant animal photographs with gentle humor and heartfelt words, this homage to dads is treasured by fathers of all ages.

    Millions of people worldwide have shown Mom how much they love her by giving her the remarkable New York Times bestselling book Dear Mom.

    Perfect for those who struggle to find the right words to tell Dad just how they feel, Dear Dad is a masterful blend of poignant pictures and special thoughts that will convey to Dad how much he means. Bradley Trevor Greive’s witty and whimsical, yet moving, pairing of thoughts and images will effortlessly communicate your appreciation and love for all Dad’s efforts over the years. He points out that dads might sometimes be far from perfect, but by embodying the fatherly paradox of strength through gentleness, they are still and always the beloved anchor, safely holding fast to all that family means today and in the future.

    With its infectious humor, poetic insights, carefully chosen words, and charming animal photographs, Dear Dad gets straight to the heart of the role fathers play in our lives. Dear Dad is proof that the most truthful, meaningful things are best expressed simply, and with a chuckle.
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  • Dadisms : What He Says And What He Really Means


    This Parent-to-English guidebook is a hilarious primer on understanding the true meaning of parental communication.

    Those who suspect that their fathers took closely guarded secret courses instructing them on the significance of enigmatic utterances won’t be surprised to learn there are indeed clandestine languages for Dads. And here is the book that deciphers them.

    Finally, Dad’s ambiguous responses like Go ask your mother, cryptic commands such as Don’t make me pull this car over, and the puzzling question, Do you think I’m made of money? are explained in comic detail in this handy reference. Interpreted for the new century, each one is translated with tongue-in-cheek humor and insight.
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