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  • Sirve A Tu Ciudad


    An ARC Resources Title

    Through the pages of the Gospels, we see Jesus model a show and tell life and ministry to His followers- He showed them how to serve by healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and caring for the poor-and while He was demonstrating compassion, He taught them, telling them of God’s immense love. This is the way to show God’s heart of compassion for the people in our cities and towns, and this is the way to break down barriers so people will listen to the life-changing message of the gospel of grace. In this book, you’ll sense Dino’s heart, be inspired by his stories and learn from his experiences, as well as many ARC churches that are serving their cities with a Jesus-style no-strings-attached kind of love. This is at the core of who ARC is – a deep passion to see churches thrive as part of the cities they serve. Continue Reading Sirve A Tu Ciudad

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  • Serve Your City Participants Guide (Student/Study Guide)


    An ARC Resources Title

    This Participant’s Guide small group curriculum draws people to the heart of God, reveals their unique giftedness, and points them to practical opportunities to reach the people in their neighborhoods and communities. Continue Reading Serve Your City Participants Guide (Student/Study Guide)

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  • Serve Your City


    An ARC Resources Title

    Through the pages of the Gospels, we see Jesus model a show and tell life and ministry to His followers- He showed them how to serve by healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and caring for the poor-and while He was demonstrating compassion, He taught them, telling them of God’s immense love. This is the way to show God’s heart of compassion for the people in our cities and towns, and this is the way to break down barriers so people will listen to the life-changing message of the gospel of grace. In this book, you’ll sense Dino’s heart, be inspired by his stories and learn from his experiences, as well as many ARC churches that are serving their cities with a Jesus-style no-strings-attached kind of love. This is at the core of who ARC is – a deep passion to see churches thrive as part of the cities they serve. Continue Reading Serve Your City

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  • Way Of The Master


    The Way of the Master is the flagship work of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron’s organization. It anchors their television program, radio program, and website. Considered by many to be the definitive text in evangelism, this book is coming to Bridge-Logos to be updated, expanded, and illustrated with photographs for spring 2006 release.

    It’s anecdotal, loaded with commentary and remarks that are more conversational than academic. It’s an easy read with a hard message that has already changed the face of sharing faith.
    Comes with a free audio download Continue Reading Way Of The Master

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  • Margins Of Islam


    What do you do when Islam does not adequately describe the Muslims you know? Margins of Islam brings together a stellar collection of experienced missionary scholar-practitioners who explain their own approaches to a diversity of Muslims across the world. Each chapter grapples with a context that is significantly different from the way Islam is traditionally presented in mission texts. These crucial differences may be theological, socio-political, ethnic, or a specific variation of Islam in a context but they all shape the way we do mission. This book will help you discover Islam as a lived experience in various settings and equip you to engage Muslims in any context, including your own. Continue Reading Margins Of Islam

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  • Have You Heard Of The Four Spiritual Laws Pack Of 25


    The Four Spiritual Laws presents a clear explanation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the most effective evangelistic tools ever developed, over one hundred million copies have been distributed in all of the major languages of the world. This four point outline:
    Begins with a positive note-God loves you.
    Presents the claims of Christ clearly
    Includes an invitation to receive Christ
    Offers suggestions for growth
    Emphasizes the importance of the Church
    Gives you confidence because you know what you are going to say and how to say it
    Enables you to stay on the subject-to control the situation
    Makes it possible for you to be brief
    Enables you to be prepared
    One of the most effective evangelistic tools ever developed. This booklet helps you open conversations easily and naturally and share your faith with confidence.

    Continue Reading Have You Heard Of The Four Spiritual Laws Pack Of 25

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  • Desafios Y Oportunidades Para


    Vivimos en un mundo lleno de ideologias, tanto en Oriente como en Occidente. En este aspecto no somos diferentes de los cristianos de los primeros tiempos, quienes proclamaban a Jesus como Salvador y Seor ante los muchos dioses y seores del mundo grecorromano. Pero, como podemos proclamar el caracter definitivo de Cristo ante el pluralismo religioso y las pretensiones de relativizacion de la verdad que a menudo lo acompaan? Los cristianos deben aprender a trabajar con seguidores de diferentes religiones, buscando el bien comun y sin transigir respecto a su fe.

    We live in a world rife with ideologies and that whether we travel East or West. There is little, if any, difference between present day issues and the difficulties first century Christians surmounted when proclaiming belief in Jesus as their Saviour and Lord amidst the fake gods and masters of a mainly pagan society. How can we proclaim the true character of Christ in a society bent on religious pluralism and the relativity of any possible truth? If you want to know the answer, do not hesitate and start reading right away! Continue Reading Desafios Y Oportunidades Para

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  • Experimento Marcos


    Experimento Marcos es una manera distinta de adentrarse en el Evangelio de Marcos. Su objetivo es acercarnos a la persona de Jesus y a su ministerio con el fin de conocerle mejor, redescubrirle, amarle y disfrutar de el. El autor, nos ayuda a memorizar este libro, no palabra por palabra, si no, porcion a porcion, ya que esa era la idea original de Marcos al escribir este libro, que la gente pudiera llegar a conocer mejor a Jesus y contar la historia a otros. El resultado de este libro, fue la creacion de una obra de teatro innovadora en la que se representa este evangelio de principio a fin. El Experimento Marcos se esta llevando a cabo en muchos paises de Europa Continue Reading Experimento Marcos

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  • Como Compartir Tu Fe


    A veces, surge la pregunta: `Como representante de Jesus, que es lo mas importante: la vida que vivo o las palabras que digo?’ Esta pregunta crea una antitesis falsa entre la consistencia de nuestra vida y nuestro testimonio verbal. Esto lo dice Paul Little en su guia clasica para compartir tu fe. En este libro practico y realista, Little ofrece ejemplos de la vida cotidiana y consejos utiles para gente normal que quiere compartir el mensaje extraordinario del evangelio.

    As a Christian sharing the faith, what is more to the point: the life I lead or the words I say? Both, of course! Witnessing and living is one and the same thing for a committed Christian. And we are meant to strive for both with equal energy and zeal. Paul Little says as much in his already classical guide to sharing the faith. With plenty of cases in point and down to earth advice, Paul Little helps us share the extraordinary message of the gospel in new ways. More relevant than ever, it is a tested and tried resource. Continue Reading Como Compartir Tu Fe

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  • Spiritual Direction : A Guide For Sharing The Fathers Love


    The need for spiritual direction-or the accompaniment of a spiritual guide-is becoming more prominent in a world where so many are suffering from so many wounds. With a harmonious integration of both timeless spiritual wisdom from the Catholic Church’s tradition of prayer and direction, and the insight of the psychological sciences, Fathers Thomas Acklin and Boniface Hicks offer a comprehensive guide for all who provide or seek spiritual direction.

    Spiritual Direction: A Guide for Sharing the Father’s Love fortifies priests, religious, and lay faithful who embrace the ministry of spiritual direction and accompany the wounded, assist men and women in hearing the voice of God, and model the love and mercy of the Father for the many who are seeking Him but do not know Him or have false images of Him. This book also shows how various aspects of the spiritual life can emerge from and be fostered by a one-on-one relationship with a spiritual director.

    Together with concrete guidelines and numerous examples from personal experience, this book refers extensively to Sacred Scripture as the foundation for spiritual direction. Furthermore, since the practice of spiritual direction goes back to the first centuries of the Church, the authors turn for guidance to the Doctors of the Church, the writings of the saints, and the papal magisterium in developing and supporting their insights.

    Spiritual Direction will call spiritual directors to deeper holiness even as they assist others in growing closer to the Father through His loving gaze of mercy. Continue Reading Spiritual Direction : A Guide For Sharing The Fathers Love

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  • Jesus Today : Living Life As Jesus Would


    Jesus Today will encourage every believer to live as Jesus would, were He physically alive on earth today. Jesus Today is presented in two major sections: Every chapter has a modern day fictional story based on Jesus’ parables followed by practical and applicable teaching. Marc Estes will bring readers to an understanding that they can affect their world through faith and obedience in Christ.
    Continue Reading Jesus Today : Living Life As Jesus Would

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  • Evangelize Or Fosselize


    Truly, there is nothing so tragic, so hard, and so icy as a fossilized church or Christian. Nothing can keep the Christian warm, fresh, and alive like evangelism. Soulwinning is a safeguard against a dead, barren orthodoxy. That the church’s expansion depends upon her evangelism is the testimony of the ages. Failing to save, she cannot survive. A lack of evangelism, ultimately, will lead to extinction.

    Renowned Bible teacher Dr. Herbert Lockyer examines the call, the methods, the obstacles, and the challenge of bringing the gospel to a lost and hurting world. When the Holy Spirit enables men and women of God to offer their lives for the sake of the Lord Jesus and to turn the world upside down, it is the greatest adventure of all time!
    Continue Reading Evangelize Or Fosselize

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  • Evangelism By Fire


    All it takes is a Holy Spirit-induced spark to ignite a conflagration for Christ across the world! Offering biblical principles and prophetic messages, Bonnke’s plan for effective evangelism will inspire you to make disciples of all nations. Discover how to share Jesus’ matchless message, use weapons of spiritual warfare, implement seven steps to success, and more. 336 pages, softcover from Charisma.
    Continue Reading Evangelism By Fire

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  • Guia Practica Para El Evangeli


    La importancia de una evangelizacion Cristocentrica es imperativa. Este manual de capacitacion presenta una guia estudio para los cristianos que quieren aprender a evangelizar conforme al modelo biblico. Incluye una guia de estudio sobre el evangelismo para individuos o para compartir en grupos.
    Continue Reading Guia Practica Para El Evangeli

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  • Evangelismo Con Permiso


    When was the last time that a non-believer actually asked you to share your faith? Now you can learn to engage unbelievers in a way that honors God, and that helps you move past the guilt, fear, and failure that so often thwarts evangelism! Author Michael Simpson, a former atheist who used to attack and attempt to disprove the beliefs of Christians, today has a powerful vision and passion for reaching the lost for Christ. In this daring new way of looking at evangelism, Simpson will equip you to recognize the powerful work of grace in your own life, and to understand the right and wrong ways to approach a seeker. You’ll learn to articulate your personal story of salvation as the amazing, compelling adventure that it really is!
    Continue Reading Evangelismo Con Permiso

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  • Esperanza Un Una Era De Cinism


    Jimmy Long, a campus minister for more than twenty-five years, is convinced that we are in the middle of a societal hurricane. As our culture moves further into post-modernity, now is a time of enormous and rapid change. How do we do church in such an era? How do we reach the lost? How do we communicate hope?In Emerging Hope Long traces the connections between post-modernism and the emerging generations–Generation X and the millennial generation–highlighting implications for evangelism and discipleship. What emerges is a compelling strategy for ministry that will appeal to a generation starved for a sense of belonging.
    Continue Reading Esperanza Un Una Era De Cinism

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  • Team Evangelism Packet (Teacher’s Guide)


    The TEAM Evangelism Resource Packet Includes: Implementation Manual, Teacher’s Manual, Workbook, Spiritual Gifts Inventory, Textbook, 4 Audio CDs, And Team Mate Personal Ministry Planner.

    Additional Info
    TEAM Evangelism works for the 90 percent of Christians who do not have the gift of evangelism. When it comes to outreach, some Christians are wary of approaching strangers or even friends with the Gospel. This resource provides a no-guilt, no-pressing-for-decision strategy that shows how to influence your loved ones for Christ. It builds in accountability while allowing everyone to be themselves, using their individual personalities and God-given spiritual gifts in the evangelism process. There is a place for everyone and a role for every gift! TEAM Evangelism is based on the TEAM philosophy of ministry – using people where they are best suited. This packet will get your members involved in winning souls in a way with which they are most comfortable. Once they are comfortable, they will want to be involved on a regular basis. This packet is user friendly and designed for the average layperson to understand. You will be able to train confrontational and nonconfrontational personalities together for an effective evangelistic ministry! The TEAM Evangelism resource packet includes: implementation manual, teacher’s manual, workbook, Spiritual Gifts Inventory, textbook, 4 audio CDs, and Team Mate Personal Ministry Planner.

    Continue Reading Team Evangelism Packet (Teacher’s Guide)

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  • Digital Evangelism : You Can Do It Too


    Times have changed, and so have the methods for evangelism. We’re living in the digital age now. If you want to reach more of the world for Christ, you have to be tech-savvy with computers, the Net, and those who use them. Do you want to be a part of this final push to get the Gospel out to all the world before Jesus returns? Time is definitely running out to do so. Get this book now and add digital evangelism to your repertoire of ministry skills. Continue Reading Digital Evangelism : You Can Do It Too

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  • Hells Best Kept Secret


    Why are so many unbelievers turning away from the message of the gospel? Doesn’t the Bible tell us how to bring sinners to true repentence? If so, where have we missed it? The answer may surprise you. One hundred years ago, Satan buried the crucial key needed to unlock the believer’s heart. Now Ray Comfort boldly breaks away from modern tradition and calls for a return to biblical evangelism. If you’re experiencing evangelical frustration over lost souls, unrepentent sinners and backslidden believers, then look no further. This radical approach could be the missing dimension needed to win our generation to Christ. Continue Reading Hells Best Kept Secret

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  • How To Bring Men To Christ


    Even though many Christians earnestly want to tell others the liberating message of the Gospel, they simply don’t know how to go about doing so. In this very practical book by R. A. Torrey, you will discover the keys to effective evangelism that will enable you to fulfill your calling as an ambassador for Christ. Continue Reading How To Bring Men To Christ

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  • Perspectives On The World Christian Movement A Reader 4th Edition


    New 2009 Edition! Perspectives on the World Christian Movement presents a multi-faceted collection of readings exploring the biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic dimensions of world evangelization. Writings from more than 150 mission scholars and practitioners (over 60 of them new in this edition) portray the history and anticipate the potential of the global Christian movement. Every one of the 170 articles are side bars offers practical wisdom enabling Christians to labor together in bold, biblical hope to finish the task of seeing that Christ is named and followed among all hte peoples of the earth. The Fourth Edition contains over 60 articles and sidebars that are new to this edition. Many articles have been updated and revised.
    Continue Reading Perspectives On The World Christian Movement A Reader 4th Edition

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  • Faith Of Generation Y


    Church House Publishing

    The members of Generation Y (those born after 1980) in Britain have had less contact with the Church than any previous generation in living memory. So what interest do young people have in Christianity’ Does belief in God make any difference to them”’Using both sociological and theological approaches, the authors shed light on these questions by drawing on the views of over 300 young people who have participated in Christian youth and community outreach projects around England over the last five years. A response from the Bishop of Coventry is also included, considering the implications of the research for the wider Church. ”Building on the hugely influential, ground-breaking research in Making Sense of Generation Y, this is a must for all those working with young people in the church or wanting to develop their mission to young people. Continue Reading Faith Of Generation Y

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  • Mission Shaped Children


    Church House Publishing

    The saying ‘Children are our future…’ may be a cliche but it is one that the Church cannot afford to ignore! Too often, nurture and worship for children is about containing and entertaining, rather than engaging with and growing young Christians who can give as much as they receive. Mission-shaped Church touched on the importance of involving and nurturing the children and young people in the Church, but only in passing. Mission-shaped Children fills this gap. Written as a response to Mission-shaped Church from the perspective of children, this important book explores: how the dramatic cultural, social and economic trends of recent years have impacted on children’s lives and how this affects the Church; developments in how the Church has nurtured children in the past 100 years; the many and varied opportunities there are to help children to experience Church and some of the challenges this presents for those working with children; and how the Church can shape itself around children and young people, rather than expecting them to fit in with the Church. Written in an engaging style, Mission-shaped Children contains many real life case studies, practical examples and questions for discussion. Continue Reading Mission Shaped Children

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  • Mission Shaped Spirituality


    Church House Publishing

    If your shelves are overloaded with books on how to do mission, create some space to engage with this book. No to-do lists. No win-win strategies. Instead this discerning book reflects on the inner resources and attitude of mind required to engage in mission in a post-modern, pluralist society.

    Combining real-life case studies with vital lessons from her own personal journey, Susan Hope explores what happens to us on the inside when we embark on mission. This gently provocative book will help us to listen to the Holy Spirit and the cultures in which we find ourselves.

    This book encourages the reader to discover a spirituality that envigorates and revives enthusiasm and personal vision for mission. Continue Reading Mission Shaped Spirituality

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  • Evangelism In A Spiritual Age


    Church House Publishing

    Based on extensive research, Evangelism in a Spiritual Age takes a detailed look at the spirituality of people beyond the fringe of the Church and offers insightful responses to how the Church might address the issue of evangelism in the twenty-first century.

    Topics include:
    Big questions people are asking – How people view Christians and the Church – Listening its vital importance – Achievable ideas for the local church – General trends in spirituality and creative evangelism – The community as a key to contemporary evangelism.

    This timely and practical book enables all those interested in evangelism to understand the spirituality of people who don’t go to Church and to communicate the gospel more effectively. Continue Reading Evangelism In A Spiritual Age

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  • Hidden Secrets Of The Eastern Star


    15 Chapters

    Additional Info
    This well researched and documented book proves that the Eastern Star is steeped in the occult. Contains 1,483 footnotes, many from Eastern Star and Masonic sources.

    After reading this book, you will know the answers to questions like:

    * Is it a secret society?
    * What is the Cabalistic Motto?
    * WHO is represented by the star?
    * Is there a Masonic connection?

    You will learn secret passwords, symbols, colors, flowers, gems, and a GODDESS connection. Also included is a special chapter on the Rainbow Girls that contains information every parent needs to know. Continue Reading Hidden Secrets Of The Eastern Star

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