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  • Tracking Changes : One Editor’s Advice To Inspirational Fiction Authors


    So you want to be a fiction writer and have your book published? Read this book first! It’s filled with great advice from a veteran editor.

    Our ability to skillfully string words together is a gift from God-one we should use to the best of our ability to honor Him.

    More than another book about how to write, Tracking Changes is a book about how to be a writer for God in an ever-changing industry that can challenge even the most determined writer. In this series of 46 essays, veteran editor Ramona Richards looks at what it means to be a working writer in today’s market. Some of the topics she covers include:

    * What an editor looks for in the first pages of a manuscript
    * How manuscripts are chosen for publication
    * Why manuscripts get rejected
    * What editors look for in a writer
    * How to work with a publisher after acceptance
    * The stages of a thorough production process-and the edits involved
    * The benefits of networking, social media, and writers conferences

    A writer’s journey toward publication can be a struggle. Drawing on 40 years of work in Christian publishing, Ramona offers encouragement and advice to help make that path a little easier. Continue Reading Tracking Changes : One Editor’s Advice To Inspirational Fiction Authors

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  • Come Thou Long Expected Jesus


    Between purchasing presents and planning travel, enjoying holiday pageants and attending parties, it is all too easy for the busyness of Christmas to crowd out a quiet anticipation of this sacred season. This anthology edited by Nancy Guthrie draws from the works and sermons of classic theologians such as George Whitefield, Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon, and Augustine, and from leading contemporary teachers such as John Piper, Randy Alcorn, Tim Keller, and Joni Eareckson Tada to help readers enter into the wonder of Jesus’s incarnation and birth.

    Each of the twenty-two essays in this volume expounds on a particular aspect of the Christmas story and includes the appropriate Scripture passage from the ESV Bible. It is sure to awaken people’s longing and prepare their hearts for a fresh experience of the coming of Jesus each and every Christmas season. Continue Reading Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

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  • Collected Essays Of N T Wright Set


    Collected Essays of N. T. Wright brings together N. T. Wright’s most important articles on Scripture and hermeneutics, Jesus and the Gospels, and Paul and his Letters over the last three decades.

    Here is a rich feast for all serious students of the New Testament. Each essay in this three-volume collection will amply reward those looking for detailed, incisive, and exquisitely nuanced exegesis, resulting in a clearer, deeper and more informed appreciation of Scripture and its application to Christian life and thought today. Continue Reading Collected Essays Of N T Wright Set

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  • Interpreting Paul : Essays On The Apostle And His Letters


    Interpreting Paul brings together N. T. Wright’s most important articles on Paul and his letters since the publication of his magisterial Paul and the Faithfulness of God in 2013. Many of the included studies have never been published or only available in hard-to-find larger volumes and journals.

    Here is a rich feast for all serious students of the Bible. Each essay will amply reward those looking for detailed, incisive, and exquisitely nuanced exegesis, resulting in a clearer, deeper, and more informed appreciation of Paul and the relevance of his teaching to Christian life and thought today. Continue Reading Interpreting Paul : Essays On The Apostle And His Letters

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  • Interpreting Jesus : Essays On The Gospels


    Interpreting Jesus brings together N. T. Wright’s most important articles on Jesus and the Gospels over the last three decades. Many of the included studies have never been published or only available in hard-to-find larger volumes and journals.

    Here is a rich feast for all serious students of the Bible. Each essay will amply reward those looking for detailed, incisive, and exquisitely nuanced exegesis, resulting in a clearer, deeper, and more informed appreciation of the recent advances in Jesus studies, and their significance for theology today. Continue Reading Interpreting Jesus : Essays On The Gospels

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  • Interpreting Scripture : Essays On The Bible And Hermeneutics


    Interpreting Scripture brings together N. T. Wright’s most important articles on Scripture and hermeneutics over the last two decades. Many of the included studies have never been published or only available in hard-to-find larger volumes and journals.

    Here is a rich feast for all serious students of the Bible. Each essay will amply reward those looking for detailed, incisive, and exquisitely nuanced exegesis, resulting in a clearer, deeper, and more informed appreciation of Scripture and its application to Christian life and thought today. Continue Reading Interpreting Scripture : Essays On The Bible And Hermeneutics

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  • Growing In Grace


    Realizing our deficits of spiritual grace can be shocking. We see a chasm between what we know as Christians and what we practice as Christians. But this chasm is not impassable, for the Holy Spirit, the Helper sent from the Father and the Son, works with and within us to traverse that gap. For the Christian, through all of life’s circumstances and our changing conditions, growing in grace is our priority. And God gives what He commands. He gives us means and tools to use that can truly, daily, bring us nearer to the ever-urgent goal of godliness. This book is one of those tools. Growing in Grace presents thirteen essays to assist in your pursuit of godliness. Contributors include Stephen Myers, Rhett Dodson, Daniel Timmer, Joseph Pipa, Tom Nettles, Maarten Kuivenhoven, Joel Beeke, Rob Ventura, Ian Macleod, Greg Salazar, William VanDoodewaard, and Mark Kelderman. Continue Reading Growing In Grace

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  • Future Of Orthodox Anglicanism


    Anglicanism is the fastest growing Christian communion in the world today. It is attracting evangelicals who hunger for connections to the early church and for mystery, sacraments, and liturgy. But many people, even Anglicans themselves, don’t really understand what sets today’s Anglicanism apart from some of its history and distinguishes it from other Christian denominations. In 11 essays by leading Anglican scholars representing perspectives from East Africa, North Africa, and North America, this book clarifies what distinguishes Anglicanism from both Roman Catholicism and other Protestant denominations, reflecting on the tradition’s rich legacy in the past while offering a winsome proposal for the future. Continue Reading Future Of Orthodox Anglicanism

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  • Truth And Hope


    In this varied collection of essays, Walter Brueggemann provides a lens into biblical teachings concerning the present age of fake news, lies, and alternate realities. Compiled and edited by Louis Stulman, professor of religion at the University of Findlay, these essays carry a common theme of truth and hope. As Brueggemann writes in the preface, there is no doubt that the prophetic tradition regularly engages in truth-telling in order to expose social reality as a systemic act of ‘falseness’ that contradicts the purposes of God. The prophetic tradition of Jeremiah, for instance, is preoccupied with truth-telling that exposes ‘falseness.’ The prophet exposes the deceit of dominant culture.

    That same prophetic tradition (like many others) turns eventually to the work of hope-telling. Such hope does not doubt that the faithful God can create futures, a way out of no way. The sequence from truth to hope in the book of Jeremiah is characteristic of the prophetic books of the Old Testament. These several prophetic voices (that gave canonical shape to the prophetic books) knew that this sequence is definingly important. There can be no hope until truth is told. Our temptation, of course, is to do the work of hope without the prior work of truth.

    Readers will find this collection of essays to be theologically rooted in the concept of prophetic tradition as a means of truth-telling. Brueggemann explores that, without God, truth-telling is nothing more than harping, and hope-telling is only wishful thinking. Continue Reading Truth And Hope

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  • Christianity In Sub Saharan Africa


    Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa is a comprehensive reference volume that covers key facts and analyses on every country in Sub-Saharan Africa, offering reliable demographic information and original interpretative essays by indigenous scholars and practitioners. It maps patterns of growth and decline, assesses major traditions and movements, analyzes key themes, and examines current trends.

    This is the paperback version of volume 1, of a 10-volume series, and it’s ideal for anyone studying African Christianity. It includes essays examining each of the major Christian traditions (Anglicans, Independents, Orthodox, Protestants, Roman Catholics, Evangelicals, Pentecostals/Charismatics), as well as key themes such as faith and culture, worship and spirituality, theology, social and political engagement, mission and evangelism, religious freedom, interfaith relations, slavery, anthropology of evil, and migration. Continue Reading Christianity In Sub Saharan Africa

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  • Essays In Apocalypse


    A Note From The Author
    1. America: Babylon’s Mirror Image
    2. The Building Economic Boom
    3. Putin: Gog Or Evil Twin?
    4. January 2015: Walking With God
    5. February 2015: Antichrist Archetype Emerges
    6. March 2015: It’s Deja Vu All Over Again
    7. April 2015: Good Advice For Israel – Sort Of
    8. May 2015: Listening For The Midnight Cry
    9. June 2015: Progressive Thinking Prophetic
    10. July 2015: Persia, Prophecy, Pulpits, And Pews
    11. August 2015: Apocalyptic Axis In The News
    12. September 2015: Is This Gog-Magog?
    13. November 2015: Temple Mount Turbulence
    14. December 2015: Sovereignty And Climate Change
    15. January 2016: Piercing The Perils Of 2016
    16. February 2016: Gog Incentive
    17. March 2016: The Crisis Awaits
    18. April 2016: End-Times Petri Dish
    19. May 2016: Control Means Everything
    20. June 2016: Peace Quest Continues
    21. July 2016: Somebody Needs To Cause Craft To Prosper
    22. August 2016: Devil Seeks To Warm Mankind
    23. September 2016: War With The Beast
    24. October 2016: Power
    25. November 2016: Prayer Wars
    26. December 2016: The ABC Questions
    27. January 2017: Israel’s 100-Year Storm
    28. February 2017: Doomsdayers’ Diatribe
    29. March 2017: Catalyst For Cataclysm
    30. April 2017: New World Order Throwing Fit
    31. May 2017: America’s Schizophrenia
    32. June 2017: Restrainer Working Overtime
    33. July 2017: Kings Of East Nuclear Factor
    34. August 2017: Mr. President – Cursing Or Blessing?
    35. September 2017: Prelude To Planetary Madness
    36. October 2017: Rapture And Watching
    37. November 2017: Departure Near
    38. December 2017: God Declared Out Of Order
    Conclusion: End-of-Days Drama

    Additional Info
    A tense world struggles in chaos…and the clock is ticking.

    Events are aligning as mankind spirals into anger, war, fear, and hopelessness. Nations are at odds with populism and globalism. Political leaders and dictators vie for power and influence. Looking back, you wonder how did we get here? Yet, these events are only signposts to the real future of mankind…the prophetic end of days.

    Globalism and Israel remain the two important factors to understanding key biblical prophecies. Signals abound that this generation is on the edge of experiencing a transition into the Tribulation. There may be no more dramatic proof that this sudden change is about to happen than what has resulted from the election of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States. In addition to being staunchly anti-globalism, Trump is stridently pro-Israel; moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is proof. Now discover:

    Why Israel is such an important target for Satan
    How America is part of the biblical prophecies
    Which country is Babylon the Great – and why it will be destroyed

    Follow prophecy expert Terry James as he shares a collection of pivotal essays from 2015 to 2017 that reveal and highlight the prophetic clues that have brought us to this point in the countdown to a coming judgment. It all comes down to a single question – are you prepared for what is to come? Continue Reading Essays In Apocalypse

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  • Root Of The Righteous


    Tapping the Bedrock of True Spirituality God commands Christians both to bear fruit and to be rooted in Christ. But one comes before the other. In this collection of short essays, Tozer writes about the necessity of communion with God in the life of the believer. He critiques the focus on fruit and not on the Fount, offering thoughtful and practical insights for living the nourished life.

    For the Christian eager to bear fruit-the busy one bearing little, the young one wanting growth, or the long-timer feeling discouraged -The Root of the Righteous is indispensable. May Tozer bring you to the center, to the Vine, that you may bear fruit for your joy and God’s good pleasure. Continue Reading Root Of The Righteous

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  • Scripture Cannot Be Broken


    14 Classic Essays in Defense of Inerrancy Biblical inerrancy is under attack. Now more than ever, the church needs to carefully consider what it stands to lose should this crucial doctrine be surrendered. Under the editorial oversight of pastor John MacArthur, this anthology of essays in defense of inerrancy features contributions from a host of respected twentieth century evangelical leaders. The Scripture Cannot Be Broken stands as a clarion call to all who love the Bible and want to see Christ’s church thrive in our increasingly secular world. It is a call to stand alongside our spiritual forefathers with wisdom, clarity, and courage-resolute in our confidence that Scripture is the very Word of God. Continue Reading Scripture Cannot Be Broken

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  • Letters To A Birmingham Jail


    On April 16th, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail was published and soon became the manifesto of the civil rights movement. Dr. King did not pick up his pen and react to hate filled racists. Instead, he found any scrap of paper that he could write on and responded to the passive pleas of white clergy, Isn’t there another way around this, a more subtle and patient way? Can’t you just wait, Dr. King?

    Over the half century that has elapsed since the publication of Letter from a Birmingham Jail, much has transpired and progress has been made. Long gone are the burning crosses, biting police dogs and angry mobs; in its place we find passivity, cynicism and avoidance. In God’s sovereignty, voices from today’s church have emerged declaring that we cannot wait. These diverse voices are grateful for the laws that the civil rights movement were able to change, but also acknowledge that while the movement could change laws, it could never change hearts. Only the cross and empty tomb of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ can do that.

    Letters to a Birmingham Jail is a collection of essays written by men of various ethnicities and ages, yet all are committed to the centrality of the gospel, nudging us to pursue Christ exalting diversity. The gospel demands justice in all its forms – spiritual and physical. This was a truth that Dr. King fought and gave his life for, and this is a truth that these modern day drum majors for justice continue to beat. Continue Reading Letters To A Birmingham Jail

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  • Fullness Of Time


    Alan Tippett’s publications played a significant role in the development of missiology. The volumes in this series
    augment his distinguished reputation by bringing to light his many unpublished materials and hard-to-locate
    printed articles. These books-encompassing theology, anthropology, history, area studies, religion, and ethnohistory- broaden the contours of the discipline.

    Tippett believed his writings on ethnohistory were his most original contribution to the discipline of missiology.
    The wealth of material in Fullness of Time is his best ethnohistory writing-most of which has never been published.
    Explore the methods and models of this captivating field of study. Realize how documents, oral tradition,
    and even artifacts can be used to recreate the cultural situation of a prior time. Learn about the South Pacific,
    Ethiopia, Hawaii, and Australia, both in and through time. Continue Reading Fullness Of Time

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  • Spiritual Progress : Five Inspiring Essays By Mystical Thinkers Of The 17th


    A collection of five inspiring essays by three closely linked mystical thinkers of the seventeenth century-Franois Fenelon, Madame Guyon, and Pere Lacombe-whose focus on the availability of intimacy with God made them scandalous in their day.

    Christian Counsel and Spiritual Letters, by Archbishop Fenelon, offer wise advice on how to find the keys to true devotion and peace.

    Method of Prayer and On the Way to God, by Fenelon’s close friend, Madame Guyon, demonstrate the critical importance of constant prayer.

    Spiritual Maxims, by Pere Lacombe, the spiritual mentor of Madame Guyon, emphasizes the importance of expressing a passionate love for God.

    Each stirring work is divided into short chapters, making Spiritual Progress ideal for morning or evening devotions, or for Bible study. This treasured collection of classic Christian wisdom is certain to lead readers closer to the heart of God. Continue Reading Spiritual Progress : Five Inspiring Essays By Mystical Thinkers Of The 17th

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  • Faith Seeking Understanding


    How does the Christian faith help us see into the true nature of life more clearly? Why do people suffer? Where do we come from? What does Jesus have to say to a changing world? What can we learn from great mission pioneers about seeking truth at the cutting edges of human knowledge? Faith Seeking Understanding explores such questions. Notable Christian thinkers such as Philip Yancey, Alvin Plantinga, Rodney Stark, Allan Chapman, Don Richardson, Yuan Zhiming, and more, share powerful insights that help answer the deepest questions people face in the twenty-first century from the perspective of Christian faith. Inspired by the lives and accomplishments of Ralph D. Winter and Paul Brand, this book seeks to apply the curious, open-minded, and compassionate spirit these Christian leaders exhibited to key contemporary questions in science, history, philosophy, theology, and comparative religion. The reader will gain a fresh appreciation for the intellectual challenges of the Christian faith, and some of most fascinating and sometimes controversial ways in which those challenges are being met.
    Continue Reading Faith Seeking Understanding

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  • Toward Respectful Understanding And Witness Among Muslims


    Fourteen preeminent Christian scholars of Islam present their latest research and reflections. The book is organized around three themes: encouraging friendly conversation, Christian scholarship, and Christian witness. Published in honor of J. Dudley Woodberry, it is more than a collection of essays by friends and colleagues. It offers a seldom-available synopsis of the theories of contemporary leading Christian academicians whose work is currently influencing a wide range of Christian institutions, agencies, churches, and individuals. Continue Reading Toward Respectful Understanding And Witness Among Muslims

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  • Way Of Wisdom


    On August 30, 2000, Dr. Bruce Waltke, Professor of Old Testament at Regent College and Reformed Theological Seminary, will be turning 70 years old. In honor of that occasion and of Waltke’s lifetime of biblical scholarship, this book will be presented to him. The authors envision a volume of essays on the theme of wisdom written in a scholarly way but with broad appeal to an informed lay reader with theological interests (the kind of reader who is attracted to publications like CT., Crux, and/or The Wall Street Journal). The contributors will include J. I. Packer (lead article), Sven Soderlund, David Baker, David Diewert, Bill Dumbrell, Jim Houston, Karen Jobes, S. Lewis Johnson, Walter Kaiser, Roger Nicole, Earl Radmacher, John Sailhamer, Ray Van Leeuwen, and Ron Youngblood. Continue Reading Way Of Wisdom

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  • Object Lessons : 100 Lessons From Everyday Life (Revised)


    What good is a broken fingernail? What can you do with a frying pan, a hammer, and an egg? How is a balloon different from a brick?

    The world around us is full of items useful for interesting and meaningful object lessons. Dr. Ryrie uses pencils, light bulbs, sunglasses, and even the air around us to illustrate truths about salvation and the Christian life.

    All of the objects are simple and easy to find, and the lessons can be used for any group of any age. Children and adults alike will enjoy learning more when you present these fascinating illustrations.
    Continue Reading Object Lessons : 100 Lessons From Everyday Life (Revised)

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  • Andrew Murray On Prayer


    Every Christian can reap the benefits of prayer. Through Murray’s writings, you will find out how your devotions can be transformed so that you can realize the fullness of God’s love, peace, and divine power in your daily walk. Lovingly explained, the principles presented here will permanently alter your prayer life.
    Continue Reading Andrew Murray On Prayer

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  • Let Go : To Get Peace And Real Joy


    87 Pagers

    Additional Info
    Do you often struggle through family problems, battle with the tensions of raising children, or find yourself over whelmed with pressures on the job? Are personal failures and disappointments on the increase as you face each day? What a fountain of life it would be to discover how to let go of those distresses and learn to embrace the joy and peace that God has promised! Fenelon-with amazing insight-speaks firmly, but lovingly, to those whose lives have been an uphill climb and reveals just how to Let Go! During the 17th century, Fenelon was the Archbishop of Cambrai, France. While in the office of the Archbishop, Fenelon became a spiritual advisor of a small number of people at the Court of Louis the Fourteenth, who sought, under Fenelon’s wise direction, to live a life of true spirituality. Continue Reading Let Go : To Get Peace And Real Joy

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  • Gleanings In The Fields Of Boaz


    Part One consists of miscellaneous messages gathered together under the headings Live By The Life Of God, We Died In Christ, and God’s Building, Part Two is composed of two hitherto unpublished articles and Nee’s last exhortations to his fellow workers. Part Three is a collection of some of his personal letters. Very revealing.
    Continue Reading Gleanings In The Fields Of Boaz

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