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Eschatology (End Times)

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  • Sacudimiento Y Avivamiento De


    !Sacudimiento… avivamiento… y cosecha!

    Los ultimos tiempos se estan revelando ante nuestros ojos.

    Primero, habra sacudimientos sin precedentes.

    Hoy en dia, el mundo esta siendo sacudido de manera sin precedentes. Y esto es solo el comienzo. Las naciones, instituciones, economias, familias, individuos, el medio ambiente, el cosmos, el mundo espiritual; en fin, en cada dimension y esfera de la vida, veremos poderosas olas de sacudimiento que interrumpiran el curso de nuestras vidas y eliminaran nuestro falso sentido de seguridad en los recursos terrenales, obligandonos a volver la mirada a nuestro Creador.

    El proposito principal de los sacudimientos es juzgar al mundo por su pecado y rebelion contra Dios. Sin embargo, Dios usara el sacudimiento que estamos experimentando ahora para refinar a los creyentes, de modo que seamos purificados hasta convertirnos en el remanente que esta listo para la inminente aparicion de Jesus.

    Segundo, habra un avivamiento sin precedentes.

    A medida que respondamos al sacudimiento con arrepentimiento y profundo fervor a Dios, estaremos preparados para tomar papel activo en el avivamiento de los ultimos dias, en el que se revelara la gloria soberana de Dios. Habra un movimiento sobrenatural integral caracterizado por milagros, sanidades, salvaciones, provision financiera, vision profetica, santidad renovada, adoracion poderosa, discipulado solido y profundo amor.

    Finalmente, !habra una cosecha de almas sin precedentes con impacto global!

    El Espiritu Santo empoderara a la iglesia para alcanzar a los perdidos con demostracion de milagros, seales y maravillas. Millones de personas en todo el mundo vendran al arrepentimiento genuino, entregando sus corazones al Seor Jesus.

    En Sacudimiento y avivamiento de los ultimos tiempos, el autor de best-sellers, Guillermo Maldonado, profundiza sobre el tema de los ultimos tiempos introducido en sus libros anteriores, revelando como…
    *Evitar el juicio de Dios
    *Responder correctamente a los sacudimientos divinos en su vida y en el mundo
    *Ser avivado y continuamente lleno del Espiritu
    *Participar en la cosecha mundial de almas
    *Moverse con poder sobrenatural

    !Necesitamos entender el ciclo de Dios en los eventos de los ultimos tiempos para poder alinear nuestras vidas a Sus propositos trascendentales en estos dias finales!

    Shaking…Then Revival…Then Harvest!

    The end times are unfolding before our eyes.

    First, there will be unprecedented shakings. Continue Reading Sacudimiento Y Avivamiento De

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  • Satan The Antichrist


    True it is that all who deny the Father and the Son are antichrists. It is also true that there are many antichrists abroad today; and that ‘the man of sin’ of the tribulation period will be known as ‘the Antichrist.’ But seeing that Satan is at the back of all anti–Christian forces, and the instigator of all open hatred to God and to His Christ, he can be fitly termed– Satan, the Antichrist. –Herbert Lockyer

    We live in a time when people have cast off restraint. Gone are the days of restraint and moderation. Behaviors and beliefs that would have shocked previous generations are now accepted as commonplace. We live in an age of lewd and carnal gratification. As believers, we know who is responsible for the rotten state of the world: Satan. In these perilous times, it is imperative for the saints of God to fully recognize the strategy and devices of the enemy. A complete understanding of Satan and his plans will force us to look upon these tangled times with knowing eyes.

    In Satan the Antichrist, best-selling Bible teacher Herbert Lockyer traces the diabolical plan of Satan through both the Old and New Testaments, and forward through the ages, including the church period and during and after the tribulation. He reveals the spiritual weapons at our disposal, that we might remain resistant and vigilant in our faith by using both the Word of God and the blood of Christ in the promised vanquishing of this evil antichrist. Continue Reading Satan The Antichrist

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  • End Times : Practical Heavenly Mindedness (Student/Study Guide)


    Do you wonder about the end times–when it will come? What it will be like? What will happen to you? As R. Paul Stevens leads you to examine for yourself what the Bible says about end times, you’ll learn what you can do now to be ready for the future–whatever it holds.
    Continue Reading End Times : Practical Heavenly Mindedness (Student/Study Guide)

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  • Prophecy Pros Illustrated Guide To Tough Questions About The End Times


    Clear Answers to Complex Questions

    Keeping track of the many details about the end times can be challenging for even the most seasoned believer. But with this book, the bestselling authors behind the Prophecy Pros Podcast are here to bring you a comprehensive and user-friendly guide to the most need-to-know facts about what is to come.

    Packed with helpful charts, infographics, timelines, and illustrations, Prophecy Pros Illustrated Guide to Tough Questions About the End Times delivers to-the-point, speculation-free, biblically sourced answers about the rapture, second coming, God’s plans for Israel, the tribulation, life in heaven, and beyond.

    As you grow in your understanding of how God’s promises about the future will be fulfilled, your trust in Him will be transformed. Whether you’re new to the faith or a longtime student of Bible prophecy, this approachable handbook will provide clear answers to your questions and concerns about the end times, inspiring you to face the future with confidence! Continue Reading Prophecy Pros Illustrated Guide To Tough Questions About The End Times

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  • Charting The End Times


    History’s End. Eternity’s Beginning.

    God has made the future known, and as a Christian, you have the privilege of studying it. More than just a glimpse of what is to come, Bible prophecy is a vital part of your walk with God, granting you unique insights into who He is and what He has in store for you.

    With Charting the End Times, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of forthcoming events, from the Rapture, to the last days, to the Millennial kingdom, and beyond. Bestselling author Tim LaHaye and prophecy expert Thomas Ice have teamed up to provide a guidebook packed with timelines, illustrations, and infographics that offer clarity on challenging concepts.

    Featuring a foldout portraying God’s complete plan for the ages, 50 full-color charts and diagrams, and carefully researched answers to your toughest questions, Charting the End Times will inspire you to live with joy in the assurance that God’s perfect plan for the future is intact, and that He has prepared for you a place within it. Continue Reading Charting The End Times

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  • Non Prophets Guide To The End Times


    I Believe Jesus Will Return…
    What More Do I Need to Know?

    Do you tend to avoid studying books of the Bible like Revelation and Ezekiel? Does it feel like words such as rapture and apocalypse fly right over your head? It’s common for many Christians to dismiss these topics as irrelevant and…well…too complicated.

    But God’s Word says, Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near (Revelation 1:3).

    So prepare to be blessed in a fun and meaningful way! The Non-Prophet’s Guide to the End Times combines engaging illustrations with down-to-earth explanations to help you navigate the ins and outs of Bible prophecy. If you’ve read today’s headlines, you know there’s no better time to make sense of the world’s destiny-and your own-than this very moment. Continue Reading Non Prophets Guide To The End Times

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  • End Time Shaking And Revival


    Shaking…Then Revival…Then Harvest!

    The end times are unfolding before our eyes.

    First, there will be unprecedented shakings.

    Today, the world is shaking in alarming ways. And this is just the beginning. Nations, institutions, economies, families, individuals, the earth’s environment, the cosmos, the spiritual realm–in every dimension and sphere of life, we will see powerful waves of shaking that disrupt the course of our lives and take away our false sense of security in earthly resources, compelling us to return to our Creator.

    The main purpose of these shakings is to judge the people of the world for their sin and rebellion against God. Yet God is using the shaking we are now experiencing to refine believers so we will be purified to become the remnant that is ready for Jesus’s imminent appearing.

    Second, there will be unprecedented revival.

    As we respond to the shaking with repentance and wholehearted devotion to God, we will be prepared to take an active role in the coming last-days revival in which God’s sovereign glory will be revealed! There will be an all-inclusive supernatural movement characterized by miracles, healings, salvations, financial provision, prophetic visions, renewed holiness, powerful worship, strong discipleship, and profound love.

    Finally, there will be an unprecedented harvest of souls with global impact!

    The Holy Spirit will empower the church to reach the lost with the demonstration of miracles, signs, and wonders. Millions of people worldwide will come to genuine repentance, surrendering their hearts to the Lord Jesus.

    In End-Time Shaking and Revival, best-selling author Guillermo Maldonado expands on last-days themes introduced in his previous books, revealing how to…
    *Avoid God’s judgment
    *Respond correctly to the divine shakings in your life and in the world
    *Be revived and continuously filled with the Spirit
    *Participate in the worldwide harvest
    *Move in supernatural power

    We must understand God’s cycle of end-time events so we can align our lives with His momentous purposes in these last days! Continue Reading End Time Shaking And Revival

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  • End Of The Present World


    t’s one of those books that come out of nowhere almost literally just when the world needs it most.

    Is it all correct what it reveals about the future, both for the world and the soul? From the vantage point of earth, who can say? It is written by a human.

    But a great saint Th r se of Lisieux was so taken by this book that it spurred her entry into the convent. Reading this book was one of the greatest graces of my life, she says in her autobiography. The impression I received from it is too sweet to express. All the great truths of religion and the mysteries of eternity plunged into my soul a happiness not of this earth.

    Completed in 1881 by an aged French priest, this remarkable book surfaced long enough to draw Th r se into the convent and then, for more than a century, plunged back into obscurity.

    Now we offer you the very first English translation of this hope-filled, chilling work.

    In it, Fr. Arminjon gets right to the point: The end of the world, Christ says, will come when the human race, sunk in the depths of indifference, is far from thinking about punishment and justice. It will be as in the days of Noah, when men lived without a care, built luxurious homes, and mocked Noah as he built his ark.

    Civilization will be at its zenith, markets overflowing with money, and stocks will never have been higher. Mankind, wallowing in unprecedented material prosperity, will have ceased to hope for heaven. Crudely attached to pleasures, man will say ‘My soul, you have goods to last for many years. Eat, drink and be merry.’

    Doesn’t that sound eerily like America just a year or so ago?

    Fr. Arminjon insists that we steer clear of every perilous opinion and make no assertion that is not justified by Tradition and the doctrine of the Fathers. Yet it’s precisely his sober reliance on Scripture and Tradition that makes this book so convincing . . . and so chilling!

    But Fr. Arminjon doesn’t merely sketch the darkness ahead; he also shows how Jesus will fill that darkness with light; and he details the rich bounty Christ has in store for all who stay faithful.

    That’s what caught Th r se up in such fervent love of God, nourished her impatience for Heaven, and confirmed her decision to choose a life wholly consecrated to Divine Love.

    The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life: let it show you how to read the signs of the times and prepare you to bear yourself as a Christian (as it did Th r se)…no matt Continue Reading End Of The Present World

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  • China And End Time Prophecy


    In China, an Army Is Rising…

    For years, China’s population size, economic growth, and thirst for military power have taken center stage by those who study biblical prophecy. Most end-time experts have seen the Red Dragon as an aggressor to Israel. In Revelation 16 and 19, John’s mention of the armies involved in the final battle marking the end of the world could well depict China’s army today.

    However, a different kind of army is also rising in China, and it is quickly approaching two hundred million people. This army is for Christ, not against Him. It is a host of Christians from the Chinese underground house church who are fighting a battle against principalities and powers and spreading the gospel in unprecedented ways under intense persecution.

    These Christians are motivated by a powerful vision called Back to Jerusalem. The Chinese church is quietly working to complete the Great Commission by bringing the gospel to unreached peoples in China’s eastern provinces and to all the countries between the border of China and the city of Jerusalem.

    Yet there’s even more to this fascinating development. What you read in this book may change your view of end-time prophecy. Back to Jerusalem is not just a missions movement of the Chinese church. It is an eschatological event confirmed by both the Old and New Testaments. God is using the Red Dragon to fulfill His ultimate purposes.

    China and End-Time Prophecy explores the surprising connection between ancient prophecy and China’s modern missions phenomenon. This book will give you a new vision of what it means to go into all the world with the gospel. Most of all, it will show you why the completion of the Great Commission is inevitable and the return of Christ is unstoppable. Continue Reading China And End Time Prophecy

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  • Rapture Of The Saints


    If you knew that within the next twenty-four hours Christ would return, according to His promise, are there any circumstances you would immediately change in the light of such a glorious event? Or are you living in such harmony with His will and purpose that no change of lifestyle would be necessary?

    Legendary Bible teacher Herbert Lockyer examines what Scripture has to say about the Second Coming of the Lord, with an emphasis on the body of Christ being ready for Him when He returns. The saints must live their lives in readiness to meet the Lord at any moment. The question we should all ask is, How am I going to live the rest of my time before Jesus comes?

    Lockyer address what both the Bible and scholars have to say about this event, and what it means for our lives today. Continue Reading Rapture Of The Saints

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  • Coming One : What The Scripture Teaches About The End Times


    Understanding God’s Plan

    Grace be unto you, and peace, from him which is, which was, and which is to come. Revelation 1:4

    Did the Lord Jesus Christ complete His work on earth during His first advent and leave to others the finishing of His great plan of redemption? Or did He simply accomplish the first stage of that great work? And is He coming back again in person to complete His glorious plan?

    In this Christian classic, legendary author and pastor A. B. Simpson provides a thorough teaching on a topic that has been debated and theorized throughout history: the second coming of Jesus Christ. Among the topics Simpson addresses are…

    The premillennial versus postmillennial theories
    The church age
    The world powers
    The plan for Israel
    The false prophet and the Antichrist
    The great tribulation
    The new heaven and earth
    Signs of the end times

    As time grows short, it has never been more crucial for believers to understand God’s future plan as laid out in Scripture. We must be swift to hear His voice and obey His command so that we will be ready on that glorious day.
    Continue Reading Coming One : What The Scripture Teaches About The End Times

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  • Days Of His Presence


    The end times are not something to be afraid of. This inspirational book provides a message of hope, focusing on the revelation of God’s glory.

    As times get difficult, a stream of renewal is rising and flowing through the body of Christ, bringing a return to the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ (2 Cor. 11:3). Francis Frangipane shows how this is the consequence of obedience to Jesus Christ, not compromise, and calls all believers to find unity with one another. As a result, we are being prepared for the glory of the Lord, which is about to be revealed.

    The Days of His Presence is a timely word for believers. It gives a positive view of what we can expect as we draw closer to end times, and it will help the reader transition into the Lord’s presence despite what is going on around us. The book is divided into five sections:
    -The Vision
    -The Presence of God
    -Rise and Walk
    -From Visitation to Habitation
    – An Unveiled Face

    Of all the marvels in this universe, the greatest is the love Christ has for His children. He is the source of our glory in the days of His presence! Continue Reading Days Of His Presence

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  • Revelation : Drama Of The Ages


    World-renowned author Dr. Herbert Lockyer unpacks the most exciting story of all time in this fascinating study that provides a glimpse into world events-some that will occur in the future, and some that are happening right now.

    Every Christian should be aware of the biblical prophesies that are about to unfold, such as…

    * The incredible calamities of the tribulation

    * The mark of the beast

    * Who will live and who will die

    * The role of the two witnesses

    * The triumphant appearance of the warrior from heaven

    * The never-ending delights of the eternal kingdom

    Plus, many more startling and inspiring events of the coming times!

    Here is your opportunity to enjoy the greatest drama ever told, as seen through the pen of one of the truly great Bible teachers of our times. Continue Reading Revelation : Drama Of The Ages

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  • Como Entender Los Ultimos Tiem


    Tim LaHaye, Jerry Jenkins, and Chris Fabry, authors of the best-selling Left Behind(R) The Kids series, invite children ages 8-12 on an intriguing exploration of Bible prophecy. This age-friendly resource features excerpts and favorite characters from the popular series, new material, clear explanations, and attention-getting illustrations. Each discovery-filled section answers the questions kids ask about the future, including What will happen when Jesus returns? How will God take care of things on earth during the end times? What will heaven be like? Children will find great encouragement in knowing about the promises of Jesus’ return, the timeline for last-days events, their home in heaven, and all the great things God has waiting for them in the future. LEFT BEHIND(R) trademarks and copyrights are licensed exclusively by Tyndale House Publishers, Carol Stream, Illinois. All Rights Reserved.
    Continue Reading Como Entender Los Ultimos Tiem

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  • Arrebatamiento : Quien Hara Fr


    The Rapture, by best-selling prophecy expert Tim LaHaye, is the result of one of the most intensive research projects in the author’s life. After weighing the evidence, he is more convinced than ever that the Bible teaches a pre-Tribulation rapture. As he shares his discoveries with readers, LaHaye… * compares the pre-Tribulation, mid-Tribulation, and post-Tribulation rapture views and gives solid reasons why the rapture comes before the Tribulation * includes timelines and charts that provide a clear picture of the end times * reveals the key to interpreting Bible prophecies correctly Christians don’t need to be confused about the future. Readers will find this a highly informative and encouraging book. Formerly titled Rapture Under Attack
    Continue Reading Arrebatamiento : Quien Hara Fr

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  • 4 Views Of The End Times Pamphlet


    Unfolds To 33 Long.
    High Gloss Plastic Coated Sheet

    Additional Info
    Four Views of the End Times pamphlet

    So what does the Bible actually say about the end times leading up to the return of Jesus Christ? Historically, four views have predominated Christianity’s understanding. Finally, those four views are explained and illustrated in simple terms.

    Each view includes a definition of the position with its main points, supporting Scriptures, the time period for the view’s main popularity, and Christian leaders supporting that view.
    Positions covered:
    – Dispensational Premillennialism
    – Amillennialism
    – Postmillennialism
    – Historic Premillennialism Continue Reading 4 Views Of The End Times Pamphlet

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  • Book Of Signs


    The apocalypse. The end times. The day of judgment. Terms such as these are both fascinating and frightening for any student of God’s Word. They point to key questions people have wrestled with for centuries, including:
    *What does the Bible tell us about the future?
    *Why is biblical prophecy relevant for Christians today?
    *What signs and signals will precede the end?
    *Which of those signs have already come to pass, which are we experiencing now, and which are still to come?

    Drawing from decades of experience as one of the world’s most-respected Bible teachers, Dr. David Jeremiah once again brings his signature wisdom, depth, and compassion to the discussion of biblical prophecy–a discussion that becomes more and more critical with each passing day.

    Join Dr. Jeremiah as he lays out the signs of the end times and helps you prepare for the days ahead in thirty-one easy-to-understand chapters. Filled with engaging illustrations and practical application, The Book of Signs is a must-have resource for Christians seeking to navigate the uncertainties of the present and embrace God’s promises for the future. Continue Reading Book Of Signs

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