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Category: Ecclesiology


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  • Ugly As Sin


    How Catholic churches are being sapped of their spiritual vitality — and what you can do about it!

    The problem with new-style churches isn t just that they re ugly — they actually distort the Faith and lead Catholics away from Catholicism.

    So argues Michael S. Rose in these eye-opening pages, which banish forever the notion that lovers of traditional-style churches are motivated simply by taste or nostalgia. In terms that non-architects can understand (and modern architects can t dismiss!), Rose shows that far more is at stake: modern churches actually violate the three natural laws of church architecture and lead Catholics to worship, quite simply, a false god.

    Not content to limit himself to theory, Rose in Ugly as Sin takes you on a revealing tour through a traditional church and a modern church. He shows conclusively how the traditional church communicates the Faith, while the modern one simply doesn t. In the process, he ll give you a renewed love and gratitude for the gift of faith that is your traditional church — plus a keener sense of just what s wrong with modern churches that look like anything but churches. Rose provides you with solid arguments (as easy to explain as they are hard to refute!) and practical tools that you can use to reverse the dangerous trend toward desacralized churches — and to make our churches once again into magnificent Houses of God! Continue Reading Ugly As Sin

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  • 7 Spheres Of Power


    The body of Christ is the powerful representative of the kingdom of God on earth. God’s desire is for the body of Christ to be equipped and built up as an irresistible force in the world. In Ephesians 4:11, the apostle Paul tells us that Jesus appointed five types of ministries, specifically gifted by God, to build up His church: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers.

    Do we see all five of these gift ministries working together in the church today? Where are the apostles and prophets? Where is their power for equipping and edifying the saints for ministry? How can the body of Christ function when these vital parts are missing? Today, God is restoring the ministries of the apostle and prophet and reestablishing their authority in Christ. Christians are reawakening to our need to move in harmony with God’s original design for the church.

    Pastor Frank Amedia expertly lays out the role of the five ministry offices in Ephesians and explains the place apostles and prophets have in the body of Christ today. More importantly, he helps readers recognize where they fit into the ministries and gifts that the Holy Spirit assigns. By doing so, they take their destined place in the body of Christ. As a result, all members of the church are empowered with gifts and ministries to fulfill God’s call for His kingdom on the earth! The Holy Spirit has assigned each of us a place of value and purpose in the body of Christ. When everyone embraces God’s design, there is freedom, unity, and power in Christ! Continue Reading 7 Spheres Of Power

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