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  • Vision Of Fatima


    Few books can provide such a penetrating, close encounter with a major Catholic event as Fr. McGlynn’s Vision of Fatima. In these fascinating pages, Fr. McGlynn tells the remarkable story of his time with Sr. Lucia one of three witnesses of Our Lady’s apparition near Fatima as she directed him in his sculpting the famed statue we know as Our Lady of Fatima.
    Fr. Tom’s first encounter with Sr. Lucia was in 1947, thirty years after she and two other shepherd children witnessed the apparition of our Blessed Mother. He brought to her his initial sculpture which he had created in the United States, asking for her blessing and approval. But she refused, claiming it was all wrong. Fr. McGlynn protested that he be allowed to show artistic expression in the statue, but Sr. Lucia would have none of it. Continue Reading Vision Of Fatima

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  • Resurrected : An Atheist And Theist Dialogue


    Preface: Did Jesus Rise From The Dead?
    John F. Ankerberg
    The Dialogue

    Theism, Revelation, And Jesus’ Resurrection
    Antony G. N. Flew
    Applying Resurrection Research And Closing Loopholes
    Gary R. Habermas
    The Church As Proof Of The Resurrection And A Word About Alternative Critical Theories
    John F. Ankerberg
    About The Participants

    Additional Info
    The Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth is the central tenet of the Christian faith. St. Paul put it succinctly: if Christ did not rise from the dead, our faith is in vain. This remarkable dialogue between the leading Christian scholar of the Resurrection and the world’s best-known philosophical atheist resulted from a three-hour discussion on a popular religious television talk show, moderated by John Ankerberg.

    The dialogue began with both participants agreeing to 12 separate historical facts that occurred when Jesus died and shortly afterward. Habermas and Flew then explored how each of their perspectives could account for what happened. Flew offered a psychological thesis interpreting the biblical accounts in natural terms. Habermas supported the historicity of the Resurrection by using contemporary critical methods. The discussion goes on to examine subjects such as medical details regarding crucifixion, extra-biblical sources for Jesus, the Jesus Seminar, St. Paul’s conversion experience and his contribution to the early Christian testimony.

    The interchange is marked by mutual respect and exceptional clarity of thought and expression. This is a book that will appeal to a wide audience of believers, seekers, and non-believers. The topic is timely, the participants renowned, and the presentation inviting to both scholar and layperson Continue Reading Resurrected : An Atheist And Theist Dialogue

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  • Ha Enterrado La Ciencia A Dios


    Este libro es la version ampliada de una serie de conferencias impartidas durante un curso titulado Fe, razon y ciencia, organizado por el Departamento de Educacion de la Universidad de Oxford en diciembre de 2000. En el, se valora la evidencia que aporta la ciencia moderna en relacion al debate entre las interpretaciones atea y teista del universo. Continue Reading Ha Enterrado La Ciencia A Dios

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  • Church And Economic Life


    SKU (ISBN): 9780716206002Malcolm Brown | Paul BallardBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2006Methodist StudiesPublisher: Epworth Press Print On Demand Product

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  • Road Ahead : A Christian Muslim Dialogue


    How can Christians and Muslims overcome the obstacles which stand in the way of mutual understanding and trust?

    This was the highly topical question addressed by forty scholars of the two faiths who gathered for a major two-day international seminar at Lambeth Palace in January 2002. Hosted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the event was supported by the Prime Minister, with the co-operation of Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan. All three contribute forewords to this book, which presents the papers read at the seminar and describes the discussions which they stimulated.

    Drawing on the insights and expertise of Christians and Muslims from a wide variety of nations and cultures, this book offers a message of hope to all those who seek to build bridges between those who follow the world’s two biggest religions. Continue Reading Road Ahead : A Christian Muslim Dialogue

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  • Scriptures In Dialogue


    In April 2003, Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, convened a group of twenty-five leading Christian and Muslim scholars for three days of theological dialogue.

    Scriptures in Dialogue presents a record of this seminar, held in Doha at the invitation of the Amir of Qatar. The focus of this gathering was the study of passages from the Qur’an and the Bible. Combining scholarship at the highest level with commitment to the practice of their faiths in the modern world, the participants addressed questions such as discernment of the Word of God, the place of women in their believing communities, and making space for the religious ‘Other’.

    At a time when the world’s attention was fixed on the conflict in Iraq, this inter faith gathering was also a hopeful sign of the deepening of the dialogue between Christians and Muslims which is so important for both faith communities today.

    It includes:

    Papers by Vincent Cornell, Basit Koshul, Esther Mombo, Mona Siddiqui, Tim Winter, Tom Wright and Francis Young.
    Substantial summaries of the discussions.
    Brief reflections from participants on the place of scripture in their own lives as believers.
    A major lecture on inter faith relations given by Rowan Williams in Birmingham shortly after the seminar. Continue Reading Scriptures In Dialogue

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  • Way Ahead : Church Of England Schools In The New Millennium


    This report of the Church Schools Review Group follows the Groups Consultation report issued in December 2000.

    The report provides a critique of Church Schools, argues for an increase in provision/numbers, especially at the secondary level, argues that Church Schools must be distinctively Christian institutions and calls for the vocation of teaching to be more explicitly recognised by the Church.

    The Way Ahead aims to show that Church schools stand at the centre of the Churchs mission to the nation. Continue Reading Way Ahead : Church Of England Schools In The New Millennium

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