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  • What The Bible Says About Divorce And Remarriage


    New from Bestselling Author Wayne Grudem

    The topic of divorce is a complicated one, even among Christians. The Bible provides some clear answers, but other areas remain blurry: Is divorce morally acceptable in a case of physical abuse? If a divorce is granted for biblically legitimate reasons, is remarriage allowed? Can a divorced person become a church officer? In this short booklet, theologian Wayne Grudem offers a thought-provoking analysis of what the Bible says-and doesn’t say-about divorce and remarriage. By combining theological insight with practical application, Grudem brings clarity to a difficult topic and helpful guidance to those looking for direction. Continue Reading What The Bible Says About Divorce And Remarriage

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  • Living Unbroken : Reclaiming Your Life And Your Heart After Divorce


    Unlike other books on divorce, Living Unbroken takes a deep dive into understanding and overcoming the emotional toll divorce, separation, and the loss of a serious long-term relationship has on a woman’s well-being. As someone who has walked this path, Tracie Miles leads women on a powerful, life-changing journey that provides much-needed hope, encouragement, and practical guidance for living their best life even if it’s not the life they once imagined. Her biblically sound approach teaches readers how to trust in God’s promises and restore their self-confidence and hope for the future. Continue Reading Living Unbroken : Reclaiming Your Life And Your Heart After Divorce

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  • Hoping For Happiness


    A biblical framework for living a grounded, hopeful and genuinely happy life.

    Everyone wants to be happy, and we all pursue happiness in different ways. Some people are thrill-seekers; others are homebodies. Some people are loners; others love big families or communities. Some people express things creatively; others consume what is created. Some sing; others listen to music. Whatever we find happiness in, we are united by our desire for work that matters and relationships that fulfil.

    As Christians, we often fall into the trap of basing our hopes on earthly things, even when we know they only make us happy for a short time. But how are we to experience happiness in this life? How do we avoid expecting too much of earthly things and being disappointed, or expecting too little and becoming cynics?

    In this book, recovering cynic Barnabas Piper helps us to throw off both the unrealistic expectations that end in disappointment and the guilty sense that Christians are not meant to have fun. He shows how having a clear view of the reality of the fall and the promise of redemption frees us to live a life that’s grounded, hopeful and genuinely happy. Continue Reading Hoping For Happiness

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  • Life Recovery Workbook For Divorce (Workbook)


    The Life Recovery Workbooks meet the needs of people dealing with compulsive behaviors that go beyond alcohol and substance abuse. These workbooks complement The Life Recovery Bible and focus on developing a biblical foundation for both understanding and successfully overcoming specific areas of struggle.

    Each workbook explores how Scripture speaks to a specific issue. The series provides a solid recovery path to many who have never considered working the 12 Steps for a specific problem and for those who have worked the 12 Steps for addiction or codependency but have never homed in on a specific area of struggle. Continue Reading Life Recovery Workbook For Divorce (Workbook)

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  • Suddenly Single : Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce


    This compassionate guide through grief, fears, and the challenges of divorce encourages readers to see this painful time as potentially one of the most powerful.

    Kathey Batey understands the trauma of going through a divorce. In Suddenly Single, she guides readers who have experienced divorce in how to:
    *Grieve the past and learn God has a future for them;
    *Develop a network of experts for legal, financial, spiritual, and emotional needs;
    *Navigate parenting decisions;
    *Give structure and protection in fragmented relationships; and
    *Embrace God’s comfort in the midst of deep pain.

    Divorce is not the end of the story. Suddenly Single comes alongside readers to help them move forward into life a full of possibility. Continue Reading Suddenly Single : Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce

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  • Marriage Divorce And Remarriage


    Drawing on decades of counseling experience, Jim Newheiser explores forty crucial questions relating to the complexities of marriage, divorce, and remarriage-unpacking the answers given in God’s Word. This useful reference work for pastors, counselors, and personal study can also be read straight through for a scriptural overview of the topic or assigned in small sections to counselees. Continue Reading Marriage Divorce And Remarriage

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  • Experiencing Divorce


    No matter the details, divorce is not a one cut injury. It is a dark journey that a person travels- but does not have to travel alone. Experiencing Divorce is written for the person who is in the wake of despair divorce leaves. This brief but powerful book will help lead readers through this difficult process of grief, and allow them to see the end of the journey where God can grant peace and a seasoned, more mature faith. Continue Reading Experiencing Divorce

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  • I Dont Want A Divorce (Reprinted)


    Whether the issue is communication, the kids, negative attitudes, or even adultery, every difficult marriage has a chance to not only survive but become a truly great marriage. This 90-day plan shows readers how with humor, Scripture, and enlightening personal stories. Continue Reading I Dont Want A Divorce (Reprinted)

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  • Shattered Workbook : A Devotional Of Hope And Healing (Workbook)


    Sharon Steinman and Dyann Munoz have created the perfect companion to their book Shattered: Coping with the Pain of Divorce. Shattered was written to encourage women, providing spiritual support for the pain associated with divorce. The authors intent was to renew the reader s hope as they relayed their own personal, deep pain. Shattered: The Workbook goes deeper and broader in its reach to help the hurting. Whether it is the loss of a spouse, a child, a home or a job, the painful struggle is the same. The Workbook ministers to men and women facing their own frustration, pain, grief and other common issues. Thirty-one emotional challenges are addressed and serve as a powerful source of healing to individuals and group Bible studies as well as a counseling tool in a therapy environment. Continue Reading Shattered Workbook : A Devotional Of Hope And Healing (Workbook)

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  • Releasing The Captive Woman


    You or someone you know is divorcing, and you’ve been taught it is a sin. What do you do? The common reaction is avoidance or judgment, especially toward the one initiating a divorce. A change in this attitude is long overdue. The Bill of Divorcement in Bible times represented a clean break between partners who would otherwise be locked in a lifetime of misery, neglect, or abuse. Its original purpose was to secure provision for the woman and vindicate those who were innocent of unjustified or wrongful motives, including issues of an intimate nature between the couple and not the rest of the world. Over time, this was replaced by a harsh and legalistic attitude that labeled all divorcees as sinners. As a result, people of faith (especially leaders and counselors) still don’t know how to handle divorce. In particular, women pay the price through condemnation and misunderstanding. Well-meaning comments that God can fix anything don’t remove the sting. The tragedy is that not only are divorcees of faith misunderstood, but so is God. Releasing the Captive Woman provides insight into the personal struggles and Scriptural dilemmas surrounding issues of marriage and divorce. The book will hopefully mentor individuals into making wiser decisions before they step into marriage. Continue Reading Releasing The Captive Woman

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  • Broken Vows : Divorce And The Goodness Of God


    There was never supposed to be a post-marriage period of my life, says John Greco. He had just accepted his dream position as a church pastor when his wife announced she was divorcing him. In a few short weeks, his marriage ended and his career plans unraveled. He was hurt, angry, and felt abandoned by God.

    Marriage is supposed to be for life, but divorce still happens. How can a Christian reconcile the reality of divorce with the biblical view of marriage? How can the wronged spouse forgive? And how can God still be good when bad things happen?

    In Broken Vows: Divorce and the Goodness of God, Greco doesn’t offer pat answers. In the initial aftermath, he says one must simply grieve. There is a period after a devastating loss when a soul is unable to take in words of healing, he says. These are the moments, not to look for answers or try to find any sort of good in the situation, but to pour yourself out to Jesus.

    Broken Vows combines Greco’s personal story with a biblical view of suffering. He provides pastoral help for those who have experienced divorce and gives all Christians a way to think biblically about this difficult subject.
    Continue Reading Broken Vows : Divorce And The Goodness Of God

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  • Shattered : Coping With The Pain Of Divorce A Devotional Journal Of Hope &


    The love you thought would last forever has ended and now your world has been turned upside down. Instead of happily ever after, you find yourself trapped on a roller-coaster ride of pain, fear, discouragement, and loss. Rather than realizing the dream of sharing life together, you are overwhelmed with heartbreak and the new challenges and conflicts you must face often alone. Divorce touches one out of every two marriages today, and the effects are devastating. The stress and anxiety can be overwhelming physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Born out of the authors own experiences and suffering through divorce and loss, Shattered offers hope, encouragement, and spiritual support to those going through divorce or a significant loss. With scriptures, inspirational devotions, prayers, and journaling pages on thirty-one critical topics, Shattered will be a personal companion on your journey to recovery and wholeness. Whether you are struggling with anger, joy, guilt, fear, forgiveness, or a host of other emotions, the wisdom within these pages will give you strength, encouragement, and hope for the future, as God heals and loves you through your crisis.
    Continue Reading Shattered : Coping With The Pain Of Divorce A Devotional Journal Of Hope &

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  • Divorce Care : Hope Help And Healing During And After Your Divorce


    Divorce. More than half of all marriages end in this painful way-even among church-goers; chances are, you or someone you know has been through it. That’s why Steve Grissom founded DivorceCare(R) and has now partnered with Kathy Leonard to write DivorceCare. This 365-day devotional offers help and healing, focusing on thirteen core issues people going through divorce must face. Dozens of today’s most-respected and well-known Christian leaders and psychologists-including Kay Arthur, Dr. Tim Clinton, Dr. David Seamonds, Dr. H. Norman Wright, Dr. Tony Evans-have contributed writings, making this a thoughtful, Christ-centered volume. Complete with insight and personal testimonies from those who have found healing in the midst of their pain, this book is an encouraging gift for anyone struggling with divorce, no matter what stage they may currently be going through. Continue Reading Divorce Care : Hope Help And Healing During And After Your Divorce

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  • Single Married Separated And Life After Divorce (Expanded)


    In Single, Married, Separated And Life After Divorce Expanded Edition, Myles Munroe goes more in depth exploring the full range of human relationships. He demolishes the myths surrounding ‘singleness’ as he declares that it is okay to be single, but not good to be alone.

    Stepping out of the single life into the married life is a big step and Munroe offers tried and tested truths enabling men and women to survive the change from singlehood to marriage.

    Unfortunately, as more and more marriages are ending in divorce there is a desperate need for answers to the haunting questions that trouble the divorced person. Dr. Munroe does not avoid the tough questions as he tackles them one at a time. His answers will encourage and instruct those looking for answers to hopeless situations.

    This revised and updated edition contains two new chapters to further expound on the original text.
    Continue Reading Single Married Separated And Life After Divorce (Expanded)

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