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Decision Making

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  • Human Machine


    Do we move forward and deal with whatever comes, or do we pretend to not know it is coming? Being prepared is being conscious of the negative things that will happen. The way we deal with these occasions needs to be improved so that when a moment like this arises, our emotions are in check.

    A person has explained their sentiments on how you can be equal on one side and beneath on the other. There are some people who never work for anything and never receive consequences for bad behavior. Then there are people that work for everything. Who you are as a person and the decisions you make play a huge roll in how repercussions affect your path in life. The struggle has its advantages; it prepares you for absolutely anything, even the unknown. Respecting all life from every race, status, or culture is key when dealing with your issues. Continue Reading Human Machine

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  • Gods Voice : Choices That Led My Journey


    God speaks to each of us in different ways. Dr. Wanda Robinson Lee sets out to share the various times He has spoken to her and explores the challenges choices and consequences that have influenced the paths she has traveled. She vividly expounds on the time that she was in prayer one evening before a weekly Bible study and God spoke to her telling her that her husband was at the door. The author teaches in God’s Voice: Choices That Led My Journey that although God may speak to us, there are stipulations that we must follow to live according to his divine and perfect will. Robinson Lee finds that when God speaks and we listen and trust in Him, positive things do happen. Continue Reading Gods Voice : Choices That Led My Journey

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  • Teen Proofing : Fostering Responsible Decision Making In Your Teenager


    John Rosemond is a renowned child psychologist who has helped millions of parents learn to raise their children and remain sane.

    In Teen-Proofing, now available in paperback, he tackles the challenges of raising a teenager with his trademark user-friendly, humorous, and commonsense style. Rosemond lays out a perfectly sound and logical case for recognizing the realities of the teen-parent relationship, forming the foundation, and parenting with the Long Rope Principle. In short, the author demonstrates how Mom and Dad can avoid the pitfalls of becoming dictatorial Control Freaks, skirt the potholes of turning into permissive Wimps, and enjoy the freedom and rewards of parenting in a controlled (but not controlling) and relaxed manner. Teenagers, Rosemond readily admits, can be a challenge. But infusing young adults with a sense of personal responsibility, then showing them the results of good and bad choices, is a goal every parent can achieve.
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  • Ive Got A Secret


    ‘I’ve Got a Secret’ explores the real reason why women allow themselves to become involved in the wrong relationships. Using an open, direct approach, Jeanene Volmert encourages women to face the heart of the matter and overcome their low self-esteem. Continue Reading Ive Got A Secret

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  • Planes De Dios Para Su Vida


    Many today want their religion to be laid-back, undemanding and fun. Yet Christianity should be anything but an opportunity for relaxed complacency. With this in mind, J. I. Packer offers his biblical reflections on life’s tough issues. Discussing topics like pleasure, health, disappointment and holiness, he maps out problematical situations and then superimposes the relevant biblical teachings. Through this work, readers will better understand their own journey through life and come to understand how to navigate it in a godly way.
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  • Sign Posts On The Road To Success


    This little treasure is written in the style of Norman Vincent Peale. The book guides the reader to identify latent talents and gifts and how to bring out the best in ourselves.

    This inspiring little book will stir and challenge you. It is a collection of short talks on the secret of success… the dynamic truths contained in this little book have changed countless lives. This book should be given to every high school and college student to challenge them. Many executives of big national companies see that each salesman and company officer has a copy of this stirring little book. When you know that Christ is your Lord and Saviour, you will know that God is in you, that His ability is your ability, you will know that you can win. God will be the strength of your life. Continue Reading Sign Posts On The Road To Success

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