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Death and Dying

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  • Art Of Dying (Expanded)


    Christians can have confidence that because death is not the end, preparing to die helps us truly live. In this well-researched and pastorally sensitive book, Rob Moll explores the Christian practice of dying well, giving guidance for those who care for the dying as well as for those who grieve. This expanded edition includes a new afterword by Rob’s wife Clarissa reflecting on his life, death, and legacy.
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  • Shaped By Suffering


    Suffering comes to us all. But Christians today are often not prepared to suffer well and have a short-sighted view of pain and trials. In this book Ken Boa shows how God uses suffering to shape his children for eternity and to grow them in Christlike character. The nature of our affliction is not as important as our response to it, and God is at work through our hardships and wants to use them to prepare us for eternal life.
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  • Last Arrow : Save Nothing For The Next Life


    Before You Die,
    Live the Life
    You Were Born
    To Live.

    When you come to the end of your days, you will not measure your life based on success and failures. All of those will eventually blur together into a single memory called life.

    What will give you solace is a life with nothing left undone. One that’s been lived with relentless ambition, a heart on fire, and with no regrets.

    On the other hand, what will haunt you until your final breath is who you could have been but never became and what you could have done but never did.

    The Last Arrow is your roadmap to a life that defies odds and alters destinies. Discover the attributes of those who break the gravitational pull of mediocrity as cultural pioneer and thought leader Erwin McManus examines the characteristics of individuals who risked everything for a life they could only imagine. Imagine living the life you were convinced was only a dream.

    We all begin this life with a quiver full of arrows.

    Now the choice is yours. Will you cling to your arrows or risk them all, opting to live until you have nothing left to give?

    Time is short. Pick up this new paperback edition of The Last Arrow and begin the greatest quest of your life. Now with questions for reflection and discussion. Continue Reading Last Arrow : Save Nothing For The Next Life

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  • 55 Days : Memoirs Of Life In God’s Hands


    It has been said there are no coincidences in life. The Bible tells us God’s timing is always perfect, even when we can’t recognize it. The death of the author’s wife revealed this clearly to him. This is the true story of how a young soldier, attracted to a young woman because of the car she drove, quickly fell in love with her beautiful soul and how it led to an incredible forty-seven-year journey together filled with love, hardships, travel and a never ending spiritual growth. Tom Glenn’s wife died just fifty-five days after her first ER visit. As he wrote their story, Tom came to realize that he had spontaneously proposed to her, without benefit of a ring or prior planning, by taking a giant leap on July 20, 1969, just fifty-five days after their first date. As they watched the lunar landing and listened to Neil Armstrong’s words, Tom found himself saying, Speaking of giant leaps would you marry me? She accepted and their journey together began. Biblical numerologists believe five means hand and fifty-five means God’s hands. This is the story of two lives lived in God’s hands which led to ongoing spiritual growth.
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  • Dying And Death


    Can any good come from thinking about death? Our natural tendency is to answer that question no! But what if our meditation on death was informed by a theological understanding of death, a recognition of the comfort Jesus’s death affords Christians, and ethical guidance for dealing with death in these complicated days of modern medical developments? Rather than being morbidly unhelpful, authors Joel R. Beeke and Christopher W. Bogosh contend that meditating on dying and death can be profitable, even necessary, for us. Are you prepared to say that your death will be gain (Phil. 1:21)? Continue Reading Dying And Death

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  • Restored And Forgiven


    When Ray and Vi Donovan were awoken in the early hours of the morning to the horrific news that their two sons had been attacked by a gang while returning home that night, they felt as though their world had ended.

    The couple discovered that one of their sons, Christopher, was fighting for his life. He later died from the injuries he sustained in the brutal attack. The Donovans would have been forgiven for holding onto the anger they felt at the perpetrators forever.

    Ray and Vi found it in their hearts to forgive the men who killed their son.

    They not only let go of their anger – but in an extraordinary show of compassion, they have managed to forgive the thugs that beat their son to death. The couple say they could not have done it without their faith and the help of the restorative justice scheme, which allowed the couple the opportunity to come face to face with the men who killed Christopher.

    This touching and often heart wrenching testimony shows how through their faith in God and the restorative justice system, they have been able to forgive the people who murdered their son.
    They have gone on to help many families, victims and also offenders.

    Their powerful story will challenge anyone who is struggling to forgive and to discover the peace that comes with being able to do so.
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  • Making Faithful Decisions At The End Of Life


    By exploring the ethics of resisting and accepting death from a Christian perspective, Nancy Duff encourages Christians to talk about death in the context of Christian faith. Making Faithful Decisions at the End of Life helps readers use biblical and theological perspectives regarding death to inform end-of-life decisions, consider where they stand on withdrawing life support and supporting death with dignity laws, and take steps in planning for their own future. Continue Reading Making Faithful Decisions At The End Of Life

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  • Loving Your Friend Through Cancer


    When cancer strikes a friendship, the questions begin. What’s going to happen now? What should I say and do? How can I really help? As a cancer survivor and friend to those with cancer, Marissa Henley knows that your friend needs your helpand you need information that your friend may not be able to give you right now. This practical guide steps into that gap as Marissa helps you to gain a deeper understanding of the situation: what your friend may be thinking and feeling, what her treatment may entail, what logistical issues may arise. Then she gives concrete suggestions for providing emotional, physical, and spiritual support that reflects genuine compassion and sympathy. Appendices include biblical studies on suffering and community. Whether you’re caring for a close friend, a member of your congregation, or a more distant acquaintance, you will find resources here to understand your role, make a plan, and be a much-needed support in the days to come. Continue Reading Loving Your Friend Through Cancer

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  • Someone I Love Died (Revised)


    From best-selling and beloved author Christne Harder Tangvald comes an updated and revised edition of her classic book of comfort for grieving children, filled with heart-healing words, fresh watercolor illustrations, and practical resources that help adults guide children through loss.

    First published in 1988, Someone I Love Died has long comforted the hearts of children 4 to 8 who have lost someone close. It gently leads children through grief with age-appropriate words and solid biblical truth that understands a child’s hurting heart. The added interactive resources ensure this book will become a treasured keepsake. Once complete, children create a memory book of the loved one’s life. And it offers grown-ups a tool that turns what could be a difficult season into a meaningful time of healing. Continue Reading Someone I Love Died (Revised)

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  • Departing In Peace


    Decisions at the end of life create deep anxiety for those involved. But it is possible to find peace and comfort amid the hard choices.

    As a church elder and hospital ethics consultant, Bill Davis has talked, walked, and prayed with many people in end-of-life situations. Employing varied case studies and biblical, ethical insight, he guides you in making decisions for yourself and others, preparing advance directives, taking financial concerns into account, and navigating new realities in American hospitals. Continue Reading Departing In Peace

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  • Assisted Suicide


    1. A Complex Problem
    2. A Growing Problem
    3. The Right To Die?
    4. The Case Against
    5. Facing Death
    Further Reading
    Discussion Guide

    Additional Info
    In this short book, Vaughan Roberts briefs Christians on the complex questions surrounding assisted suicide. He surveys the Christian worldview and helps us to apply its principles as we navigate life and death in a society with contrasting values.

    Talking Points is a series of short books by Vaughan Roberts, designed to help Christians think, talk and relate to others with compassion, conviction and wisdom about today’s big issues.
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  • Songs For Suffering


    In this practical, pastoral book, author Simon P. Stocks leads readers through the Psalms during times of difficulty and despair, helping them to pray and draw nearer to God. Continue Reading Songs For Suffering

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  • Struck : One Christians Reflections On Encountering Death


    Foreword By Scott Sauls

    Part I: Affliction (Month 1)
    1. Learning To See: Affliction And Faith
    2. Struck: The Onset Of Affliction
    3. The Sacramental Echo: Diagnosis
    4. Trail Magic: Hospitalization And Adaptation
    5. The Distance: The Space Between The Sick And The Well
    6. The Letters: Putting A House In Order
    7. Scowling At The Angel: Surgery And Waking Up

    Part II: Recovery (Months 2-5)
    8. Scar Tissue: Physical Healing And Resiliency
    9. Monster In The Dark: Depression
    10. Charlie And The Man In The Mask: The Sacred Work Of Rehabilitation
    11. A Tornado In A Trailer Park: Anger And Ego

    Part III: Lament (Months 6-22)
    12. Seeing With Clearer Eyes: Recognizing The Need To Lament
    13. Barbara: Returning To The Work Of Burden Bearing
    14. A Song Of Lament: A Year Of Grappling With Suffering Before God

    Part IV: Doxology (Months 23-24)
    15. To Climb A Mountain: Finding A Way Forward
    16. The Bird And The Boy: A Doxology Of Praise

    Afterword: A Wife’s Response To Her Husband’s Affliction

    Additional Info
    When my doctor told me I was dying, I came alive. What happens when you come face to face with your mortality? When your body fails you, what happens to your faith? Russ Ramsey was struck by a bacterial infection that destroyed his mitral valve, sending him into heart failure and requiring urgent open-heart surgery. As he faced the possibility of death, he found himself awakened to new realities. In the critical days and months that followed, Ramsey came to see the world through the eyes of affliction. He grappled with fear, anger, depression, and loss, and yet he experienced grace through the suffering that filled him with a hope and hunger for the life to come. This profoundly eloquent memoir gives voice to the deepest questions of the human condition. In the midst of pain, we can see glimpses of eternity. Continue Reading Struck : One Christians Reflections On Encountering Death

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  • Chasing Light : Finding Hope Through The Loss Of Miscarriage


    Chasing Light speaks to the challenges of expanding a family, the pain of loss, and the test of being a mother and a wife in the face of grief. … Continue Reading Chasing Light : Finding Hope Through The Loss Of Miscarriage

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  • Joy In The Mourning


    Only God knows what it takes to walk down dark roads and to fight the good fight of faith. Ruby and her family have walked a close walk with God in direct opposition to hopelessness and the ugliness of cancer, and through Joy in the Mourning, have brought us with her. This is a book of the faithfulness of God Almighty. This is a book of compassion, understanding, and hope for those who have faced and are face-to-face with the ugliness of cancer.

    Daren and Angie Werk, Newlife Victory Fellowship, Senior pastors

    You’re looking forward to the best years of your life. Retirement isn’t far away, the kids are grown up, and the grandchildren are coming along. Life is looking good!

    Suddenly your dreams and plans take a nosedive and it’s all you can do to breathe deeply and take one step at a time.

    Is it possible to hold onto faith in the face of dire circumstances? Will you ever feel joy bubbling up inside you again? When a hope-filled solution is presented to you your spirits soar, only to come crashing down again when failure raises its ugly head.

    You go to the only place where faith, hope, and joy can be restored. Even there you find you will need to make a choice: walk or wallow? Sing or sigh? Help or hurt? What will you choose? Continue Reading Joy In The Mourning

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  • God Lives In Detroit


    There are times and circumstances that generate a pain so deep that even the most seasoned believer can feel separated from God-a pit so consuming and dark that the thought of finding Him again, and feeling His touch, seems impossible. Continue Reading God Lives In Detroit

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  • Still A Mother


    More than 1 million women suffer fetal loss each year, yet most mothers will struggle to find words to share their grief or describe their experience. Miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant death can be incredibly isolating, with women feeling silenced by shame or guilt, by confusion and loss of control. In Still a Mother, chaplains Joy Freeman and Tabatha Johnson share their own experiences and collect the stories of others who have sustained such loss, ending the silence and helping to equip pastors, congregations, family, and friends in ministering more compassionately to mothers who grieve. Continue Reading Still A Mother

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  • 1 Minute After You Die


    One minute after you die, you will either be elated or terrified-and it will be too late to reroute your travel plans.When you slip behind the parted curtain, your life will not be over.

    Rather, it will be just beginning-in a place of unimaginable bliss or indescribable gloom. One Minute After You Die opens a window on eternity with a simple and moving explanation of what the Bible teaches about death.Bestselling author Erwin Lutzer urges readers to study what the Bible says on this critical subject, bringing a biblical and pastoral perspective to such issues as:
    *Channeling, reincarnation, and near-death experiences,
    *What heaven will be like
    *The justice of eternal punishment
    *The death of a child
    *Trusting in God’s providence
    *Preparing for your own final moment Continue Reading 1 Minute After You Die

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  • Dancing In The Rain


    We all know what it is to face storms in our lives. The question is, how do you deal with them when they come?

    How do you keep your head above water when the undertow of crisis pulls you under?
    How do you keep your faith afloat amid loss, disappointment, and betrayal?
    How do you keep your faith from drowning in sorrows of unanswered prayer?
    How do you weather the storms as they break into the safe shelter of your home?
    How do you find an anchor during times of change?
    How do you live the abundant life when the life is sucked out of you?
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  • If Heaven Is So Great Why Cant I Go Now


    While Mom is explaining why Grandpa died, Charlie becomes more and more interested in being in a place where this is no pain, suffering, bullying or hardships. He decides that if heaven is so great, then he should be able to go there now. This is a struggle not only of a preschooler, but also of many teens and adults who have been faced with seemly insurmountable barriers. If Heaven is so Great, Why Can’t I Go – Now? is funny and insightful and fills that longing parents have to explain the difficult subjects in a not-so overwhelming way. It is a book for children, but also a great resource for parents. This message can be relayed to all ages, and reiterates the most basic concepts of why we are put on Earth. Continue Reading If Heaven Is So Great Why Cant I Go Now

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  • When Loved Ones Are Called Home (Reprinted)


    This classic on grieving offers the sure and steadfast hope that separation from a loved one is not the end. It helps readers make the physical, emotional, and relational adjustments needed when a loved one departs this life, and it gives honest answers to the most difficult questions and doubts we have. With comforting Scriptures about death, life, and resurrection, as well as beautiful poetry that expresses our deepest emotions, When Loved Ones Are Called Home walks with readers as a friend through their pain and grief. Now with a beautiful, contemporary cover. Continue Reading When Loved Ones Are Called Home (Reprinted)

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  • My Dream Of Heaven


    This nineteenth century classic inspires the reader with new confidence and excitement about an eternal home and reunion with loved ones gone on before. It contains two missing chapters that have not appeared in print in over 100 years!

    The words of the author, Rebecca Ruter Springer, set the stage for this classic treasure from the original 1898 version. Within the pages of this little volume lies… the hope that it may comfort and uplift some who read, even as it then did, and as its memory ever will do, for me, I submit this imperfect sketch of a most perfect vision.

    This version includes a foreward and afterword from well-known speaker and minister Vicki Jamison-Peterson. Continue Reading My Dream Of Heaven

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  • Heaven Tours : Astonishing Journeys


    Heaven Tours is Rita Bennett’s second book on the fascinating topic of Heaven. Through biblical teaching and the stories of people who have visited heaven and have had near-deth experiences, this book clearly presents Heaven as a real place of unconditional love, tangible peace, phenomenal beauty, radiant light, and great glory.This is a book of comfort, spiritual understanding, and emotional healing, and for those who have lost
    loved ones, this book will give reassurance, peace, and hope. The author openly and directly answers questions about Heaven and eternal life.
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  • Life After Death


    SKU (ISBN): 9780892769667

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  • Heaven Or Hell


    Special Order Title
    What will happen when you die? The Bible clearly teaches that heaven and hell exist and that everyone will go to one or the other after death. If you are already a believer, this book will make both hell and heaven more real to you and will help you find the rest and joy that God has promised you. Continue Reading Heaven Or Hell

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