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Category: Cults and The Occult

Cults and The Occult

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  • Liberanos Del Mal


    SKU (ISBN): 9780884198062English: Deliver Us From EvilSpanishCindy JacobsBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2001Publisher: Casa Creacion – Charisma House

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  • 33 Degrees Of Deception


    The deadly deception of Freemasonry is exposed in this very comprehensive book that tells the story of Jim Shaw, who was a 33rd degree Mason, Knight Commander of the Court of Honor, Past Worshipful Master of the Blue Lodge, and Past Master of all Scottish Rite bodies.
    In addition to Jim’s story, 33 Degrees of Deception answers the questions many people raise about the Masons. You will be intrigued to learn what this book has to say about:

    The connection between Masonry, the New Age Movement, and the New World Order
    Masonry’s occult roots
    Death oaths and Masonic executions
    Masonry and the Illuminati
    Masonry’s opposition to Christian schools
    Tom McKenney writes to warn Christians of all denominations to extricate themselves from Freemasonry. Continue Reading 33 Degrees Of Deception

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  • De Las Tinieblas


    Ben Alexander era un medium quien conocio a Dios Todopoderoso. Dejo de ensear el contacto con los muertos y tomo un nuevo rumbo. Lo que cuenta de las actividades de un espiritista, lo que sucede en una sesion de espiritismo, los que sucede en las camaras secretas de un medium, etc., es increible, pero es absolutamente digno de creer.
    Hay mucho mas en este libro que las actividades de una persona y el mal de los espiritistas, mediums sesiones de espiritismo, etc. Escudrie el libro y descubrira algunas de las poderosas influencias que pueden permanecer vivas hoy en cualquiera de nuestras circunstancias.
    Algunos de los temas tocados son la brujeria, la reencarnacion, el hipnosis, el satanismo y la pornografia.

    Ben Alexander was a medium that met the all powerful God. He stopped teaching how to contact the dead and headed in a new direction. What he tells about the activities of a medium, what happens in a seance, what happens in the secret chambers of a psychic, etc. is incredible, but is absolutely worth believing.
    There is much more in this book than the activities of one person and the bad things related to mediums, psychics and such. Examining this book you will discover some of the powerful influences that can be present in our lives today, whatever our circumstances.
    Some of the themes that he speaks about are witchcraft, reincarnation, hypnosis, Satanism and pornography. Continue Reading De Las Tinieblas

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  • How Witchcraft Spirits Attack


    WITCHCRAFT SEPARATES AND ISOLATES IT VICTIMS FROM THE POSITIVE INFLUENCE OF FRIENDS AND FAMILY. One who is being controlled feels the loss of personal identity and self-esteem. Depression and fatigue quickly follow as the super spiritual controller gives abnormal attention to those it desires to manipulate. Review these questions to help you identify if witchcraft has been released at you through the methods we just discussed. Have you ever been emotionally bonded with someone who used that bonding to manipulate you? Have you met the person who tries to make himself or herself look important through the use of other peoples’ reputations? Do you know anyone who insinuates that they are part of an organization through namedropping? Continue Reading How Witchcraft Spirits Attack

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  • Exposing Spiritual Witchcraft


    Revivalist Jonas Clark discusses what he calls spiritual witchcraft, identifying its character, its weapons, its methods, and ways that Christians can combat it. Continue Reading Exposing Spiritual Witchcraft

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  • Witchcraft In The Pews (Expanded)


    Darkness looms over the church. Satan and his cohorts have intensified their attack. Are we blind to his ploys? Deaf to his devices? Bishop George Bloomer sounds an urgent alarm: awake from your slumber! Read this book to discover the origins of witchcraft, recognize when the Christian church makes pacts with false religions, cults, or other deceitful organizations, protect your home from the infiltration of witchcraft, identify manipulative ministers, and be liberated by increased spiritual discernment. This book exposes the shocking truth about witchcraft and occult practices within the Christian church. Continue Reading Witchcraft In The Pews (Expanded)

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  • Hidden Secrets Of The Eastern Star


    15 Chapters

    Additional Info
    This well researched and documented book proves that the Eastern Star is steeped in the occult. Contains 1,483 footnotes, many from Eastern Star and Masonic sources.

    After reading this book, you will know the answers to questions like:

    * Is it a secret society?
    * What is the Cabalistic Motto?
    * WHO is represented by the star?
    * Is there a Masonic connection?

    You will learn secret passwords, symbols, colors, flowers, gems, and a GODDESS connection. Also included is a special chapter on the Rainbow Girls that contains information every parent needs to know. Continue Reading Hidden Secrets Of The Eastern Star

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