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  • Did I Say The Right Thing


    Mitch Schultz knows what it is to wonder what to say to someone mourning the loss of a loved one. He also knows what it’s like to say something to a mourner and afterward want to kick yourself. If you’ve had either experience, he gets you. But more than that, he has endured loss and knows firsthand what it’s like to be the one grieving. Out of his experience he provides insight and suggestions that will help you avoid having to ask, Did I say the right thing? This book will help you minister wisely, compassionately, and effectively to those who grieve.
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  • Trials


    Everyone faces trials. Whether it’s losing a job or losing a loved one, when trials hit they often make us wonder Why-why this? Why now? Why me? Packed with easy-to-understand explanations, key Bible verses, and biblical encouragement, this 96-page book shows how God uses the trials of life to refine us, to strengthen us, and to transforms us into His glorious image. Find out how to stand on God’s promises during tough times and be encouraged as you begin to see your problems as God’s possibilities. Continue Reading Trials

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  • Consejeria Pastoral


    Este Basico recoge las ponencias impartidas en el V Seminario de Teologia y Psicologia Pastoral de la Alianza Evangelica Espaola. En el se trata el tema de la consejeria desde una perspectiva biblica y practica a la vez. Autores con mucha experiencia hablan de como orientar sobre cuestiones como el luto, el sufrimiento, la depresion, la ansiedad o la familia. Algunas de las preguntas que encuentran respuesta son: Que papel juega la consejeria pastoral en la vida de una iglesia? Como ayudar, aconsejar, pastorear a una persona en una situacion de sufrimiento y, mas concretamente, en situaciones de luto, de muerte, de sufrimiento agudo? Como saber cuando una persona esta pasando una depresion? Creemos que la comunicacion es un instrumento util en el equipamiento de un siervo del Seor para cumplir mas adecuadamente su ministerio?

    This Basic includes all the presentations made at the V Seminar of Theology and Pastoral Psychology sponsored by the Alianza Evangelica Espaola. The authors deal with this paramount issue from a biblical point of view and with a thorough practical leaning, which benefit from their expertise in the field. This is the book to get if interested in suffering, depression, anxiety, and the family as a unit. Continue Reading Consejeria Pastoral

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  • En El Umbral De La Muerte


    En mi labor de pastor evangelico, muchas veces he tenido que asistir a personas poco antes de su muerte. Mas o menos les habia hablado en los siguientes terminos: No tengas miedo; el Seor esta a tu lado; de la misma manera que has confiado en el desde que eres creyente, pon tu fe en el ahora; el no te abandonara ni te decepcionara, sino que cumplira sus promesas de salvacion y vida eterna… Todo esto habia intentado comunicarlo a otros pero, al decirselo, surgia dentro de mi esta pregunta: Y tu? Como te comportaras cuando llegue tu hora? Seras capaz de responder con la misma fe que intentas inculcar a los demas? Mi roce con la muerte me ha conducido posteriormente a meditar mas que nunca sobre la naturaleza de la misma. Las paginas que siguen son el fruto de mis meditaciones. No es que revelen nada nuevo u original sobre la muerte; pero al menos, lo que antes no era mas que teoria para mi, ahora se escribe desde un punto de vista experimental. No es, por supuesto, la experiencia de alguien que ha conocido la muerte, sino la de una persona altamente consciente de su mortalidad y que ahora afronta la vida como si cada nuevo dia fuera una propina de Dios.

    In the course of my ministry as a pastor I have often found myself counselling people facing death. Don’t be afraid, was my staple phrase on such occasions, the Lord is with you. In the same way you have always trusted Him, you can trust Him now, in the confidence that he will not let you down. He will certainly fulfil all His promises of salvation and eternal life. That was the message I always tried to put across. But, come to think of it, what about me? How will I react when confronted likewise? Will I trust the Lord deploying the same confidence? My brushes with death have made me think seriously and honestly about the nature of death. The following pages are the outcome of it all. Not that I claim to tout a novel truth on the issue, and not, of course, that my experience is first-hand. But I can with all honesty say that I am now thoroughly aware of it as a crushing reality, and that every single day in my life, past and present, is but a gratuitous gift from God. Continue Reading En El Umbral De La Muerte

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  • Jesus Set Us Free Indeed


    A breakthrough book to minister to hurting people everywhere. Offers real help for those struggling to be set free from strongholds and bondages and points them to inner healing through Christ Jesus. Continue Reading Jesus Set Us Free Indeed

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  • Wounded Churches Wounded People


    With sexual abuse prevelant in some of today’s churches, the author exposes some of the common symptoms and solutions for today’s church.

    A pastor of thirty years deals with abuse within the church on a daily basis. He offers ideas and solutions that have helped him and throughout his ministry. He invites you to walk the path he and many others have chosen to offer hope and healing to the hurting. Continue Reading Wounded Churches Wounded People

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  • Creeps And Silly Women


    If you are sick and tired of falling off of the relationship ladder, ‘Creeps and Silly Women’ has something to say to you.
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  • Counseling Basics : Helping You Help Others


    Helping You Help Others

    Is counseling for the professional only? What do you do when a member of your small group or someone at work asks for advice? Where do you begin?

    As Christian leaders, we are called upon to counsel. For too long, we have been reminded of our limitations. But what about the potential? II Corinthians 3:5,6 tells us, Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves, but our competence comes from God. He has made us competent as ministers…

    Be an effective people helper. Continue Reading Counseling Basics : Helping You Help Others

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  • Recognizing Emotional Dependency


    Do you have a difficult time relating to those who spiritually, emotionally and physically drain you? Do you personally find yourself attracted to relationships which you believe will satisfy your emotional needs?

    This booklet identifies and deals with emotionally dependent relationships. It defines and identifies emotional dependency, giving examples from people’s lives. Solutions and assignments help to further reveal how a person may be free of dependent relationships. Continue Reading Recognizing Emotional Dependency

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  • Keeping The Cross Central (Revised)


    Teen Challenge, also known as Adult and Teen Challenge, was founded as an evangelistic outreach to drug addicts in Brooklyn, New York City. As a holistic Christian ministry with the life-changing message of the gospel, this faith-based rehabilitation program was created with the vision that God can redeem the whole person, starting on day one of the program. This unique approach has produced success rates of over 70% for those who complete the rehabilitation program. However, as Teen Challenge has grown worldwide, with over 1,400+ centers in 129 countries, some centers are now turning to secular methods in order to access government funding. As co-founder of Teen Challenge, Don Wilkerson raises a warning flag on this mission drift: the power of the Cross, which brings about a changed life, must be the priority in treating drug addiction; if the Cross is not central to the mission of any Teen Challenge center, then it is not worthy of using the name Teen Challenge. The ministry must never lose its vision and focus in bringing men and women to Christ-through the gospel and discipleship-and stay faithful to the original mission which the founders stood upon. Continue Reading Keeping The Cross Central (Revised)

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