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Church Management

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  • Respuestas A Preguntas De Past


    Pastors Warren Wiersbe and Howard Sugden tackle practical questions such as – How can I determine whether I am called to the ministry, and how important is the assurance of a special call? How can I get started on the right foot in a new place of ministry? How do you go about removing dead officers and teachers? How can we best assimilate new converts and new members to the church family? How can I be a faithful pastor, husband, and father all at the same time? Continue Reading Respuestas A Preguntas De Past

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  • 7 Habits Of A Visitor Friendly Church


    Guests form most of their opinions about your church within thirty seconds of entering the front door-and that impression will stick with them until they return-if they ever do. While being friendly accounts for 20% of a church’s effectiveness in welcoming guests, the other 80% comes from well-designed systems. The 7 Habits of a Visitor-Friendly Church audio seminar will help you develop habits and a proven system to effectively attract, welcome, and follow up guests so they will stay in your church. You will learn how to: incorporate guests into the life of your church * make evangelism the natural purpose of the church * see your church through the eyes of your guests * make people say good things about your church * implement a values-led assimilation strategy * influence people to come to your church * select the best curriculum for your newcomer’s class * and more. Includes: 4 CDs of the seminar and 1 reproducable seminar workbook.

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  • 100 Publicity Ideas For Local Churches


    This informative resource will assist your church in reaching the community for Christ and making your ministry known to others. From bake sales to bumper stickers, publicity releases to pamphlets, and everything in between, 100 Publicity Ideas for Local Churches gives you the tools you need to implement an effective publicity/outreach program with an evangelistic purpose in your community.

    Includes: 100 ideas with implementation steps, cost estimates, and more!

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