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  • To Life : Rediscovering Biblical Church


    Are you satisfied with your Christian life or do you get the feeling that something is missing, but you’re not sure what it is? Have you ever asked the question, where does the World end and the Church begin? Is the 21st Century Church truly the best it could possibly be? Are there forgotten places that we should be revisiting?

    Dare we believe that we could return to the Biblical Church of the first apostles?

    Some say we can’t, others have tried and failed. This author believes it’s worth trying again because it’s all a question of mindsets and this book will explain why, with the wit, wisdom and wonder that is the trademark of Steve Maltz’s writing. Continue Reading To Life : Rediscovering Biblical Church

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  • How The Church Lost The Truth


    It should have been so simple. There was the Bible, God’s authoritative and complete word for mankind. His gift to us. One volume of sixty six books in all, from In the beginning to amen. One basic message. Choose Life, He said. So what did we do? We chose … denominations, 38,000 of them. One book, thousands of interpretations.

    Snake handlers in Kansas, Prosperity teachers in Washington, Liberationists in El Salvador, Gay Bishops in New Hampshire, New Age rectors in London. They all claim the Bible as their inspiration and rulebook. Once this book is opened, why is it that folk seem to see different things? One book, one message, one Babel. How come? Where can the Truth be found or has the Church lost The Truth?

    This explosive book tells the whole sad story of what actually happened to the Church over the last two thousand years and how it managed to lose its focus and take on so many ideas from Greek philosophy that Christianity has just become a melting point of truth mixed up with very strange ideas.

    If Jesus were to return today, which Church – if any – could He call his own?

    In this challenging, provocative but entertaining book the author examines what has happened to some key battlegrounds for Truth and asks, where did those ideas come from?

    *How did God kick things off?
    *How does He deal with His covenant people?
    *Who does He let into heaven?
    *What is Hell really like?
    *How is He really going to wrap things up?

    Some of the answers will astound you and you may also be prompted to ask the question, how has the Church managed to lose so much Truth?

    Prepare to be challenged to the very core of your faith. Continue Reading How The Church Lost The Truth

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  • Satans Influence In The Church


    This book is written for Christians that may want a closer walk with the Holy Spirit in their lives. The book will suggest new ways of looking at the Kingdom of God and bring another concept to the rapture and second coming of Christ.

    This book will identify the types of actions that may have allowed some Christians subject to Satan’s Influence in their personal lives. The concepts of this book have resolved conflicts in the author’s life. Readers may find that they have prevented Love, Peace and Joy to be primary force in their life. Reading this book will reveal insights to relationships with others. This book emphasizes that the Old Testament is Old and that the New Testament is New.

    Luke 16: 14-18
    14 Now the Pharisees, who were lovers of money, also heard all these things, and they derided Him. 15 And He said to them, You are those who justify yourselves before men, but God knows your hearts. For what is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God.

    16 The law and the prophets were until John. Since that time the kingdom of God has been preached, and everyone is pressing into it. 17 And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for one tittle of the law to fail.

    18 Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery; and whoever marries her who is divorced from her husband commits adultery. Continue Reading Satans Influence In The Church

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  • Strong Church : Building And Measuring Mature Disciples


    Dedicated church leaders and teachers desire their church to thrive. The question is, How does a church become strong? John Greening gives the Biblical answer to that question and guides readers step-by-step through the process of helping disciples develop spiritual maturity. He offers tools for gauging disciples’ progress in becoming like Christ. By knowing the spiritual walk of individual believers more intimately, your church will be able to teach them the Word of God more effectively.

    All those who engage in teaching in the local church-pastors, deacons, Bible class teachers, small group leaders, children’s workers, teen sponsors, and disciplers-will benefit from reading Strong Church. Make your church strong-build disciples God’s way! Continue Reading Strong Church : Building And Measuring Mature Disciples

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  • Refilling The Churchs Fountain Of Youth


    This book offers a portable and repeatable model of ministry that crosses denominations and ethnic boundaries within the church. Are you a pastor looking to improve your young adult ministry? Are you a leader of a teaching ministry looking for ways to be more effective? Are you a parent seeking to understand your young adult child’s faith journey so that you can minister effectively? Are you a seasoned Christian who wants to be equipped to engage with young adults inside and outside your congregation? Then this book is for you! Continue Reading Refilling The Churchs Fountain Of Youth

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  • New Testament Church And Its Ministries


    New Testament Church And It Ministries lays out God’s plan for the church’s construction and His concern for the active involvement of every member in their ministry and calling. Emphasizing the function of the members, each of the five-fold ministries is defined and developed in the context of its function in the Body of Christ..
    Continue Reading New Testament Church And Its Ministries

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  • Way Of The Master


    The Way of the Master is the flagship work of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron’s organization. It anchors their television program, radio program, and website. Considered by many to be the definitive text in evangelism, this book is coming to Bridge-Logos to be updated, expanded, and illustrated with photographs for spring 2006 release.

    It’s anecdotal, loaded with commentary and remarks that are more conversational than academic. It’s an easy read with a hard message that has already changed the face of sharing faith.
    Comes with a free audio download Continue Reading Way Of The Master

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  • Faith Seeking Understanding


    How does the Christian faith help us see into the true nature of life more clearly? Why do people suffer? Where do we come from? What does Jesus have to say to a changing world? What can we learn from great mission pioneers about seeking truth at the cutting edges of human knowledge? Faith Seeking Understanding explores such questions. Notable Christian thinkers such as Philip Yancey, Alvin Plantinga, Rodney Stark, Allan Chapman, Don Richardson, Yuan Zhiming, and more, share powerful insights that help answer the deepest questions people face in the twenty-first century from the perspective of Christian faith. Inspired by the lives and accomplishments of Ralph D. Winter and Paul Brand, this book seeks to apply the curious, open-minded, and compassionate spirit these Christian leaders exhibited to key contemporary questions in science, history, philosophy, theology, and comparative religion. The reader will gain a fresh appreciation for the intellectual challenges of the Christian faith, and some of most fascinating and sometimes controversial ways in which those challenges are being met.
    Continue Reading Faith Seeking Understanding

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  • Any 3 Anyone Anywhere Any Time


    Mike Shipman, a Southern Baptist missionary in Asia, took a bold and biblical approach to reaching the millions of Muslims in his country. Drawn from the patterns established by Jesus with the Samaritan woman at the well in John 10, Mike Shipman demonstrates how these same principles are relevant and applicable today. The result is, Any-3: Anyone, Anywhere, Any Time, a highly effective and deeply biblical five-step process that has seen thousands of Muslims say Yes to Jesus and enter into new communities of faithful discipleship.
    Any-3 provides biblical principles and practical steps that have equipped hundreds of Christians to witness confidently and effectively. Over the past decade, thousands of Muslims have been engaged with the gospel. Within the first few years, Any-3 resulted in seven generations of Muslim-background churches planting churches, with more than a thousand baptized believers.
    Any-3 introduces Christians to a five-step process that helps them to 1) get connected with Muslims, 2) get to a God conversation, 3) get to lostness, 4) get to the gospel, and 5) get to a decision. Hundreds of Christians have learned to walk this path with Muslims, leading thousands of them to say Yes to Jesus and pray to receive him into their lives as Savior and Lord.
    Any-3 is truly revolutionizing Christian ministry to Muslims. Through this highly readable new resource, you too will learn how to share the gospel with Muslims and bring them into new discipleship communities.
    Continue Reading Any 3 Anyone Anywhere Any Time

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  • Church Snatchers : The Ultimate Identity Theft


    ‘The Church Snatchers’ is designed to awaken Christians to recognize Satan’s plan to weaken, dilute, and negate the Gospel. We must not allow the enemy to ‘snatch away’ what all of heaven and the heroes of the faith began. Continue Reading Church Snatchers : The Ultimate Identity Theft

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  • Liderazgo Contra La Corriente


    En leer las Escrituras ha notado usted que la manera de guiar y de liderar que Dios aprueba es diferente a lo comun en el mundo?

    ? No obstante, muchas veces vemos por precepto y por ejemplo la manera de gobernar del mundo en la iglesia. Con pena y dolor somos testigos y a veces victimas de lideres utilizando el sistema del mundo donde decimos que Jesus es Seor.

    Servicio es una manera tan inusitada para liderar que la iglesia misma se confunde sobre este asunto. Al leer este libro, vera la manera biblica de liderar y notara la gran diferencia.

    In reading the Scriptures, have you noticed guidance and leading that God approves of is different than the common way the world does it?

    However, many times we see in principle and example the way of leading from the world in the church. With much pain and hurt we are witnesses and sometimes victims of leaders using the system of the world where we say Jesus is Lord.

    Serving is such an unusual way to lead that the church itself is confused about this style of leadership. On reading this book you will see the Biblical way to lead and note how different it is. Continue Reading Liderazgo Contra La Corriente

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  • Marcados Por El Amor


    Cuando una iglesia tiene problemas, cual es el mas urgente para remediar?
    – Las mujeres no saben su lugar en el ministerio de la iglesia.
    – Los jovenes exigen respeto, pero no lo demuestran hacia otros.
    – La cena del Seor no se celebra correctamente.
    – Los nios necesitan otra sala para su enseanza.
    – !Ni me pregunte sobre la musica!
    De todas las cosas relacionadas con el evangelio y la iglesia de nuestro Seor, una es mas importante y mas urgente que todas las demas . . . el amor. Autor Boyce Mouton dice que podemos tener todo funcionando correctamente, con diaconos, con ancianos, con verdad en la enseanza, pero si el amor falta en una congregacion, laa iglesia esta desviada de lo principal. Pongamos en primer lugar lo
    primordial. Sin amor no somos nada, y quiza ni nos reconozca el mundo como discipulos del Mesias. Lea este libro sobre lo principal entre los que seguimos a Cristo.

    When a church has problems, which is the most urgent to fix?
    – The women don’t know their place in church ministry.
    – The youth demand respect from others, but don’t show it for others.
    – The Lord’s Supper is not being celebrated correctly.
    – Children need a new classroom.
    – Don’t even ask me about the music!
    Of all things related to the gospel and the church of our Lord, one is more important and more urgent than the rest . . . and it’s love. Author Boyce Mouton says that we can have everything functioning correctly, with deacons and elders, with truth in the teaching, but if love is lacking, the church is derailed from the principal thing. Let’s put the first thing in first place. Without love we are nothing, and the world may not even recognize us as disciples of the Messiah. Read this book about the main thing among those who follow Christ. Continue Reading Marcados Por El Amor

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  • House Church Networks


    A new model of church is emerging throughout North America. Discover how these new house church networks offer community and simplicity, especially as they fit the heart, call and passion of the younger generations. These house church networks will work together with the more traditional community churches and mega-churches to show the transforming power of Christ to our neighborhoods. Continue Reading House Church Networks

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  • Helping You Build Cell Churches Manual


    This manual contains the tools you need…it is a biblical blueprint for cell ministry including reaching out, spiritual parenting, mistakes to avoid, leadership training, church government, fivefold ministry in cells, children and youth in cells, church planting, transitioning to a cell-based church, counseling skills for cell leaders, and much more! Join the churches around the world that are adopting the house to house design of the early church and finding it effective in building today.

    Written by veteran cell-based leaders of DOVE International(R), the field-tested training in this manual is the result of twenty years of experience using the New Testament strategy of building the church through cell groups. DOVE International(R) started with one cell and has grown into a network of cell-based churches in four continents. Learn from DOVE International’s successes and failures in cell-based ministry and church planting. This comprehensive manual covers 51 topics!

    Includes study and discussion questions with each topic for training cell leaders or personal study. Also has a special church planting tools section in the back of the manual. Continue Reading Helping You Build Cell Churches Manual

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  • Identificando El Espiritualism


    Spiritualism is invading our churches and overcoming some ministries. To identify its operations requires spiritual discernment. In this book Jonas draws on twenty years of experience and biblical knowledge to help protect you from spiritual deception. You will discover that spiritualism is the counterfeit of the Holy Spirit with spiritists that operate inside the spirit realm without the Holy Spirit.

    Here’s what you’ll learn:

    – Learn to recognize a Christian spiritist.
    – Discern the difference between true and false prophetic operations.
    – Learn to flow in the prophetic correctly legally.
    – Discover the earmarks of a prophetic spiritist.
    – The difference between spiritualism and the Holy Spirit.
    – And much more… Continue Reading Identificando El Espiritualism

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  • How Jezebel Hijacks Prophetic Ministry


    Jezebel knows how to hijack prophetic ministry. Christ warned His disciples of Jezebel’s demonic influence and admonished them not to tolerate her presence. Some, however, do not understand His instruction and have found themselves easy prey for her demonic devices.

    You can stop Jezebel’s influence within prophetic ministry. Find out how.

    Topics include:

    * Discover Jezebel’s greatest weakness.

    * How to keep Jezebel out of prophetic ministry.

    * Jezebel’s seducing approach in prophetic circles.

    * Avoiding the mystical world of the Jezebel spirit.

    Don’t tolerate the Jezebel spirit! Continue Reading How Jezebel Hijacks Prophetic Ministry

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  • How Prophets Fall


    Not every prophet makes it. Power, money, prestige, honor, promotion, and enticements with flattering smooth sayings are all demonic assignments designed to pull on any common ground that might be in the heart of God’s prophetic ministers. Understanding high level demonic enticements will protect you from error.

    Topics include:

    * Avoiding the dark side.

    * Understanding prophetic enticements.

    * Guarding the prophet’s heart.

    * Steps for emerging prophets.

    * Prophets and pitfalls.

    * And much more…
    Continue Reading How Prophets Fall

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  • Effective Ministries And Believers


    15 Chapters

    Additional Info
    God has given you unique gifts and talents – and He expects you to use them effectively. If you’ve been frustrated that the gift of God inside you ins’t producing more, then Effective Ministries and Believers is your handbook to unlocking more of God’s grace in your life and ministry. When Jesus ascended to heaven He gave gifts to men: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers (Ephesians 4: 11). Those gifts come with graces that are available to every born again believer. In this actionable book, Jonas Clark reveals powerful truths from God’s Word that will help you flow in an apostolic and prophetic grace to build your life andyour local church according to Jesus’ pattern. You’ll find greater effectiveness in the work of the Lord. Through practical teaching and thoughtful prompts, Jonas inspires you to discover God’s design for effective ministry. Continue Reading Effective Ministries And Believers

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  • Claves Efectivas Para El Lider


    Learn, from this dynamic model, what it takes to build an effective leadership team and healthy local church. Common ministry temptations and tensions are candidly discussed, emphasizing the need for personal vision and mission in your ministry. Forwarded by Marcos Witt.

    Con este modelo minamico aprenda como edificar un epquipo de liderazgo eficiente y una ehlesia local saludable. Se habla sobre tentaciones y tensiones communes del ministerio, enfatizando la necesidad de tener una vision y mission personales en su ministerio. Prologo por Marcos Witt.

    Continue Reading Claves Efectivas Para El Lider

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  • Apostles : The Fathering Servant


    Bill Scheidler has illuminated the qualifications and function of an apostle today by approaching the subject from a purely biblical point of view. Apostles compares this biblical view with current apostolic trends found in the church today. If you are a leader or pastor, Apostles will serve as your roadmap to understanding the function of an apostle today. Continue Reading Apostles : The Fathering Servant

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  • Church Shouldnt Suck The Life Out Of You


    Using humor and frank honesty, Pastor Jim Minor describes how his own street outreach organization transformed from a vibrant, God-infused ministry into a conventional, safe church that almost sucked all the passion for ministry right out of him. Then, Jim explains how he got his passion back again.

    Who is this book for?

    *Pastors and ministry leaders who have lost their focus and have grown to resent the ministries to which they have been called

    *Those in the pews who have lost the spark of their passion for God and find themselves merely going through the motions and playing church

    *Non-churchgoers who stay away because they don’t want any part of a dry, lifeless religion that doesn’t make any difference in the world

    If you identify with any of those categories, this book is for you!

    Let Jim Minor cast a vision for what church can be. Discover that it’s possible to venture beyond the church walls, to interact with the lost and hurting, and to watch God do miracles in people’s lives. And in the process, church might even become fun and fulfilling once again.
    Continue Reading Church Shouldnt Suck The Life Out Of You

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  • Evangelize Or Fosselize


    Truly, there is nothing so tragic, so hard, and so icy as a fossilized church or Christian. Nothing can keep the Christian warm, fresh, and alive like evangelism. Soulwinning is a safeguard against a dead, barren orthodoxy. That the church’s expansion depends upon her evangelism is the testimony of the ages. Failing to save, she cannot survive. A lack of evangelism, ultimately, will lead to extinction.

    Renowned Bible teacher Dr. Herbert Lockyer examines the call, the methods, the obstacles, and the challenge of bringing the gospel to a lost and hurting world. When the Holy Spirit enables men and women of God to offer their lives for the sake of the Lord Jesus and to turn the world upside down, it is the greatest adventure of all time!
    Continue Reading Evangelize Or Fosselize

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  • What About The Church


    Throughout the long history of the church, men have searched in vain to discover the ideal model for the corporate structure of the church. No hierarchy is clearly spelled out in the Scriptures except what the Spirit says through Paul in the letter to the Corinthians or the Ephesians. Nevertheless, throughout the age of the church, many individuals and groups involved in wars and with blood on their hands have not hesitated to attempt to build the temple of the Lord in the form of a given denomination, group, or organized movement. These attempts resulted in building dead monuments instead of joining living stones that would be a light unto the nations. Man measures success according to the criteria of this world, the number of participants, or some other outward measurement, while God measures success by righteousness in the heart and obedience to His Word by those who have learned His ways.

    Continue Reading What About The Church

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  • Christianity And Politics


    Melody believes if every Christian will shine their light (Christ in them) brightly, no matter the cost, we will live the most fulfilled life ever imagined. She started a Christian nonprofit in 2010 called Hesed Consulting, where she assists other nonprofits in the area of financial and human resources development. Melody has a heart for people and seeing the body of Christ unified. Hence, Christianity and Politics is an overflow of this passion. To allow something as worldly as politics to divide us plays into the strategic hands of the enemy. This book is written to Christians who find unrest in the weight of politics and its ability to divide the Church and harm relationships. Melody prays that your spirit is quieted after reading her book and you are freed to politic from biblical conviction and insight, versus loyalty to this world’s systems. Continue Reading Christianity And Politics

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  • City Vision All Leaders Must Have


    Many cities today have critical problems with misplaced values, crime, and spiritual darkness. This book provides strategies Christian leaders can use to claim their cities for God and create a new vision for their communities.

    Continue Reading City Vision All Leaders Must Have

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  • Me Llaman Pastor


    Pastor, !Que hermosa palabra! Siempre que alguien me llama pastor me quedo admirado. . . . No hay privilegio mas grande que ser un pastor. Las palabras de H.B. London, Jr., celebran la profunda unidad que existe entre un pastor y su congregacion-y las incomparables recompensas de una vida dedicada al servicio de nuestro Seor. Aviva tu pasion de amar a aquellos que guias. Me Llaman Pastor tocara tu corazon de una forma que pocos libros lo hayan hecho.

    Pastor, What a beautiful word! Whenever someone calls me pastor I’m admired. . . . There is no greater privilege than to be a pastor. The words of HB London, Jr., celebrate the profound unity that exists between a pastor and his congregation, and the unique rewards of a life dedicated to serving our Lord. Revive your passion to love those you lead. They Call Me Pastor will touch your heart in a way that few books have done.
    Continue Reading Me Llaman Pastor

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  • Respuestas A Preguntas De Past


    Pastors Warren Wiersbe and Howard Sugden tackle practical questions such as – How can I determine whether I am called to the ministry, and how important is the assurance of a special call? How can I get started on the right foot in a new place of ministry? How do you go about removing dead officers and teachers? How can we best assimilate new converts and new members to the church family? How can I be a faithful pastor, husband, and father all at the same time? Continue Reading Respuestas A Preguntas De Past

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  • Iglesia Apasionada


    Church, for many pastors and leaders, has become increasingly difficult. Things that used to work, don’t work anymore. The landscape of Church and culture have changed beyond recognition. Pastors everywhere wonder-Is surviving all we can hope for? Is this really Church the way Jesus intended? Using memorable shapes-known as Life Shapes-Breen and Kallestad reveal the eight proven truths that transform churches, their leaders, and the lives of their people. With Life Shapes, every pastor can lead as Jesus intended, and their church will be-The Passionate Church!
    Continue Reading Iglesia Apasionada

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  • Sabado La Ley Y La Gracia (Revised)


    Should the Christian observe the Saturday? The pastor Abraao de Almeida says no. This books is the final work of many years of investigation and presents the arguments used in the polemics with the sabbaticals. The text of this edition was revised by the author and he added several information. It is solid based on the Scriptures. This book is an answer to all the ones that insist in observe the seventh day as a commandment and indispensable practice for the church
    Continue Reading Sabado La Ley Y La Gracia (Revised)

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  • Closing The Back Door


    This exciting audio resource looks at proven ways churches are keeping members and attendees active and happy (without compromise)…preventing them from slipping out the back door. Most every church loses people by transfer or inactivity. In this audio seminar, you will hear very practical descriptions of how other churches are successfully reaching their communities and keeping their members active. You will learn how to do the same. Includes: Dr. Thom Rainer’s compelling seminar on CDs (approx. 4 hours) and 18-page seminar workbook.

    Continue Reading Closing The Back Door

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  • 7 Habits Of A Visitor Friendly Church


    Guests form most of their opinions about your church within thirty seconds of entering the front door-and that impression will stick with them until they return-if they ever do. While being friendly accounts for 20% of a church’s effectiveness in welcoming guests, the other 80% comes from well-designed systems. The 7 Habits of a Visitor-Friendly Church audio seminar will help you develop habits and a proven system to effectively attract, welcome, and follow up guests so they will stay in your church. You will learn how to: incorporate guests into the life of your church * make evangelism the natural purpose of the church * see your church through the eyes of your guests * make people say good things about your church * implement a values-led assimilation strategy * influence people to come to your church * select the best curriculum for your newcomer’s class * and more. Includes: 4 CDs of the seminar and 1 reproducable seminar workbook.

    Continue Reading 7 Habits Of A Visitor Friendly Church

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  • How To Go To Two Services Kit


    You can expand your ministry with two services.Why go to two services even if you don’t have space problems? Adding a second service will help you reach people you can’t reach in the eleven o’clock service. It will help break your growth plateau. Sunday school attendance will soar. When you provide a different type of worship your credibility as a leader will be established. So how can you go to two services? By ordering Dr. Elmer Towns’ easy-to-follow resource packet. Includes: DVD worknotes, 3 survey forms, 4 questionnaires, pastor’s checklist, promotional materials, and DVD.

    Continue Reading How To Go To Two Services Kit

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  • Invitation : 22 Church Planters From Around The World Tell Their Stories


    22 church planters from around the world tell their stories.

    God is inviting us to join Him in planting new churches to help people come to faith in Jesus Christ.

    When Jesus ascended into heaven he left a spiritual family of 120 believers in an upper room. By planting new churches, we continue what Jesus started. This book contains stories of ordinary people from five continents. They trusted in an extraordinary God, became spiritual fathers and mothers and planted a new unique church in their community. Through their obedience, many have come to faith in Christ. Continue Reading Invitation : 22 Church Planters From Around The World Tell Their Stories

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  • Volunteer Choir


    The Volunteer Choir refines the choir’s role and covers the mechanics of gathering, maintaining and training a choir. It also includes advice on recruitment, motivation, appreciation and other faces of working with volunteers. Continue Reading Volunteer Choir

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  • Catechesis For Liturgy


    SKU (ISBN): 9780912405230Gilbert OstdiekBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 1986Publisher: Oregon Catholic Press/Pastoral Press

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  • Creating Local Arts Together


    This book is a manual designed to guide an individual or group into a local community’s efforts at integrating its arts with the values and purposes of god’s kingdom. The practical, playful text reduces experience-based scholarly insights gained from multiple decades of incarnational ministry around the world into a flexible seven-step process.
    Continue Reading Creating Local Arts Together

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  • Church : Prayers Of Celebration


    The Church is a place of celebration and also a people of celebration. This short collection of modern prayers and prayer activities will help you to find joy in your local church and in the wider Church. The prayers take a look at the foundation of the Church, mission, discipleship, evangelism, worship, communion, the sacraments, the Scriptures, fellowship and, of course, the role we can play. The prayers are drawn from decades of wonderful prayers in the popular Pray Now annual series. Continue Reading Church : Prayers Of Celebration

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  • Hope For The Church


    Church House Publishing

    In Hope for the Church the author takes a challenging look at recent church attendance figures and sets out to interpret their message for today’s Church. Bob Jackson highlights areas where the Church is growing, analyses causes of decline and outlines strategic responses to the problem of declining numbers. Hope for the Church is, in essence, a plea to the church not to lose heart, but to be pro-active in the face of rapid social change.”Features up-to-date analysis of church attendance figures and practical growth strategies for all levels of leadership. Continue Reading Hope For The Church

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  • Healthy Churches Handbook


    This practical guide will help you identify your churchs strengths and weaknesses, discovering what action to take to improve its

    Focusing on the quality of your churchs life rather than just the numbers attending, and avoiding quick-fix solutions, Robert Warren offers a realistic and positive process for revitalizing your church, helping you assess your parish against the seven marks of a healthy church.

    The goal is nothing less than encountering the reality of Gods presence in and through the life of your church. The material is fully road-tested and has been used in local churches across the UK and beyond. Continue Reading Healthy Churches Handbook

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  • Developing Healthy Churches


    Church House Publishing

    Developing Healthy Churches is an utterly practical and realistic guide for any leader seeking to revitalize and grow their church.The long-awaited sequel to the bestselling Healthy Churches’ Handbook, this new volume will help you implement tried and tested approaches for healthy church growth in your parish. Continue Reading Developing Healthy Churches

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  • Mission Shaped Children


    Church House Publishing

    The saying ‘Children are our future…’ may be a cliche but it is one that the Church cannot afford to ignore! Too often, nurture and worship for children is about containing and entertaining, rather than engaging with and growing young Christians who can give as much as they receive. Mission-shaped Church touched on the importance of involving and nurturing the children and young people in the Church, but only in passing. Mission-shaped Children fills this gap. Written as a response to Mission-shaped Church from the perspective of children, this important book explores: how the dramatic cultural, social and economic trends of recent years have impacted on children’s lives and how this affects the Church; developments in how the Church has nurtured children in the past 100 years; the many and varied opportunities there are to help children to experience Church and some of the challenges this presents for those working with children; and how the Church can shape itself around children and young people, rather than expecting them to fit in with the Church. Written in an engaging style, Mission-shaped Children contains many real life case studies, practical examples and questions for discussion. Continue Reading Mission Shaped Children

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  • Road To Growth


    Church House Publishing

    Based on his consultancy experience with churches and dioceses over the last three years and further research on the causes of church growth, Bob Jackson’s new book shows how the Church at parish, diocesan and national level can overturn its old cycle of decline and begin a new cycle of growth.

    At its heart this book is about how local churches can thrive and grow in the early twenty-first century. Continue Reading Road To Growth

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  • Healthy Churches Handbook


    Church House Publishing

    This practical guide helps churches identify their strengths and weaknesses and discover what action to take in order to develop the health of their church. The focus is on the quality of the church’s life rather than just the numbers attending. There are no quick fixes, no ’60-minutes to the perfect church’ type of solutions. The material and process outlined here is the fruit of 10 years of research and reflection on how the church can best express its faith and life in today’s setting. The material is fully road-tested and has been used in local churches across the UK and beyond. Continue Reading Healthy Churches Handbook

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  • Breaking New Ground


    This report was written in 1994 as the Church of England’s first consideration of the whole phenomenon of church planting, its triumphs and its pitfalls. It offers guidance for all kinds of church planting situations and goes beyond to consider how to bring these new parts of God’s Church to fruition and maturity. Continue Reading Breaking New Ground

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