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Church History

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  • Forever With The Lord


    Early Anabaptist Series

    The Story of Michael Sattler, martyred in 1527

    What would it be like to be an Anabaptist? Ursula knows the Anabaptists are hunted, captured, and sometimes killed. Yet her sister Margaretha and her husband Michael Sattler find joy as they join the Anabaptists in their search for truth. Their joy remains even when they face persecution.

    One of Ursula’s brothers starts sneaking away at night and begins behaving mysteriously. Is he attending the Anabaptists meetings too?

    Ursula is full of questions. How will these changes affect her family and their traditions? How can she know whether the Anabaptists are living the way the Bible teaches?

    Join Ursula, a young girl in sixteenth-century Switzerland, as she faces these questions. Continue Reading Forever With The Lord

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  • How The Church Lost The Truth


    It should have been so simple. There was the Bible, God’s authoritative and complete word for mankind. His gift to us. One volume of sixty six books in all, from In the beginning to amen. One basic message. Choose Life, He said. So what did we do? We chose … denominations, 38,000 of them. One book, thousands of interpretations.

    Snake handlers in Kansas, Prosperity teachers in Washington, Liberationists in El Salvador, Gay Bishops in New Hampshire, New Age rectors in London. They all claim the Bible as their inspiration and rulebook. Once this book is opened, why is it that folk seem to see different things? One book, one message, one Babel. How come? Where can the Truth be found or has the Church lost The Truth?

    This explosive book tells the whole sad story of what actually happened to the Church over the last two thousand years and how it managed to lose its focus and take on so many ideas from Greek philosophy that Christianity has just become a melting point of truth mixed up with very strange ideas.

    If Jesus were to return today, which Church – if any – could He call his own?

    In this challenging, provocative but entertaining book the author examines what has happened to some key battlegrounds for Truth and asks, where did those ideas come from?

    *How did God kick things off?
    *How does He deal with His covenant people?
    *Who does He let into heaven?
    *What is Hell really like?
    *How is He really going to wrap things up?

    Some of the answers will astound you and you may also be prompted to ask the question, how has the Church managed to lose so much Truth?

    Prepare to be challenged to the very core of your faith. Continue Reading How The Church Lost The Truth

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  • 95 The Ideas That Birthed The Reformation


    In 1517, an unknown Augustinian monk, informed by his growing belief that salvation is by faith alone, published and distributed a stark criticism of papal abuses in the Catholic Church. In doing so, Martin Luther lit the spark for what would become the Protestant Reformation.

    What became known as the 95 Theses was a series of statements expressing concern with corruption within the Church, primarily the selling of indulgences to the people as a means covering them from their sins.

    For the 500th anniversary of Luther’s revolutionary writing, Whitaker House is combining each thesis with an excerpt from one of his later works to provide a convenient way to understand the ideas and concepts that became the seeds of the Protestant Reformation. Continue Reading 95 The Ideas That Birthed The Reformation

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  • Basic Church History Time Line Pamphlet


    This visual Church History Time Line includes a Denominations Chart so you can see when various Christian churches started. This horizontal time line starts from the time of Jesus and continues to modern day. Packed with hundreds of events and people, this time line makes it easy to see:
    *Church growth
    *Christian expansion in other countries
    *History of Bible Translation
    *Martyrs, monks, and missionaries
    *Gutenberg Bible, King James Bible, and rise of modern translations.

    Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches, full color, glossy coating. Folds out to 38 inches. Fits in a Bible cover. Continue Reading Basic Church History Time Line Pamphlet

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  • Many Tongues One Faith


    The history of Franciscan parishes in the United States offers a glimpse into the struggles and triumphs of priests, sisters, and laity attempting to live out their faith amidst the challenges of the nineteenth and twentieth century: religious bigotry, racial and ethnic strife, and cultural and religious change.

    Readers ofthis work will learn about
    –the friar who persuaded his fellowPolish immigrants to engage in an ill-fated settlement experiment in Texas,leading to the priest’s departure from the community under threats of violence.
    –a successful effort at Keshena, Wisconsin to minister to the Menominee utilizing catechetical material in the natives’ language.
    –one of the first Italian churches in New York City, St. Anthony of Padua, where a multiethnic parish gave rise to disputes over leadership in the community.
    –the parish of St. Lawrence of Brindisi in Los Angeles where the friars ministered to an impoverished community located near theepicenter of the 1965 Watts riots.
    –the serene setting of rural northern Ohio where a Marian shrine has been the siteof dozens of claimed miraculous healings.

    While the portraits of fourteen Franciscan parishes contained in this work are diverse -geographically, ethnically, and chronologically – they collectively witness tothe distinctiveness of the Franciscan charism of embracing poverty, fosteringcommunity, offering reconciliation, and serving those on society’s margins.

    Theirs is a story of how Franciscan parishes have truly spoken many tongues to build one faith. Continue Reading Many Tongues One Faith

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  • Voice Of Empathy


    Where do we find religion? In places of worship? For many, it can be found in the activities of daily life, from shopping for groceries and making dinner to falling in love and raising children. How do historians write this history? How do they record the significance of religious culture expressed through the mundane and the extraordinary-from letters to magazines to praying for miracles at shrines? This study offers more than a century’s worth of religion lived through media, particularly Franciscan media.

    From the late nineteenth century through the present, Franciscan media have offered Catholics in the United States ways to reflect on and react to the issues of daily life: family, sex, children, obedience to church doctrine (from dietary requirements to treatment of divorced Catholics), communism, and even the moral dimensions of popular culture, especially movies. Interaction through media helped shape identity, revealing the difficulty of living as a Catholic in modern America. Franciscans wrote for magazines, produced radio shows, developed film projects, and understood that to reach people, they needed to appeal to the heart as well as to the head-to speak to the emotion of living one’s Catholicism as well as thinking about what Catholicism means. Voice of Empathy uses a spectrum of sources, from letters to priests in print magazines such as St. Anthony Messenger to scripts for shows such as The Hour of St. Francis to the multi-platform work of Mother Angelica and
    Father Richard Rohr, to highlight the fluid engagement between faith and the secular world. The social, economic, political, and cultural developments that gave shape to Franciscan media also became the context in which Franciscans forged particular approaches to their pastoral ministry. Of particular note, Voice of Empathy deals extensively with the central role women have played in Franciscan media as consumers, producers, and shapers of lived Catholicism.
    Continue Reading Voice Of Empathy

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  • Foxes Book Of Martyrs (Revised)


    In 1563, John Foxe began a memorial of martyrs starting with Stephen, the first to die for the cause of Christ, and ending with the most recent martyrs of his day; those killed during Bloody Mary’s reign. He knew that dangers lay in forgetting the martyrs–in being insensitive to their struggles. Martyrdom is not a thing of the past; every day the Christian church is persecuted in countries all over the world. More Christians were afflicted in the twentieth century then all the past centuries combined. If the Church is not reminded of the cost to follow Christ, she will die. Be vulnerable to the cries of the martyrs. Let their courage, their faith, their love–touch your life. This updated version includes reports on modern martyrs of the 20th and 21st century, a full color timeline of selected events and people for historical reference, and has been carefully edited into Modern American English for today’s reader. Continue Reading Foxes Book Of Martyrs (Revised)

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  • American Evangelicals : A Contemporary History Of A Mainstream Religious Mo


    Introduction: Awakenings And The Beginning Of American Evangelicalism

    The Struggle With Modernism: Origins Of The Culture Wars

    Battling With Science: From Anti-Evolution To The Intelligent Design

    Millennialism: Folk Religion And The Career Of End-Times Prophecy

    Considering Equality: The Tradition Of Gender, Race And Gay Rights

    Inspired Politics: Evangelical Religion In The Political Marketplace

    Back To The Academy: Evangelical Scholars And The American Mind




    About The Author

    Additional Info
    There may be no group in American society that is more talked about but so little understood as Evangelical Christians. Sometimes dismissed as violent fundamentalists and ignorant flat earthers, few can doubt the political, cultural, and religious significance of the Evangelicals. Barry Hankins puts the Evangelical movement in historical perspective, reaching back to its roots in the Great Awakening of the 18th century and leading up to the formative moments of contemporary conservative Protestantism. Taking on key topics such as the standing of science, the authority of scripture, and gender and racial equality, Hankins analyzes what is most essential for us to understand today about this potent movement.

    Continue Reading American Evangelicals : A Contemporary History Of A Mainstream Religious Mo

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  • Reforma Ayer Y Hoy


    El material de este Basico esta extraido de las conferencias impartidas con motivo de la XXIV Conferencia Cipriano de Valera. En ella Jose Moreno, Jose de Segovia y Bernard Coster, analizan la Reforma desde cuatro puntos de vista. El libro trata de la importancia de la primera y segunda Reforma en Espaa, asi como sus distintas fases y caracteristicas. La influencia de la Reforma y el protestantismo, relacionando la etica protestante con el capitalismo. Por ultimo, la teologia de la Reforma desde sus origenes hasta hoy.

    The input for this Booklet has been gleaned from a series of lectures read at the XXIV Cipriano de Valera Conference. The authors approach the subject from a fourfold perspective, dealing with the First and Second Reformation in Spain, the influence of Protestantism, Protestant Ethics and the Rise of Capitalism, and the Theology of the Reformation, from its inception to present day. Continue Reading Reforma Ayer Y Hoy

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  • How The Choir Converted The World


    Music is the most effective delivery system for feelings-love, joy, sadness, glory. The early Church Fathers knew that music also has power over minds, and they used that power to maximum effect, writing hymns through which the early Christians would learn, retain, and spread the Gospel message. In How the Choir Converted the World, best-selling author Mike Aquilina demonstrates how the earliest Christians used music to transform a world that desperately needed transforming. As Aquilina suggests, If we did it once, we can do it again. Continue Reading How The Choir Converted The World

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  • Islam At The Gates


    1. The Ottomans Come On The Scene
    2. Ottoman Success In The Fifteenth Century
    3. The City Falls And The Heroes Die
    4. The Suffering Of The Balkans
    5. Albania, Rhodes, Otranto
    6. A Semi-Peaceful Interlude
    7. Jihad At Sea
    8. Hungary’s Passion
    9. The Anti-Jihad Victorious: Lepanto To Vienna And After
    10. Islam At The Gates Once More

    Additional Info
    How Christendom defeated the Ottoman Turks. Historian Diane Moczar pulls back the curtain on one of the most important acts in the drama of Muslim aggression against the West: the 500-year-long siege of Europe by the Ottoman Turks. Islam at the Gates chronicles the heroes and villains, the battles and atrocities, the tragic errors and timely miracles, that marked the Ottomans’ incursions from Europe’s borders to the very heart of Christendom; and afterwards, by the grace of God, their eventual repulsion and final defeat. Continue Reading Islam At The Gates

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  • Reforma Presente


    Soto informa sobre un movimiento que da prioridad a la unidad cristiana. Es la historia del movimiento de restauracion de Stone y Campbell.
    Muchos se preguntan hoy que tiene en comun la gente de una epoca de hace mas de doscientos aos con nosotros – latinoamericanos, habitantes de colosales ciudades de cemento, indios del altiplano andino, negros del Caribe hispano, inmigrantes de la cuenca del Plata, moradores de favelas, villa miserias, poblaciones callampas? La respuesta se da en este libro. Su titulo lo insinua. Los padres de este movmiento nunca quisieron que esta sea una reforma puntual y estatica, sino que le llamaron La Reforma Present. Al leer este libro descubrira que los principios e ideas de aquel entonces pueden ser aplicados a la iglesia hoy.

    Soto informs us about a movement that gives priority to Christian unity. This is the history of the Restoration Movement of Stone and Campbell.
    Many today would ask, what do these people from a time more than 200 years ago have to do with us – Latin Americans, inhabitants of enormous cities of cement, Indians of the high Andean plateau, blacks from the Hispanic Caribbean region, immigrants from the basin of the Rio del Plata, inhabitants of the shantytowns and slums? The answer is given in this book. The title insinuates it. The founders of this movement never wanted it to be isolated and static, rather they called it this present reform. Upon reading this book you will discover that the principles and ideas from then can be applied to the church today Continue Reading Reforma Presente

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  • Noah Webster And The Reformation Of America


    Noah Webster affected the course of education in early America more than any other person. He wrote a series of textbooks including a speller, grammar, reader, and U.S. history. His famous Blue-Back Speller sold over 100 million copies from 1783 through the 1800s, and was designed to allow individuals to be self-taught. Webster wrote the first exhaustive English dictionary, translated his own version of the Bible, helped to found a college, started the first magazine in America, and formed a newspaper. He was one of the first persons to publicly promote a constitutional convention in the 1780s. He secured copyright legislation on the state and national levels, and he served in civil government in many capacities.

    Webster spent his entire adult life working to reform America and to provide a foundation of liberty, happiness, and prosperity for all citizens. He understood that ideas have consequences, that the battle for the future of our country would be waged in the market place of ideas, and that those adhering to Godly truth must enter into the battle in every conceivable sphere. Webster’s life gives us a great example of how to bring reform to America, or any nation, today. A look at his life and accomplishments reveal what we need to do, where we need to be involved, strategies for bringing reform, proper motives and reasons for action, and the fruit we can expect from planting Godly seeds.
    Continue Reading Noah Webster And The Reformation Of America

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  • Biblical Revival And The Transformation Of Nations


    America, like Humpty Dumpty, has fallen off the wall and is broken. Government (the king’s horses and men) cannot put us together. Our only hope is for God to tear open the heavens and come down and do awesome things. We need God to revive us as a people, to bring His life to our society. Not only does America, but also all nations have a desperate need for Biblical revival and transformation.

    The history of revivals as briefly presented in this book gives us great hope that the living God can revive us. Just as God did in Ireland through the influence of Patrick in the fifth century, in much of Europe through the Protestant Reformation, and in America during the First Great Awakening, He can do in America and any nation today. When Biblical revival comes, not only will individuals be supernaturally changed, but the entire culture (including families, churches, businesses, laws, governments, and the economy) will be transformed. In addition to examining many historical revivals and their good fruit, this book includes: how to bring revival and transformation to your nation, and what a transformed society would look like. Continue Reading Biblical Revival And The Transformation Of Nations

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  • Great Azusa Street Revival


    As fascinating collection of the words and teachings of William Seymour in the years leading up to and including the historic Azusa Street Revival, which began in Los Angeles in 1906 before spreading across the country and creating the modern-day Pentecostal movement. Includes historic accounts, eyewitness testimonies to the power of God, and photos capturing the multicultural, worldwide appeal of Seymour and his ministry, including his stirring sermons, which covered a wide range of topics that are still relevant to believers today. Complied by Roberts Liardon, author of the bestselling God’s Generals series. Continue Reading Great Azusa Street Revival

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  • Canon Law Explained


    Not only inefficiency, but frustration, disorder, anger, and injustice threaten all human endeavors, no matter how pure their motives or high their ideals. That’s why successful organizations always create employee handbooks and clear procedure manuals that delineate where authority lies, how conflicts are to be resolved, and, above all, how each organization’s mission is (and is not) to be accomplished.

    Is it any wonder then that the Catholic Church comprised not of 200 persons but 1.2 billion members in 200 countries also governs itself by means of a handbook, which it calls the Code of Canon Law?

    Because handbooks and manuals concern themselves with the day-to-day inner working of organizations, they often reveal more than do news releases about the actual purposes and genuine spirit of organizations: a fact that’s particularly true in the case of the Catholic Church.

    Indeed, if you want to know the Church for who She is, you need to be familiar with the Code of Canon Law. Unfortunately, it contains over 1,752 rules (or canons). Among them, you’ll find fascinating canons that lay out the Church’s official principles and procedures governing matters as various as abbots and annulments, scandals and Sacraments, monks and missions, bishops and books, priests and popes, synods and sacraments, homeschoolers, hostile witnesses, baptisms, burials, parishes, penance, confessions, Councils, impotence, imprimaturs, and, even marriages to the person who murdered your spouse!

    Thankfully, Vatican expert and veteran author Fr. Laurence Spiteri has in the pages of Canon Law Explained relieved you of the need to read all 1,752 of them (fascinating or not). Here he acquaints you with the fundamental canons by which the Church seeks to bring about, as it declares in the very last canon, the purpose all of them serve: The salvation of souls, which must always be the supreme law in the Church. Continue Reading Canon Law Explained

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  • Awakening In Wales


    Watchman Nee called it the greatest known revival in church history. On October 31, 1904, Evan Roberts, a twenty-six-year-old former miner, returned home from a ministry training program, having quit at the urging of the Holy Spirit. That night, he joined sixteen other young people at a village chapel, and from that humble origin sprang a spiritual revival that roared across the hills and valleys of Wales. Thousands of souls were welcomed into God’s kingdom. Even the press could not ignore the changes occurring and eagerly reported on Roberts’ every move.

    As suddenly as he had appeared, Roberts vanished from the world stage, only to reemerge twenty years later. What happened? How did God work so miraculously?

    Jessie Penn-Lewis was well-acquainted with the revival, and with its leader, Evan Roberts. Her clear and concise history of the events of that time remains a treasure for all those who pray for revival to return in our day. Continue Reading Awakening In Wales

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  • Herencia Historica


    The story of Christianity is a fascinating tale. Here we find drama, vision and expansion along with failure, setbacks and tragedy. Yet during the past two thousand years the power of Jesus is felt throughout the interplay of human actors and the forces of world events.
    Continue Reading Herencia Historica

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  • Testigos Del Misterio


    Gorny y Rosikon han colaborado con numerosos cientificos e historiadores para verificar la autenticidad de estas reliquias. Tras una exhaustiva investigacion, han logrado fundamentar sus conclusiones no tanto en razones de fe como en evidencias historicas fuertemente documentadas y avaladas por el parecer de cientificos expertos.

    Las reliquias de la Pasion-sufrimiento, muerte y sepultura de risto- han resultado enormemente enigmaticas para la comunidad ientifica. Las reliquias investigadas y fotografiadas en este volumen, ncluyen, entre otras, la Cruz, los Clavos, la Corona de Espinas. El Pilar e la Flagelacion, la Tunica de Cristo, el Velo de Manopello, el Sudario e Oviedo y la famosa Sabana de Turin. Continue Reading Testigos Del Misterio

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  • Pierre Viret : The Angel Of The Reformation (Anniversary)


    This publication, undertaken in honor of the five hundredth anniversary of the birth of Pierre Viret, marks the first time of the availability of a full biography of Pierre Viret to the English speaking world. In this biography R.A. Sheats brings to light the fascinating history and life of this important early reformer of the Protestant Reformation. Also contaminating a lengthy chronology of Viret’s life, a detailed listing of his books, and over sixty pages of illustrations and maps, Pierre Viret: the Angel of the Reformation will be an excellent tool for researchers, scholars, and those interested in the Swiss and French Reformation. Comments on R.A. Sheats’ biography of Pierre Viret This new biography of the great French Swiss Reformer Pierre Viret is a groundbreaking venture. Not only has R.A. Sheats given is the first full (and exhaustively illustrated!) biography of Viret in English, but has achieved this feat with impeccable scholarship, making very generous use of the available sources. She has, in the manner of her great predecessor Merle d’Aubigne, entered into the very spirit of our Reformer, an achievement which she has rendered in a most engaging and attractive style. – Jean-Marc Berthoud, Historian and Theologian, Lausanne R.A. has written a superb biography on our Swiss Reformer that is both warmhearted and scholarly. We anticipate a soon translation into French. – Daniel Bovet, President of l’Association Pierre Viret, Switzerland Continue Reading Pierre Viret : The Angel Of The Reformation (Anniversary)

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  • Music And Liturgy Commentary


    SKU (ISBN): 9780912405988Claude Duchesneau | Michel Veuthey | Translator: Paul InwoodBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 1992Publisher: Oregon Catholic Press/Pastoral Press

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  • Popular Guide To The Mass


    SKU (ISBN): 9780912405933William MarreveeBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 1992Publisher: Oregon Catholic Press/Pastoral Press

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  • Fountain Of Life


    SKU (ISBN): 9780912405858Editor: Gerard AustinBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 1991Publisher: Oregon Catholic Press/Pastoral Press

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  • Initiation And The Churches


    SKU (ISBN): 9780912405841Leonel MitchellBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 1991Worship – Oregon Catholic PressPublisher: Oregon Catholic Press/Pastoral Press

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  • Shaping English Liturgy


    SKU (ISBN): 9780912405728Editor: Peter Finn | Editor: James SchellmanBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 1990Publisher: Oregon Catholic Press/Pastoral Press

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  • Reforming Tradition


    SKU (ISBN): 9780912405704Thomas TalleyBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 1990Worship – Oregon Catholic PressPublisher: Oregon Catholic Press/Pastoral Press

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  • Time And Community


    SKU (ISBN): 9780912405667Editor: J. Neil AlexanderBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 1990Publisher: Oregon Catholic Press/Pastoral Press

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  • From Silence To Participation


    SKU (ISBN): 9780912405544Bernard Botte | Translator: John SullivanBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 1988Publisher: Oregon Catholic Press/Pastoral Press

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  • Milwaukee Symposia For Church Composers


    SKU (ISBN): 9780912405438Binding: Trade PaperPublished: 2000Publisher: Oregon Catholic Press/Pastoral Press

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  • History Of The Catholic Church In The Pacific Northwest


    SKU (ISBN): 9780912405254Wilfred SchoenbergBinding: Cloth TextPublished: 1987Publisher: Oregon Catholic Press/Pastoral Press

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  • Medieval Liturgy : Introduction To The Sources


    This is more than just an English translation of Vogel’s monumental work. Introduction aux sources de l’histoire du culte chretien au moyen age; it’s the most comprehensive bibliographic resource book available on medieval liturgy. Continue Reading Medieval Liturgy : Introduction To The Sources

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  • Pentecost To Present Book 3


    Without knowing the Holy Spirit’s work in history, we cannot possibly understand what He is doing today, much less prepare for what He will do.

    In this third and final installment, the reader will learn how Charles Parham founded the modern Pentecostal baptism with speaking in tongues, how Evan Roberts gained worldwide attention through the 1904-05 Welsh revival, and how William Seymour spearheaded an international Pentecostal movement from Azusa Street in Los Angeles in 1906. The reader will learn how Pentecostalism spawned new denominations, national and international ministries, global renewal movements, and inspired innovators to take modern revivalism to a whole new level. Then when Pentecostalism penetrated American Middle-class Protestantism, many observers began speaking of a third force in Christianity. Meanwhile, revolutionary changes in the Catholic Church opened the door for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Then, just as the charismatic movement was beginning to subside in America, it went global, as charismatic mega churches, Bible schools, and television networks took the message of renewal to the world. The twenty-first century has witnessed a dramatic shift in Christianity to the Southern Hemisphere fueled, in part, by the global rise of Pentecostalism, with many new movements on the horizon. Continue Reading Pentecost To Present Book 3

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  • Servitude And Freedom


    Highlights the importance of engaging with Christian history and of tradition. This book illustrates the contribution that Church tradition can make to contemporary contentious dialogs on issues such as sexuality, violence, global warming. Continue Reading Servitude And Freedom

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  • Charles Wesley : Life Literature And Legacy


    For the first time in history, this timely landmark volume brings together contributions from the leading scholars working on the life and work of Charles Wesley. Published in time for the 2007 tercentenary of Charles Wesley’s birth, this volume celebrates the continuing importance of Charles Wesley as one of the major figures of 18th century Christian history, one of the most prominent hymn writers of the English speaking world and one of the founders of the worldwide Methodist movement. Continue Reading Charles Wesley : Life Literature And Legacy

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  • Respect : Understanding Caribbean British Christianity


    The author investigates the context of Caribbean British Christianity through the prism of their ethnicity and their faith. Christians from the Caribbean have settled in Britain since the late 1940s. In spite of high levels of rejection and misunderstanding they have shaped a new British identity which is dynamic, empowering and challenging. The author argues that this no longer majors in the victim-based dialectic of oppression/ liberation. It is an unapologetic and prophetic identity which seeks to be respected and understood. Continue Reading Respect : Understanding Caribbean British Christianity

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  • Wesleyan Methodism


    This latest book in the ‘Exploring Methodism’ series tells the story of the largest of the denominations which merged into the 1932 Methodist Union. The author makes many interesting connections with a wide range of aspects of social and cultural history which suggest that the Wesleyans were by no means an obscure part of Non-conformity. Continue Reading Wesleyan Methodism

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  • Response And Responsibility


    Christians are often disturbed by secularisation. The author, a social psychologist, analyses why this is the case. This encouraging text highlights the opportunities which secular society offers to the church and invites Christians to engage with it on love. Continue Reading Response And Responsibility

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  • Exotic Plant : A History Of The Moravian Church In Britain 1742-2000


    The Moravian Church stands firmly within mainstream Protestant tradition; John Wesley used to belong to the Moravian Church. This is an introduction to how the Moravian Church relates to other denominations, particularly Methodism. Continue Reading Exotic Plant : A History Of The Moravian Church In Britain 1742-2000

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  • Reasonable Enthusiast : John Wesley And The Rise Of Methodism (Revised)


    The most respected and acclaimed biography of Wesley published in recent times.Offers an expanded introduction, a new Preface and a substantially revised and updated bibliography.

    on growing Methodism.Full attention is paid to contemporary figures: not only Charles Wesley and George Whitefield but also the Moravians and others whose movements influenced Methodism, both positively and negatively. John Wesley himself emerges as a truly human figure, with many weaknesses, not least where women are concerned; and we are left to wonder that his work created a movement which has lasted for more than 250 years. This new and updated edition incorporates an expanded and revised introduction which takes account of new developments in the field, while the original bibliography and supplement of the second edition have also been updated. A new preface is included, while in the main text of the book it is indicated where new work has filled gaps in the original coverage. Continue Reading Reasonable Enthusiast : John Wesley And The Rise Of Methodism (Revised)

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  • John Wesley And The Church Of England


    Publisher Marketing: Dr Frank Baker’s study of John Wesley and the Church of England, first published in 1970, still remains the standard work on its subject. It offers a detailed, critical evaluation of John Wesley’s complex relationship with his Mother church, from his upbringing in Epworth Rectory to his old age, when he affirmed, ‘In the Church I will live and die, unless I am thrust out’ Yet as leader of the Methodist movement, he was constrained to take decisions which confiicted with the discipline of the Church. Dr Baker explores the how and why of those deisions………. Continue Reading John Wesley And The Church Of England

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  • Sacred Glasgow And The Clyde Valley


    Glasgow was founded by Saint Mungo and, as Scotland’s second largest bishopric, has always been a central part of Scotland’s ecclesiastical history. Witness to Scotland’s industrial revolution in a way far more dramatic than anywhere else in the country, Glasgow, and the surrounding ClydeValley, has a remarkably diverse architecture and fascinating history of social and political activism.

    Packed with vital and practical information, this handy guide enables both locals and visitors to explore and discover the hidden history of Glasgow and the Clyde Valley’s churches. John Hume’s fascinating and in-depth introduction to the area sheds considerable light on the cultural background of the local churches and the incredible human stories of the people who built and use them.

    *8 pages of colour photos
    *171 illustrations
    *Opening hours Continue Reading Sacred Glasgow And The Clyde Valley

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  • Gods Young Church


    How did God’s young Church set out on its mission to make disciples of all nations? What was God’s challenge to those first members of the Christian faith?

    Three sections describe the Christian community in its early days; aspects of the Christian life; and outstanding men who travelled and taught in the hostile world of the Roman empire. At the heart of early Christianity were values and beliefs which will never age. Invaluable for individual or group Bible Study, these pages are filled with guidance for daily living. Continue Reading Gods Young Church

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